Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Harmonic Wars" Radio Interview Part 2 Tonight!

Last week I was honored to be interviewed by Mars Hoffman from the Watchers Society. The interview was a great experience for me, and we reached over 400,000 people. Small by industry standards, but momentous for me! In any event, we had such a good time doing the show that Mars and Pastor White asked me back for part two. Of course I accepted!

I had prepared some talking points that we used for last week's show and we'll continue with for the show tonight. I'm not sure that we'll be able to discuss the rest of all of this, but it is a glimpse into some of the things I researched for my book. Last week we focused on structures built in antiquity that used stones with a high quartz/silica content (granite, andesite, sarsen, etc.) and how an advanced society could fall back into a hunter-gatherer society in a very short time.

I also reiterated the point that this is a Science Fiction story, not a documentary or a thesis. So many people on social media want to argue my SciFi based conclusions on the merits of the research. In the end, this book is for entertainment, but it is rooted in a great many facts.

Enjoy, and hope you will join us tonight at at 6pm CST as we see how many more of these talking point we can get through! :-)

D.B. Stearns, Author Harmonic Wars

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