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Opening Scene for Children of the Guardians - Destruction of Nibiru!

I want to share with you the opening scene in Children of the Guardians, which is Book Two in the Harmonic Wars series. I like the use of "Flashbacks" to tell the story, and in the first scene of the Prologue I do just that. Here's the set up:
In my SciFi series Harmonic Wars I describe an ongoing war between the Balsarius and Masu`ri against the G'Alad based Warrior Guild. All of these human races settled in this solar system over 12,000 years ago. These human races all originated from a Biblical Earth from the other side of the galaxy. When space travel became possible, they settled on new homeworlds as people had outgrown the resources on Biblical Earth. In time, these human races began to drift apart and developed different values, but still needed resources to support the growing populations. They discovered a rich new solar system that was uninhabited, so they sent Deep Space Exploration ships (DSEs) to begin the colonization. Since it took many thousands of years to make the journey, the majority of the ships crews were placed into stasis. Skeleton crews rotated out of stasis to monitor and maintain the ships on their journey. When they finally arrived at the new solar system, the quickly colonized the planets and constructed portals back to their homeworlds. These "Pyraportals" used the natural energies of the planets for a variety of capabilities. They created energy, provided planetary defenses, and at the center of the pyramid structure was a small portal system.
After the races had made initial contact with their homeworlds, they enjoyed the continued flow of aid to and from their homeworlds. New technologies spilled into the colony as a massive space portal was constructed to bring the planet-based Arks through the portal. This giant space portal took just over a thousand years to create. In the meantime, the relationships between the races deteriorated as the objectives of each began to compete against the others. The Harmonic War began with the destruction of this space portal by the G`Alad when they discovered that the third Ark to make the journey would not bring more forces to the mighty Warrior Guild. Knowing that they would soon be outnumbered in the new solar system, they attacked the other races, both in the new solar system and at the homeworlds. 
This war was fought to a standstill 10,000 years before the Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. The planets of Typhon, Martius, and Nibiru were changed forever. We know these planets as Earth, Mars and what was once Nibiru is now the asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter, at least in my SciFi book! The scene you are about to read shows the results of that last battle, and is the beginning of our story:

“Evacuate, evacuate!” the voice screamed over the PA system in the ship hanger. “Load all command ships and launch immediately! This is not a drill.”
   People rushed to the ships as the giant globe of Ark II loomed in the sky above. The planet shuddered as the gravitational forces pulled at the tectonic plates of the mostly crystal world. The command crews of the last warships had already been loaded and were busy prepping for take-off as the remaining soldiers, scientists, maintenance workers and then family members boarded in that order. They quickly moved as they knew that failure to board was a certain death sentence.
   “Ark II, please respond,” Major Blane pleaded. “You’re on a collision course and must change immediately!”
   “There’s no response, Major,” Vice Admiral Hektor replied. The powerfully built man had a determined look on his darkly tanned face. “They’re approaching the point of no return. We must assume that the Balsarius killed the Command Crew of Ark II and put the ship on a crash course with us. Continue the evacuation from the Command Module aboard the Theia.”
   “Admiral, we only have 12 hours before Ark II slams into us. Any ship not off-world in 10 hours won't escape the blast zone. We can't get the entire colony out of here in time,” Blane answered desperately.
   “Admiral Ares is well aware of that. Keep pushing them and get those transport ships off the ground,” Hektor replied grimly.
   As each ship reached its capacity, they departed for the safety of space. But as the ships left the remaining colonists became more and more frantic to board. Chaos soon took over until the heavy hand of the Warrior Guild took over. Gunfire erupted into the growing mob as a spray of bullets murdered the scared civilians. The remaining transports departed half filled as the angry mob of frightened civilians descended upon the loading docks. Unspeakable atrocities began as the realization of certain death settled on the stranded citizens. Ares watched the display from the comfort of his command ship the Argus, as the last transport departed 30 minutes early.
   “Vice Admiral Hektor, did we meet our baseline objectives?” Ares asked over the Vidlink between the two ships.
   “Aye Sir,” Hektor replied from the Theia with a stern look on his face. “We evacuated all the warriors and their gear, a five year supply of food and materials and enough engineers and maintenance workers to make needed repairs on the Warships. The last 10 transport ships were all civilians.”
   “Do we have an estimate of civilian casualties?” Ares asked.
   “We left behind nearly seven million men, women, and children.”
   Ares swore, “The Balsarius will pay for this.”
   “Should we attempt an assault on Martius or Typhon?”
   “Negative. Martius will never survive the blast, and Typhon may still be too close. Send the fleet to Titan. Hopefully, it will be far enough away to escape the majority of the damage. I sent Captain Linus ahead to secure the abandoned colony there. I believe the Balsarius and Masu`ri both still have contingents of scientists. I’m sure we can change their loyalty to our cause,” Ares said with a sick smile. “Execute!”
   “Aye-aye, Sir,” Hektor replied and nodded before the Vidlink ended.

   Hours later a tremendous explosion rocked the small solar system as Nibiru, the fifth planet from the sun, was obliterated by the massive migration ship, the Ark II. The explosion was so intense that the fourth planet Martius was caught in the blast as debris rained down so violently that it all but blew the atmosphere into space, destroying the millions of people stranded there. Even the third planet, Typhon did not escape the damage, though it would survive.
   The G`Alad-based Warrior Guild had lost the battle, and their remaining forces were now in full retreat from the colonists. Admiral Ares was the last remaining tie to the vision of glory given to him as his real mission on this voyage. He had not overestimated his opponents, but his commanders certainly had done so. At least he had been able to send off one last message before they were cut off from home. With the Space Portal destroyed and no way of being able to determine the solar system’s new harmonic frequencies, it was impossible to reopen them to bring reinforcements. Any reinforcements would have to travel here from the other side of the galaxy, and that would take thousands of years, but at least they were on their way. The remaining forces here were at a standoff from a weapons’ standpoint. The Warrior Guild could not attack Typhon and survive, but at least they had destroyed the Balsarius’ mobility without hope of being able to rebuild or repair. However, the cost had been tremendous. Now they had to rebuild what they could.
   Ares sat at his desk and planned the campaign with his Political Advisor Commander Menelaos that his remaining forces would have to execute over the next several centuries as they waited for reinforcements. At least he had youth on his side, and with the use of the stasis pods and the Klah weapons, he could prolong his life span over the centuries. As Ares thought about his Klah weapons, he heard Klaxon’s song. The voices of Klaxon were always there in his head, but they sang a little louder whenever Ares thought about them. Now Klaxon seemed irritated at his reluctance to act sooner. He had never failed at a mission, and he only considered this a setback. It was a serious setback, but he could still turn this in his favor and claim victory in the end. Their lack of accurate intelligence on the advancements in the colonists’ weaponry had been the one thing they could not overcome. Well, that and the colonists’ resolve against being overrun. He had to admit their plan was an uncharacteristic move that caught them all off guard. Now, he would have to rely on subterfuge and espionage. He was much better at that than his opponents were, so it was only a matter of time and for now.
   He was confident that the Balsarius had also been able to get a message off to their home world, too. That meant that they expected reinforcements as well. Now, his mission was to upset the balance of power before any forces arrived for either side. This would be a challenge, and he loved a challenge. His superiors in the G’Alad ruling council had made it clear in their last Pyraportal transmission, that failure would be his “undoing”. Being G’Alad had its rewards, but it certainly had its downside as well. Inability to meet an objective could mean either the end of his career or the end of his life – and that had a tendency to motivate people.
   Klaxon sang loudly now as images formed in Ares’ mind. They needed a different approach. Images flowed freely into his thoughts as the plan developed. This was going to take a long time, but the promise of success was very compelling.

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek! Dimensional Warriors is on track for release in the Spring of 2017. You can still get copies of Guardians of the Crystal Skulls on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

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Excerpt from Harmonic Wars Book Two: Dimensional Warriors

Greetings friends!
   I'm working hard on Dimensional Warriors which is scheduled to be out in the Spring of 2017. For now, let me share this small segment. Guardians of the Crystal Skulls began in the early 1400s and continued through the mid-1800s. Dimensional Warriors continues the conflict between Ana and her grandson Arturo as they fight for control of Earth in our near future. Just as the Guardians were essential in Book One, these three characters will be important throughout the rest of this four-book series.

As a reminder, Book One: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls tells the story of how Ana and Arturo became mortal enemies. Guardians is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks, but we have it discounted for $5 off the regular price only through

Enjoy...more to come!
~D.B. Stearns

Aug 14, 2022
   Mahmoud Nasser watched Donald Frey as he talked to Dr. Khalid Abbas over dinner. Most people took little notice of a waiter, but the American was always diligent in his efforts to hide his purpose. It even appeared that he had an electronic scrambler that interfered with the bug he had planted on Khalid. It was hard to maintain the appearance of busing tables while trying to determine what a G`Alad agent wanted with this innocent man. Nasser was the best spy that the Masu`ri had, and he was going to find out the intent. For many years, the G`Alad had focused on the search for the lost Pyraportal and its inhabitants, and ignored the most obvious organization that the Egyptian Government protected. The Masu`ri identified what Arturo and the G`Alad were up to in the United States and were quick to block any attempts inside their country.
   Nasser was a modern Egyptian recruited by the Masu`ri early in his career in the Intelligence Community. His ability to gather valuable facts undercover had helped the Egyptians discover several political plots by terrorist organizations to gain control of the main public offices. He had long since left the Egyptian government and was now fully employed by the Masu`ri, who paid much better. Nasser was in his early 30’s, with thick, wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, and naturally tanned skin. To the average citizen, he was pretty much nondescript, making him ideally suited to intelligence gathering. He intently listened as he continued to clear the dishes away from the table across the room.
   Don was a good listener to Khalid who eagerly talked about his findings on the Great Pyramid of Giza and other notable relics around the world that might be somehow connected. As the hours passed by through dinner and followed by strong Turkish coffee, Don finally came around to turning the tide of the conversation.

   “Khalid, we like your research. It’s remarkable, but we feel that the Egyptian government won’t let any additional experimentations resume on the Great Pyramid itself. Wouldn’t you agree?” Don asked.
   “I have asked several times in the past, but my requests were all rejected almost immediately,” Khalid said. “This time, I have proof that linkages exist to other locations around the world and can prove it without having to alter the pyramid dramatically. I have developed a working model of a hydrogen power plant that is 1/100th the size of the Great Pyramid. If we can temporarily rebuild the capstone, I believe it’s possible to restart the world power grid from the Giza Pyramid. If we’re not permitted to do this, then I believe we can access one of the magnetic conjunction points on another continent and send energy to the Great Pyramid of Giza.”
   “Did you have an alternate location in mind?” Don asked.
   “Yes,” Khalid replied. “The Sand Sea, near the Gilf Kebir Plateau, in Libya. It’s the location of what I believe to be an ancient nuclear blast site as is evident by the vast quantities of so-called ‘dessert glass.' An alternative site would be the Indus River Valley, but reportedly that location still has high radioactive levels.”
   Don smiled and said, “We’ll gladly fund your research giving you full credit for your discoveries, but we’ll control of the findings.”
   “Do you represent the United States in this matter, or is this a private organization?” Khalid asked.
   “My benefactors wish to remain anonymous at this time,” Don answered. “Why? Does it really matter to you?”
   “Actually, it does to some extent,” Khalid replied. “The costs associated with this research may be prohibitive for a private organization. Unless you can put up $500 million per year for the next five years, I’m afraid we are wasting each other’s time.”
   “Okay. Will you accept a check?” Don asked with a straight face.

   Nasser had enough to report now as Khalid’s eyes light up with anticipation. He hated to set things into motion that would dash the hopes of an otherwise brilliant man, but it was all for the greater good. Nasser walked back to the kitchen with the tub full of dirty dishes and walked out of the kitchen. He heard the owner yell for him to return or be fired, but Nasser just continued. Nasser drove back to his villa and entered through the garage. As he walked to his hidden office in the basement, he immediately approached the Hololink to report.
   As the gray mists faded away in the dark basement office, the face of Commandant Florian Hertzog came into focus. The blonde hair, blue-eyed man looked intently at Nasser.
   “Ah, Agent Nasser. How’re things in Egypt?” Florian asked.
   “Commandant, there has been some direct contact with Dr. Khalid Abbas by Donald Frey,” Nasser reported in his thick Egyptian accent. “Frey offered to fund all his the research.”
   “Do you have any indication that our dear Mr. Frey has contacted the G`Alad in Egypt?” Florian asked.
   “No, sir. He came from the airport directly to Dr. Abbas’ lecture and was able to sit down and have dinner with him. They talked at length about his plans to prove that a World Power Grid once existed with the Great Pyramid of Giza providing energy.”
   “Interesting,” Florian frowned. “The Director of Antiquities won’t permit it, of that I’m certain.”
   “They plan to run the test either in the Libyan desert or the Indus River Valley,” Nasser explained.
   “They said any involvement at the pyramid would be minimal.”
    “Okay, that’s significant,” Florian said rather urgently. “Find a way to delay the good Dr. Abbas until I can get there with some help. I’ll contact you there tomorrow.”
   “What would you have me do?” Nasser asked. “Kidnap him?”
   “Not a bad idea,” Florian smiled. “I like the way you think! I have a couple of phone calls to make and then Hololink with my colleagues to update them on your findings. You kidnap him, and then we’ll come in to rescue him!”
   “Sir? I’m not an agent; I just gather information,”  Nasser said. “Kidnapping seems extreme … I thought we were the good guys here?”
   “Oh, we are,” Florian said. “But if we don’t do something decisive like this, what the G`Alad will do will be much worse. This is an emergency, and you’re the only one I trust with this. I’ll triple your regular fees. Stay with him and make sure you update me the second anything changes. You have no boundaries on this, do you understand?”
   “I understand triple my fees and no boundaries, but does that also mean no retribution? And can I get that in writing?” Nasser asked.
   “Yes, I’ll send you something. Get back there and don’t let anything happen to Abbas!”
The gray mist faded as the Commandant severed the link. Nasser was glad that he had the forethought to put a tracer on Khalid as well as the bug. As long as Khalid was not right beside the American, he should be able to track his movements. Nasser retrieved his Uplink and initiated the tracking software. Khalid was alone in his hotel suite, and as far as Nasser could tell. Khalid was very unsuccessfully singing along with the music station on the TV. Nobody who sings that bad will do it in front of someone else! Something was not right about Khalid trying to sing Country and Western music with his thick Egyptian accent.
   Nasser loaded a black duffle bag into his car and hurried back to the hotel. He would have to sneak back in and had to wait until he could take someone’s place, which could mean another kidnapping. This was getting more expensive. Nasser typically just gathered information, but that didn’t mean he lacked the skills for other things.

*     *     *

   Sam Nimo, the desk clerk, walked and grumbled about having to dump out the trash for the office manager. He was happy to have a job, but he hated his station in life. He worked and lived in a foreign country that looked down on people like himself. His family in the Philippines was destitute, and there were no jobs there. Sam worked as slave labor at the whim of his boss, who kept him and the others under his thumb at all times. The company drove them to and from work, and he shared the small two-room apartment with six other guys in his same status.
   Sam was 5’5” tall, with short dark hair and a warm smile. He was very fit and worked out every day. He was so proud of his washboard abs and enjoyed the Kempo classes he took. It was his one and only luxury that he was permitted, and it helped him to make it through the long days at work.
Like his roommates, Sam sent the majority of his money home to take care of his parents, brothers, and sisters. He was not married, but he had several girlfriends back home. Oh, how he missed them! Sam thought about how much he missed his family and friends when he felt a strong hand cover his mouth, and the needle stick him in the neck. Sam woke up some time later in the trunk of a car: scared, naked and tied up. This was not going to be a good day!

*     *     *

   Nasser smiled as he walked through the halls. He pushed a cart with a bottle of wine and glasses and wore the newly acquired desk clerk’s uniform. His newly acquired badge and clothes enabled him to get back in past security. He had waited for nearly an hour before someone came close enough to him to grab. Nasser was sure that the maid’s clothes would not work, so he passed on the first four people who came to the dumpster. He didn't want to kill the young man, so Nasser secured him in the trunk and decided to deal with him later.
   As Nasser continued down the hall, he could tell that Khalid was still alone as every so often a song would come on that prompted him to start his blood-curdling singing that was about to drive Nasser insane. Nasser walked the entire floor to sweep for planted devices or loitering people.
   Nasser approached Khalid’s doorway and used his notebook to identify two devices that transmitted video and sound back to a live agent. This meant someone was actively monitoring. Nasser knocked on a door down the hall from Khalid’s room and delivered the wine from room service. Now that he had the layout of the floor, he stepped away to the service elevator and stopped at the next floor down.
   There Nasser found the entrance to the service corridors and climbed his way back up to the previous floor and up into the crawl space in the ceiling. After a few minutes, he found the cameras that obviously watched the hallway and door to Khalid’s room. Nasser recorded a loop to send information and reprogramed it to run by a remote that he controlled. He would have three minutes once activated, which would be plenty of time.
   Nasser exited the crawl space and made his way out of the service corridor on the floor below. The return to the kitchen was uneventful, and he explained to the supervisor that the couple in room 1643 also wanted a Chardonnay and two more glasses, as they would be entertaining guests that evening. Nasser picked up another tray with glasses and a decanter of Chardonnay and placed them on a cart with a large tablecloth that covered it and made his way up the service elevator to the 16th floor. Just before the 15th floor, he activated the remote and the loop. Nasser walked down to room 1658, activated his electronic jammer and knocked on the door.
   “Who is it?” Khalid asked through the closed door.
   “Room service,” replied Nasser.
   Khalid opened the door and said, “I didn’t order room service.”
   “Yes, one of the patrons from this afternoon sent it to you,” lied Nasser. “She said to tell you she loved your presentation and would be up to see you shortly if you like. I’m to wait for an answer.”
   Khalid smiled, “She? Oh, I am the lucky one today!”
   “May I wheel this inside please?” Nasser asked.
   “Oh yes, please do be coming inside,” Khalid said excitedly.
   Nasser pushed the cart inside the room, placed the wine on the table, and poured a glass. Khalid fumbled around for his wallet about to give a tip when Nasser shot him with the tranquilizer gun. Almost immediately, Khalid slumped to the ground. Nasser helped Khalid gently down to the floor and scanned him for any stray electronics that the opposition may have placed on him during dinner. The first thing he found was his own tracking device. Nasser removed it and continued the scan and found two more which he placed on the bed. Nasser put Khalid on the bottom of the cart with the tablecloth to cover him up so that nobody could see him and exited the room with Khalid. He pushed the cart to the service entrance and picked up some dishes from someone else’s room service that was lying in the hall. Everything worked very smoothly and before long, he drove away down the road with two hostages in his trunk. Issue totally under control.
   Nasser smiled until he pulled up to his villa and noticed a black van parked across the street.

*     *     *

   Khalid woke up cramped up in the dark. The second thing he noticed was that his head ached as if he had a bad hangover. Khalid tried to rise and banged his head on something over him. He was confused and scared when he realized that his hands were tied behind his back.
   “Where the Hell am I?” Khalid said.
   “You’re in the trunk,” a voice close by replied.
   “Who’s that?” Khalid asked.
   “I’m Sam Nimo, the desk clerk at your hotel.”
   “Are you all right?” Khalid replied.
   “Not really. I’m stuck in a trunk with you!” Sam replied.
   “I meant, are you injured?” Khalid asked.
   “No, I’m okay except for one small problem,” Sam answered. “Somebody took my clothes.”
   Khalid thought about that for a moment then remembered that room service delivered a bottle of white wine to his room. Khalid’s eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness of the trunk, and he was could now make out details of his surroundings. They were indeed in the trunk of a car, and they were driving somewhere. As his head continued to clear from the grogginess, he could make out the small Filipino man that had greeted him at the front desk this morning. Sam was completely naked and lying uncomfortably close beside him.
   “Great God Almighty!” Khalid exclaimed. “Have these dogs no shame? They stripped you of your clothes and even your underwear?”
   “No, I didn’t wear any today,” Sam replied. “I woke up this morning in a hurry and couldn’t find any, so I just left them off. Talk about bad timing!”
   Khalid laughed. “Incredibly, my friend! Incredibly!”
   “So you see, you don’t really have it so bad after all. At least you’re dressed!”
   “No, you have just proven that it can be worse,” said Khalid who was thinking now about how to get out of this. “Are you tied up?”
   “Yes.  Why?”  Sam said
   “Maybe if we turn around back to back we can get each other’s hands free before we stop,” said Khalid.
   “Okay, let’s try,” Sam said.
   Both men struggled for a few minutes as they tried to turn around inside of the cramped and dark trunk. Finally, they maneuvered back to back; Khalid began to feel around for Sam’s arms.
   “Where are your hands?” Khalid said.
   “At the end of my arms. Hey, that’s my ass you’re grabbing,” Sam exclaimed as he moved his arms around to where Khalid was feeling.
   “Sorry.” Khalid was sure he was blushing terribly, but there was nothing else he could do. “Okay, I can feel your hands now. Seems like they used duct tape. Give me a second. There we go!”  Khalid unwrapped Sam’s hands. He, in turn, unwrapped Khalid’s hands and they worked themselves down so they could untie their feet as well.
   “Now, see if you can find anything that we can use as a weapon,” Khalid said. They felt around for a few minutes and felt the car leave the pavement and start to drive on dirt.
   “Oh, that’s not good,” Sam said. “They’re going to stop, and that can’t be a good thing.”
   “It’s going to be okay, Sam,” said Khalid in as calm a voice as he could muster. “We just have to jump out together and attack them as soon as they open the trunk. We’ll have the element of surprise on our side. Did you find anything we can use as a weapon?”
   “I’m still feeling around. Wait, I think I have something!” Sam pulled up a roadside emergency kit from behind him.
   “Perfect! See if there are any flares inside,” Khalid exclaimed. They opened the kit and found three flares and a tire iron, as the car slowed.
   “Yes! You take two flares, and I’ll take the tire iron and the last flare,” said Khalid as the car ground to a halt. Then he continued in a whisper, “Remember, we have the element of surprise. Jump up, scream and start the flares as soon as the trunk opens, but don’t burn me!”
   They heard the car door opened, and a person slowly walked to the back of the car. The seconds passed until they heard a voice.
   “You know your element of surprise works better when you’re not screaming your intentions in the trunk.”
   “Damn!” said Khalid. “What do you want with us?”
   “Actually, I’m helping you escape – you're being hunted by some very bad people. I’ll let you out to sit in the front on two conditions.”
   “Okay, we’re listening!”  Khalid answered.
   “First, drop the tire iron and all three flares. Second, the freaky little desk clerk has to put his clothes back on.”
   Khalid winced as he realized that their captor had indeed heard everything. In the excitement, they were much louder than he thought.
   “We’ll do as you ask. Now, will you please let us out?” Khalid asked.
   “See that large white latch beside you that says TRUNK RELEASE?”
Khalid certainly felt like a fool now. Tentatively he pulled the latch directly in front of his face and the trunk opened immediately. Khalid recognized the smiling face of the man who had delivered the wine to his room. He stood about 10 feet away from the end of the car with Sam’s clothes in one hand and a gun pointed at them in the other, and patiently waited for them to get out. The sun had begun to set in the desert, and the temperature had dropped. They were clearly miles away from anything and were completely at his mercy.
   “I’m Mahmoud Nasser,” he said as he threw the clothes to Sam. “But my friends call me Nasser.”

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D.B. Stearns Returns Home!

I had a great time speaking at the San Gabriel Writers' League in my hometown of Georgetown, Tx. on August 4th. Our discussion centered mostly around using social media for marketing and the importance of indexing blog posts, with a little bit of Harmonic Wars thrown in for fun. If anyone is interested in having me as a guest speaker at your next function, please message me. I can speak about marketing, publishing, motivation and most definitely about my research into ancient archeology bordering on the paranormal. I've been a guest on several well-known shows, such as "Caravan to Midnight" and "Coast to Coast AM" and "Midnight in the Desert" among many others. Speaking fees are negotiable. 
The audience was engaged with the conversation of using social media to promote a product, or in this case our books. We discussed branching out into different groups that were connected to our books. I gave several examples of how I do that with SciFi, archeology, paranormal, and strong female characters. By leveraging your posts to groups of different genres you can gain huge amounts of views and contacts not possible through your friends list alone. We also discussed things like how often to post, how to improve your organic reach through your friends' list, the best days and times to post, and the importance of monitoring the analytics in each social media platform. My analysis showed greater organic reach if I only posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I had to post early in the morning. It seems that the first thing corporate America does when they go to work is to check Facebook! We talked about blogs and the vital importance of indexing and ranking your blogs. It was not surprising that very few people know and understand the importance of indexing and ranking, as it can make the difference between your blog showing up somewhere on page 456 or at the top on page 1 of any search.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time and really didn't get to share the information about the research I did on ancient sites. There were several people who would have enjoyed more of that, but the purpose of this event was to share what I learned about marketing. But, I can talk about Harmonic Wars here now!
Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is part one of a four-book SciFi series that uses ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Hopi and other European sites as focal points in this futuristic story. I tie in our ancient past with a probable future for an epic struggle of good vs evil for control of the universe. Witness the unmatched power of 13 beautiful women who project their emotions with devastating effect. Imagine a frontal assault from a full army that could be stalled because 13 women projected fear and confusion so overwhelming that the attack faltered. Armed with Anti-Grav Suits and the gift of the Crystal Skulls, they are the last hope to stop the powerful armies of a Warrior Guild driven insane with the lust for power by an unknown force of evil that nobody has ever known before.
How powerful could one person be, if they had complete control and awareness at the subatomic level of all forms of matter surrounding them? Imagine what they could do! They change matter from a solid to a liquid. They could sense pockets of gas in the ground around them, draw it up to the surface and cause it to explode. They could easily sense objects approaching them at any speed and change their course, even redirecting it back to its source at greater speeds. The possibilities are endless.
Harmonic Wars is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, but it is only on sale for $5 off the regular price at Look for "D.B. Stearns" on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and follow me so you can get the latest information on my upcoming events and shows. I'm also working hard on Book Two titled "Dimensional Warriors" tentatively scheduled to come out next spring. Dimensional Warriors takes off where Guardians ends, and continue the story of the continuing conflict between Ana and Arturo.

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Talking points for X Zone Interview

On Aug 2nd starting at 10 PM CST, I'll be a guest on X Zone with Rob McConnell. Here are a few of the talking points that we will discuss during the show.

Below is a picture of the "Gates of Paradise" by sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti on the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence, Italy. Each panel of this 400-year-old set of doors represents a different scene from the Bible. The panel below is said to represent the flood of Noah's time. I found it VERY interesting that a pyramid represented the Ark, and confusing.

First, note that Ghiberti was very detail oriented to make sure all animals and people were correctly represented and proportional. See the lion, the elephant and other animals surrounding the base of the pyramid beside the people. The details leave nothing to the imagination. Now look at the top left of the pyramid and you can clearly see birds flying, but not all of those things coming out of the top of the pyramid are the same. Some are very clearly NOT birds. The upper right side shows a being in the clouds. Historians said that was God, but note the swirling connecting line from the cloud to the top of the pyramid. There is also a strange looking being laying at the feet of the people exiting the pyramid door.

In Genesis, God is very specific with the instructions to Noah about building the Ark. It mentions nothing about a solid structure shaped like a pyramid. Scientists have already studied these instructions and recreated a model that outperformed their expectations in tests. So what else could this be?

In my opinion, this is NOT the Ark, but is much more likely the Tower of Babel, as described in Genesis Chapter 11. What was it they had built that concerned an all powerful God so much that He had to intervene to stop them? Could this have been some type of ancient portal technology?

In Harmonic Wars, I used crystal artifacts as an underlying theme throughout the series. The legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls fit perfectly.

There are several crystal skulls that are currently in existence who's quality is considered good enough to be one of these fabled skulls. One is in the Smithsonian, in spite of the fact that this legend has largely been debunked. But since Harmonic Wars is Science Fiction, I had no problem including it. The properties of quartz are undeniable, as they are used in a large array of electronics today. Could this have been the case in the past? What are the properties? It has a consistent frequency and is used in timepieces. Quartz has amazing data saving properties as scientists are developing disks the size of a half dollar that can hold over 300 terabytes of data at normal living conditions without degradation, literally forever. Stones with a high quartz content like granite can also chime when struck.

Pyramids, along with many of the ancient structures around the world, used large stones of high quartz content. I doubt that they were used for their data saving properties, or as time pieces. But what about sound? I envision that the pyramids themselves were never burial chambers for the Egyptian Pharaoh who was considered their god. The Egyptians would have never buried their god in a tomb that had no religious writings whatsoever. 

We know that the construction of the pyramids in Giza used a different type of limestone for the casing. It was a highly polished limestone that some have said had almost no quartz at all. Could it have acted like an insulator? The sarcophagus they found for King Tutankhamen consisted of no less than 9 beautifully decorated boxes. And yet the sarcophagus inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid is a solid piece of hollowed out granite that is rough-hewn on the outside. Stark contrast to King Tut's burial chamber.

I believe that form follows function. Chris Dunn and other engineers have studied the general construction of the pyramid and determined that it's feasible to assume that it could be a generator of some type. Sound, water, and resonating chambers are used in conjunction to create a wireless energy source. These are many of the same concepts that Tesla used to convince investors to build the Wardenclyffe Tower that was never completed.

Cymatics is the study of the impact of sound on matter. Scientists can now levitate small objects like drops of water and ping-pong balls.  Michael Tellinger has been researching numerous sites in South Africa that were built in ancient times. Historians today claim that approximately 10,000
hunter-gatherers used these structures as nothing more than cattle pens, or "kralls." But Tellinger has found thousands of these structures. In fact, there are more cattle kraals than the 10,000 inhabitants.

If you were to search the internet for examples of cymatic experiments, you would see an example of sound frequencies aimed at a thin sheet of metal with salt poured on top. As the pitch is increased the salt forms intricate patterns at specific frequencies. Now look at the picture of one of Michael Tellinger's cattle kraals and compare it to the cymatic experiments. Of interesting note, the stones used for the cattle kraals are called "bellstone" because they are of such high quartz content that they ring like a bell when struck. How does this relate? On a guitar both the top and bottom strings are tuned to "E". If you strike the lower string, the upper string will resonate because it is in tune. The same thing applies at a harmonic level. Additional notes in a chord will ring out when singers are in perfect tune with each other. Although you see four people singing, you can hear 5 notes because of harmonic resonance. All things have a resonance or vibrate. All matter is in motion at the subatomic level. My question: when the Great Pyramid was creating the massive vibrations what was resonating harmonically with it? Was it the perfectly tuned solid granite obelisks? Was it these cattle kraals? More importantly, why did it stop?

An interesting side fact on the cattle kraals, these stone walls were 8-12 feet tall and had no openings. How did the cattle get in or out? They are also filled with various levels of sediment from some great flooding event.

Harmonic Wars is a SciFi story based on an ancient and highly advanced human civilization that settled in this solar system 12,000 years ago. In this book, Earth is not the Biblical Earth described in Genesis. Due to a horrific war, the advance civilization was destroyed as the war was fought to a standstill by two opposing forces of humans. Now, after 10,000 years of skirmishes, the war starts anew and threatens to blast humanity back to the stone age. Watch as the ordinary citizens once again see evidence of these two adversaries living amongst us as the battle spill out for all to see.

I use ancient ruins as focal points throughout the series. The Great Pyramid, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu, The Pyramid of the Sun, Stonehenge, and Gobekli Tepe are some of the sites you will see referenced or implied. The series is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones, but without the incest. It is an epic story of good vs. evil with multiple storylines and many characters.

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