Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year it has been! I look back on this last year, and I am happy with what we have accomplished. First, we published Children of the Guardians (CoG). That is my dream come true, and I give thanks to God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

As many of you might remember, I started CoG as my first book in the Harmonic Wars series, The title of the book was just going to be Harmonic Wars, but when my publisher convinced me that this book was too big to publish as a first-time author, I decided to shelve the project, and change my approach. I knew that the story was solid, but it needed more. I had been toying with the idea of writing a short story to help launch the book by telling the origins of the Guardians and how Arturo fell into darkness. As I started the first draft, I quickly changed my mind and decided to make Harmonic Wars into a series. I began this journey in 2011, and this dream has finally become a reality. For that, I owe much to my wife and my family for their continuing support. My wife is a remarkable woman who I am lucky to call my sweetheart. She has sacrificed so much to help us achieve this dream.

Next week I will make my goals for next year, and the plans to successfully achieve those goals. My goals will take a balanced approach to dramatically improve my health, finances, spiritual, and business aspects of my life. Watch out 2018...this is the year that everything changes!

We have made much progress this year on a personal level as well, making many improvements on our home, and being blessed enough to help our parents out as they continue to age gracefully. It is an honor to be able to give back to them because they gave so much to us over the years. I only wish that I could do more.

I want to personally thank each of you reading this post for sharing in our lives. I wish each of you a prosperous New Year filled with joy as you realize some of your dreams this coming year. Join us in making 2018 a banner year by ordering your copy of Children of the Guardians available now at

Monday, November 13, 2017

Children of the Guardians: Prologue

Children of the Guardians, book two in the Harmonic Wars series is now available for pre-release
orders. The books will be delivered just in time for Christmas, so get your orders in now, only through

We are now planning the official release for Feb of 2018. Producing and publishing a book of this size and complexity required a lot more work than I imagined. It took us over 8 months to complete the editing process, but we are now satisfied that this 660 page book will totally blow your minds. But just for our fans, we decided to do a limited print for this Christmas, which is why it is available only through 3L Publishing.

To celebrate this milestone, I am posting the Prologue for your reading enjoyment. This important part of the story sets the stage for the remainder of this book. It gives you a glimpse of the beginning of the war, and the role Shihan played. It also introduces Manny Alvarez, one of several major characters that I added to this story. One important change you'll see in this book is that each chapter is broken up into scenes that are titled. I did this to help break up the long chapters and give the readers a natural stopping point within each chapter.

I hope you enjoy this, and please, order your copies now!



“Evacuate, evacuate!” the voice screamed over the PA system in the ship hanger. “Load all command ships and launch immediately! This is not a drill.”
   People rushed to the ships as the giant globe of Ark II loomed in the sky above. The planet shuddered as the gravitational forces pulled at the tectonic plates of the mostly crystal world. The command crews of the last warships had already been loaded and were busy prepping for take-off as the remaining soldiers, scientists, maintenance workers and then family members boarded in that order. They quickly moved as they knew that failure to board was a certain death sentence.
   “Ark II, please respond,” Major Blane pleaded. “You’re on a collision course and must change immediately!”
   “There’s no response, Major,” Vice Admiral Hektor replied. The powerfully built man had a determined look on his darkly tanned face. “They’re approaching the point of no return. We must assume that the Balsarius killed the Command Crew of Ark II and put the ship on a crash course with us. Continue the evacuation from the Command Module aboard the Theia.”
   “Admiral, we only have 12 hours before Ark II slams into us. Any ship not off-world in 10 hours won't escape the blast zone. We can't get the entire colony out of here in time,” Blane answered desperately.
   “Admiral Ares is well aware of that. Keep pushing them and get those transport ships off the ground,” Hektor replied grimly.
   As each ship reached its capacity, they departed for the safety of space. But as the ships left the remaining colonists became more and more frantic to board. Chaos soon took over until the heavy hand of the Warrior Guild took over. Gunfire erupted into the growing mob as a spray of bullets murdered the scared civilians. The remaining transports departed half filled as the angry mob of frightened civilians descended upon the loading docks. Unspeakable atrocities began as the realization of certain death settled on the stranded citizens. Ares watched the display from the comfort of his command ship the Argus, as the last transport departed 30 minutes early.
   “Vice Admiral Hektor, did we meet our baseline objectives?” Ares asked over the Vidlink between the two ships.
   “Aye Sir,” Hektor replied from the Theia with a stern look on his face. “We evacuated all the warriors and their gear, a five year supply of food and materials and enough engineers and maintenance workers to make needed repairs on the Warships. The last 10 transport ships were all civilians.”
   “Do we have an estimate of civilian casualties?” Ares asked.
   “We left behind nearly seven million men, women, and children.”
   Ares swore, “The Balsarius will pay for this.”
   “Should we attempt an assault on Martius or Typhon?”
   “Negative. Martius will never survive the blast, and Typhon may still be too close. Send the fleet to Titan. Hopefully, it will be far enough away to escape the majority of the damage. I sent Captain Linus ahead to secure the abandoned colony there. I believe the Balsarius and Masu`ri both still have contingents of scientists. I’m sure we can change their loyalty to our cause,” Ares said with a sick smile. “Execute!”
   “Aye-aye, Sir,” Hektor replied and nodded before the Vidlink ended.

   Hours later a tremendous explosion rocked the small solar system as Nibiru, the fifth planet from the sun, was obliterated by the massive migration ship, the Ark II. The explosion was so intense that the fourth planet Martius was caught in the blast as debris rained down so violently that it all but blew the atmosphere into space, destroying the millions of people stranded there. Even the third planet, Typhon did not escape the damage, though it would survive.
   The G`Alad-based Warrior Guild had lost the battle, and their remaining forces were now in full retreat from the colonists. Admiral Ares was the last remaining tie to the vision of glory given to him as his real mission on this voyage. He had not overestimated his opponents, but his commanders certainly had done so. At least he had been able to send off one last message before they were cut off from home. With the Space Portal destroyed and no way of being able to determine the solar system’s new harmonic frequencies, it was impossible to reopen them to bring reinforcements. Any reinforcements would have to travel here from the other side of the galaxy, and that would take thousands of years, but at least they were on their way. The remaining forces here were at a standoff from a weapons’ standpoint. The Warrior Guild could not attack Typhon and survive, but at least they had destroyed the Balsarius’ mobility without hope of being able to rebuild or repair. However, the cost had been tremendous. Now they had to rebuild what they could.
   Ares sat at his desk and planned the campaign with his Political Advisor Commander Menelaos that his remaining forces would have to execute over the next several centuries as they waited for reinforcements. At least he had youth on his side, and with the use of the stasis pods and the Klah weapons, he could prolong his life span over the centuries. As Ares thought about his Klah weapons, he heard Klaxon’s song. The voices of Klaxon were always there in his head, but they sang a little louder whenever Ares thought about them. Now Klaxon seemed irritated at his reluctance to act sooner. He had never failed at a mission, and he only considered this a setback. It was a serious setback, but he could still turn this in his favor and claim victory in the end. Their lack of accurate intelligence on the advancements in the colonists’ weaponry had been the one thing they could not overcome. Well, that and the colonists’ resolve against being overrun. He had to admit their plan was an uncharacteristic move that caught them all off guard. Now, he would have to rely on subterfuge and espionage. He was much better at that than his opponents were, so it was only a matter of time and for now.
   He was confident that the Balsarius had also been able to get a message off to their home world, too. That meant that they expected reinforcements as well. Now, his mission was to upset the balance of power before any forces arrived for either side. This would be a challenge, and he loved a challenge. His superiors in the G’Alad ruling council had made it clear in their last Pyraportal transmission, that failure would be his “undoing”. Being G’Alad had its rewards, but it certainly had its downside as well. Inability to meet an objective could mean either the end of his career or the end of his life – and that had a tendency to motivate people.
   Klaxon sang loudly now as images formed in Ares’ mind. They needed a different approach. Images flowed freely into his thoughts as the plan developed. This was going to take a long time, but the promise of success was very compelling.

Shihan’s Prophecy

   Safely tucked inside the home base, Commandant Richard Evans waited inside his chambers. He realized the Admiral had gotten the better of him, and General Marcus Kahn had been right from the start. The only thing that had saved them was that General Kahn’s superior intelligence network had uncovered the plans for the coup. The Fleet’s treachery was responsible for the millions of needlessly slaughtered colonists. His heart ached as he wept quietly over their loss. They had some time now to grieve for their lost loved ones, but he could not afford for others to see him like this. He had been resilient in front of them all, and he knew that had been a major contributing factor to their success. If I had only heeded the Kahn’s warning earlier, we might have been able to do more!
   Now Evans’ biggest fear was realized. The treacherous Admiral had escaped their trap. Evans knew he could not match Ares’ wit and skill in strategic planning and that it was now a race for survival. At least Kahn was on his side and not with the Admiral. True, he had just resigned, but Evans knew Kahn would never stay retired for long, so he was not particularly worried about that. He felt more concerned about reinforcements. If only there was a way to bring them here quicker. Well, nothing could be done about that now. He only wished he could see the Admiral’s face when they realized the Balsarius had seized control of Ark II. Bet he didn’t see that one coming!
   Evans now returned to the desk that sat in the room adjacent to his living quarters. There was no more time to grieve. Evans had critical work to do. Looking through the stacks of reports that had filled his inbox, he set his mind to the task of piecing things back together. Damage reports seemed to be the norm. Nothing worked right, and they would be hard-pressed to be able to repair any of the drive systems for Ark 1. The components were just not available, nor were the raw materials here to create them. He continued reading report after report trying very hard to find anything positive to which he could cling. They had all the best and brightest scientific minds, but the labs and most of the advanced equipment had been destroyed or confiscated by the enemy in the battles. At least the stasis pods and primary weapons systems are operational. For now, that would have to be enough. They could maintain the orbit around the planet and defend themselves, but that was about it. The Commandant knew that over time, much would be forgotten and that played out better for the G`Alad.
   Evans thumbed through the documents and scanned for an update from the Religious Council. Surely, they had something more positive to say! He found the report, read it and found it uplifting and very promising. They had downloaded a new technology in the last data transfer that could change the balance of power back in their favor. That is, if they could recreate this Anti-Gravity Tech here.

*     *     *

   After giving his final report and formally retiring from Military service, the former General Marcus Kahn silently walked to his quarters. Now his only real title was that of his martial arts training: Shihan. The last year had exhausted him as he tried desperately to lead the political leaders through the campaign. It was much harder than he had expected. These so-called leaders could not grasp the concept that their enemies wanted to exterminate them for no other reason than pure greed and hatred. If only I could have made my case earlier, we would be in a much better position now.  However, there was nothing that could be done about that at the moment. At least presently, they would listen more carefully when he said it was time for action. Their hesitation cost them dearly, and only time would tell if they could or should rebuild the former guilds. He felt certain that he wanted no part of that mess in any case.
   Shihan entered his sparsely decorated quarters and was glad to be alone at last. He bathed in the ionic shower and changed into his best night robes. The white fabric’s silky feel was comfortable and allowed him to get into the proper mindset for his evening meditation. Very few people knew the truth about his existence as a Holy Warrior. The fellow Warriors who had joined him on this quest had sacrificed their lives to ensure that their enemies would not succeed. Now, he was the only one left that could guarantee that their sacrifice was not in vain, as the dark vastness of space prevented any support from immediately arriving. It would be thousands of years before any help would come for either side, so now it was a matter of time to see who came first. For the near future, they were safe. The traitors didn't have the resources for another major assault, nor did they have the ability to create more. His comrades’ sacrifices had tipped the scales back in their favor, but just barely. He would have to wait to mourn their loss until later, but for now, he needed to plan a defense against the revenge the G’Alad was sure to seek.
   “Marcus, you old fool! You’re retired now and can just move on,” Shihan said aloud to himself, unconvincingly.
   He sighed then walked through his living quarters and into his private study. Against the front wall next to the door stood a small but simple altar. Resting on the small table in the center was a symbol made of wood on a small stand. The “Great Circle” symbol was a carved wooden circle with a golden pyramid in the heart of it. The ring was carved with dark flames spinning off the outside in a counter-clockwise motion, while the inside of the circle had very light colored flames turning clockwise toward the golden pyramid in the center, as if drawn to it. This represented the Circle of Life surrounding the Creator and served as a reminder that people lived in the circle of life and served the Creator at the center. Those who rejected the Creator were cast out, but all were welcome. It also reminded Shihan that he was one of a very few left, but he had faith. He knew that the Creator had a plan and that he would be instrumental. To each side of the Great Circle stood two unlit candles, and to each side of the small table stood the two pieces of his Qatassendor with its crystal blades gleaming in the soft light. This was the primary weapon of the Holy Warrior, which gave him strength, protection and prolonged his life to accomplish his mission.
   Shihan humbled himself in front of the altar and knelt on the thick pad directly in front of it. The candles roared to life as he began his ritual prayers to cleanse himself. Shihan placed his hands upon the two pieces of the Qatassendor and quieted his mind until he had no thoughts of his own. The crystal blades now radiated light and enveloped the Holy Warrior in a warm light. The peace Shihan felt in the white void always helped him to find his center, which was his source of calm even in the heat of battle. He envisioned his surroundings falling away until he sat alone in the white void of peace. Then the visions came in a flood. There would be centuries of constant but small battles, unlike the primary offense they had just repelled. Both sides would continue to dance around each other to take control of the innocent settlers. That’s the key! The settlers would play a significant role in the final battles, but their success hinged on the Order of the Holy Warriors, which would be rebuilt. Shihan’s heart sank as he learned that the Council of Enlightened Ones that ruled the Holy Warriors had been betrayed and destroyed. Was he was now the last of the Order? He didn’t know.
   The visions showed upcoming battles and subterfuge that placed evil in charge of the settlers to lead them astray from the Truth. In the balance hung freedom for the humans. It appeared that there would be other new Orders to help, and he would play a small part to establish them. This was going to be a long campaign, even longer than the Crystalline Wars had been. That campaign had been his rebirth into the Order over a thousand years before. The final battles though were not his to fight. He was to prepare the way for the new Orders before he would be taken away for his final battles. Though he could not understand many of the visions he saw, he knew that they were real. His final rest would indeed be a long time in coming, so now was the time to plan.

Arturo Gets a New Suit

December 21, 2008
   Doctor Stan Freeling patiently brushed away the debris from the base of the ancient monument. It was his lifelong dream to be part of the excavation of Gobekli Tepe, so he felt excited when Senator Dominguez offered to fund the project and work out the diplomatic issues between Turkey and the United States. Now, his team had finally made progress on the largest stone henge at the center of the dig site. The perimeter stones they had already uncovered were polished solid red granite that sparkled in the hot sun. Beautiful dragons were carved into all of the upright stones. Carved gargoyles sat atop of the lintel stones, as though guarding the compound.
   It was a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky and gentle breeze that kept Stan cool as he worked on the largest stones in the center on the ancient stone henge. Out of the corner of his eye something flashed and grabbed his attention. He used his brush to dust off what he thought was a rock and felt shocked to see a tiny, green light flashing. He became confused as he continued to uncover the OOPArt or Out-Of-Place-Artifact. He kept working on the black lid, and soon the top portion of a glass container became visible. Through the glass, Stan could see something that resembled black opal. Only he was sure it wasn’t stone. It looked like some type of fabric!
   “Hey, Stan. Whatcha got there?” asked Ben Anderson, as he took off his sunglasses.
   “I think we have a contaminated site. We have an OOPArt,” Stan answered.
   Ben looked over at a middle-aged man with dark skin, dark brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard and a large mole high on his left cheek, and nodded. “Hey, Hafs. We may have found something.”
   Hafs called out to the workers who were carrying off loads of debris, “Break time!”
   Ben walked over to Stan and saw the top of the stasis pod and sighed. “Don’t touch it. I’ll get ole Abdool over here with a camera crew, and we can document the whole thing. In fact, we should bring the Senator in so he can watch us uncover this, as well, don’t you think?”
   “But don’t you see?” asked Stan as he continued to complain. “The integrity of all our findings here will now be in question. We must address this apparently advanced piece of technology. This is tragic!”
   “I wouldn’t exactly say that,” replied the hulking Senator Arturo Dominguez. His thick, dark brown hair fell loosely at his shoulders complemented by a well-trimmed beard. A scar ran up his left cheek and over a lifeless glossy blue eye that contrasted his startlingly green right eye. He wore a loose-fitting tan shirt and khaki pants as he walked from the tent.
   “Ah, Senator Dominguez,” Stan replied as he turned his back on Ben to address Arturo. “Just in time. This is tra- …”
   Ben’s eyes were blackened as he struck. Stan’s eyes opened wide as smoke poured from his chest from the growing hole caused by the Klah weapon, named Kreel, sucking the life force and memories from the brilliant archeologist. Within seconds, Stan became a smoldering corpse that slid off the wicked blade in Ben’s hand.
  “Oh, what a relief!” Ben cried. “If I had to listen to one more lecture from this pompous asshole, I would have clawed my face off!”
   Arturo ignored Ben and sighed with relief as he finally saw the blinking green light on the stasis pod he had buried over 200 years ago.
   “Been a long time coming, huh buddy?” Ben said with a grin.
   “Almost 50 years since the other suit went out,” Arturo said as he tapped the lid to reveal the holographic projection of the entry pad. Arturo placed his hand on the palm interface so that it could read his DNA, and seconds later the lid popped open. He reached inside, felt the warm fabric below and sighed. “I think it’s fine.”
   “Yes!” Ben screamed jubilantly.
   Arturo quickly stripped off his clothes and put on the Anti-Grav Suit over his six-foot-eight-inch tall frame. It only took seconds for Arturo to empty his mind and he completed the interface. His eyes filled with tears as the sounds of the universe around him came rushing back in. It was as though he was blind and could finally see again. The clarity and beauty of his surroundings made his heart pound.
   Arturo softly chuckled. Then the chuckle became a full, hearty laugh.
   “Now, it’s time to finish this,” Ben said as his blackened eyes gleamed. “Come on. Let’s feed on the rest of the digging crew first.”
   Arturo pulled Laxle from the pile of clothes he had just removed and grinned wickedly as his eyes also became blackened.
   “Ana, I’m coming for you,” said Arturo.

Ana and Manny

December 21, 2013
   Over 10,000 years have passed since the battle lines had been drawn and fought to a standstill between the Colonists and the Warrior Guild Fleet. Most of the people had long forgotten the battles of the past and certainly were unaware of the coming storm. Then again, Ana was anything but common.
   She absent-mindedly brushed her long, white hair as she projected nothingness into the people inside the hospital. Then she walked out of the delivery room and into the waiting room with the bundle in her arms. She saw a glimpse of her ageless face against the snow-white hair in a mirror. How long has it been? She did not even know for certain how old she was anymore. She had long since dropped her formal Mayan title of Queen and her surname for a more simplified and modern one. She was now known as Ana Acevedo de Garcia, or just Abuela by her family, though she hardly looked like a grandmother. After she had been bonded to all of the Guardians’ through the Crystal Skulls, her features changed dramatically. Ana’s almond-shaped green eyes now sparkled radiantly against her fair skin. Her hair turned to silvery-white and flowed down the length of her back. Large dimples and a cleft chin showed prominently on her beautiful face. Long, strong legs supported her six-foot tall warrior’s frame. She was perfectly proportioned and the embodiment of beauty in every sense of the word, but she could now feel age setting into her joints and bones. Damn! Time is running out! I must pass this burden off before it is too late. She looked fondly at the infant in her arms and prepared for the ancient “Ceremony of Connection” that she had performed with new family members soon after their births. She thought about how many had not been able to maintain the connection through to the “Rite of Passage” when the child turned six-years old. Nevertheless, she remained vigilant in her search. Even as each child failed to be the one that would eventually release her to her final rest, she continued. But she knew this child would certainly be different than all the rest. Both she and her long lost husband had sacrificed so much. It was too bad that few would ever know.
   Most people had been easy to fall under her control of Compulsion, but she had noticed that it was becoming harder to keep large groups under control.
   “Damn! I must be getting old and weak,” Ana exclaimed as she closed her eyes and searched to make sure she had control of everyone.
   Now she could perform the Ceremony of Connection in peace and without interruption. She carefully removed the ancient relic that hung in the black bag at her side. It still mesmerized her as she saw the incandescent gleam through the Crystal Skull. She placed it on the black silk scarf in the middle of the table and gently placed the infant in front of it. Chanting the ancient Mayan language that was long forgotten she walked around the table three times then stopped at the child. She placed her left palm on the child’s head and reached toward the Crystal Skull with the other. As her outstretched palm inched closer and closer, she saw the familiar, faint glow emanate from the Crystal Skull. Ana suddenly convulsed when she touched the skull and became the conduit from Crystal Skull to the child. The infant’s eyes and mouth flew open wide, not quite into a silent scream, but more in amazement as the incoming images settled into his mind. One thought came to her mind: Manny.
   How can this be? The child was only an infant but was already aware that his name was Manny. Ana knew that the circumstances of Manny's birth would certainly have an impact, but even she was unsure just how big it would be. She felt so tired and ready to reunite with her long lost Love. How much we have sacrificed for so long!
   Ana put the relic away and took Manny to the next birthing room. There the mother and father were in anguish at the stillborn child that the doctors were frantically trying to save. She replaced the dead infant with Manny and replaced the memories of all the people in the room. Ana knew that the young couple would take good care of Manny. She carefully planted the memory of “Ignacio Manuel Alvarez” into the minds of her distant cousins. Ana kissed Manny on the forehead and left the room with tears in her eyes. She then returned to the first birthing room and placed the stillborn child in front of the nurses’ station. She looked sadly at the dead infant and the now empty birthing bed before she left the hospital and released them all from her control.
   With the events of that day and everyone under her control for so long, Ana was exhausted and had nearly reached her limits. She was still very powerful, but this took a lot out of her. She thought back to the last child who reacted so positively and wondered what he was doing.
   “Arturo, where have you been? I know who to ask,” she said out loud to nobody as she walked away from the hospital and found the nearest hotel.
   Ana closed the door to her private room, lay down on the bed with the Crystal Skull on her chest, and closed her eyes. The Land of Dreams flashed before her and she stepped aside from sleep and entered.
   “Alana, I knew you would be here,” Ana said as she looked at her sister. Alana wore the white silk dress that Ana remembered from their battles with Inshae almost 300 years ago. She didn’t appear like the transformed Alana after the death of the Guardians. She was the short, curvy-brown-haired sister Ana fondly remembered.
   “Hello, you old white-haired bat! How old are you now, 900?” Alana smiled and asked.
   “Very funny, Tart. You always did dress like a hussy!” Ana said, as she pointed to Alana’s ample cleavage. “I thought people in the after-life dressed more conservatively?”
   “Ooh, well played. Embarrassingly enough, this is the only thing I can wear that will let you know for certain that it’s me. You see, you have certain limitations. Nothing to be ashamed of,” Alana answered as she sucked on her teeth and looked Ana up and down.
   Tears welled up in Ana's eyes as she embraced Alana in a fierce hug.
   Alana stroked Ana's hair. “I know dear sister. This is hard.”
   Ana took a deep sigh, steadied herself and pulled back. “Well, you always knew how to get the better of me on insults. I sure missed you. Why have you all been away for so long?”
   “Time has no meaning for us there,” Alana answered. “For us, this has only been a flash. How long has it been?”
   Ana sighed, “Over 200 years have passed since you and the other Guardians left me here. Alone.”
   “Damn, so that makes you only 600 or so, not even close to 900,” Alana said, then grinned. “Well, you don’t look a day over 400!”
   “Well, thank you,” Ana said as she patted her white hair. “So are we going to continue trading insults, or do you have something important to tell me?”
   “No, not really,” Alana replied with an amused look on her face. “The Light thought you needed some encouragement, so I volunteered. Anything to help a sister!”
   “Ah. Encouragement is it?” Ana replied sarcastically.
   “Oh, there may be something else,” Alana said offhandedly.
   “Come on, out with it.”
   “Well, there might be a stray bloodline ... from me,” Alana said as she did her best to look innocently at her.
   “What?” Ana exclaimed. “Are you kidding me? Why didn't you tell me? How can this be?”
   “Well,” Alana started. “Remember after we pushed the G`Alad off the planet, and several of us went out on our own for a little while?”
   “I had forgotten about that, but vaguely,” Ana said.
   “Well, there’s a reason I was the last to return. Oh,” Alana sighed and fanned herself. “I met a gorgeous man, but it was more than that. We were married and had a son. I wanted to say something, but I was told that as long as he remained a secret that the Light would protect him and his descendants.”
   “Do you know how hard it’s been to keep track of the bloodlines of our 13 sisters, and you hid one? How am I supposed to find them now?” Ana asked.
   Just then the archangel Gabriel stepped from the shadows. His dark, curly hair and dark tanned skin were set off by large, blue eyes that sparkled and a cleft chin. He was heavily muscled and dressed in magnificent gold and silver armor and matching wings. In his right hand, he carried a brilliant gold and silver sword that glowed. In his left hand, he held a small buckler.
   “Guardian Ana, fear not. The boy child will be known to you when the time is needed to escape with your descendant. He takes too closely after this one,” Gabriel said as he nodded toward Alana. “... but his heart is well-placed.”
   “Muy Bien. Is that all?” Ana asked.
   “No. The demons you both fought in Ashandaria, the place you call the Land of Dreams, will once again roam this existence. Protect your dreams and the dreams of your offspring,” said Gabriel. “Now sleep.”
   “I wish you were still here. I need you,” Ana said to Alana as everything faded and Ana fell into a deep sleep.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Meet the Cast: Guardian Ana

“Hello, and welcome to Meet the Cast, the first in the series of interviews with the cast of Harmonic Wars. I'm your host, D.B. Stearns, Author of Harmonic Wars. Our guest today is the last of the original Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Abuela Ana Acevedo de Garcia - formerly known as Ana’ka Tua’agar de Took, the last Queen of the Maya.”

Ana walked out from behind the curtain and crossed the stage. Her tall warrior frame silhouetted under a modest, pale-blue, knee-length dress. Ana’s almond-shaped green eyes sparkled radiantly against her fair skin. Her hair changed to silvery-white and flowed down the length of her back. Large dimples and a cleft chin showed prominently on her beautiful face. Long, strong legs supported her six-foot-tall warrior’s frame. She was perfectly proportioned and the embodiment of beauty in every sense of the word. Ana and D.B. exchanged greetings and they both sat down.

D.B.: “Hi, and welcome to our show. What should I call you?”

Ana: “Most of my students call me Abuela but you can call me Ana.”

D.B.: “Thanks, Ana. For our audience, what does Abuela mean?”

Ana: “It really means Grandmother though it rarely applies to all of my students.”

D.B.: “And why is that?”

Ana picked up her coffee and took a sip: “Well, I am the last of the original Guardians, and I have to keep track of the descendants of all 13 of us.”

D.B.: “Can you explain that a little for those just coming into the story?”

Ana smiled: “Certainly! All of the Mayan Grand Council, thirteen couples, had latent empathic abilities. We could project our emotions to others and overwhelm them if we wished. The Balsarius based Science Guild developed the Anti-Grav Suit technology to be linked to our genetic code to prevent our enemies from stealing it and using against us. So that is why I keep track of the abilities of all our descendants.”

D.B.: “Wow, there's a lot in that answer! First, how long ago was the Mayan Grand Council even in existence, and are you the last Guardian?”

Ana laughs musically: “The short answer is yes, I’m the last Guardian, but in Children of the Guardians, I am tasked to rebuild the Guardians. In your calendar, the last Mayan Grand Council would have been around the 1420’s or so.”

D.B.: “That was over 600 years ago! It doesn’t seem that you’ve even aged at is that possible?”

Ana sighs: “Well, that is a long story. In Book One, Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, we show how the Guardians came into existence from the Mayan Grand Council. The Forces of the Light gave us the gift of the Crystal Skulls. The Skulls gave us longevity and expanded our ESP talents. The Science Guild also injected us with nanobots that dramatically slowed the aging process and allows us to heal very quickly.”

D.B.: “Seems lonely. How long have you been doing this alone?”

Ana: ‘Well, I do miss my Guardian Sisters, but with all the children and those in the Science Guild I am hardly alone very often. I’ve been doing this close to 600 years now, but the last 300 were alone.”

D.B.: “I’m still freaking out about you being 600 years old! Is anybody else as old as you?”

Ana: "Actually there are a few, and one is much older. Pressler Anias was the scientist who developed the nanobots that helped to prolong our lives. He is now the Science Guild Elder. The Religious Guild Elder Eric Danshe is also around 600, but we don't see him away from the Sanctuary very often. But the oldest is the Warrior Guild Elder, the Shihan Marcus Kahn.”

D.B.: “How old is he?"

Ana: "Nobody knows for sure. Shihan, as he prefers to be called, spends much of his time sleeping in a stasis pod. I know that he was one of the top generals in the original Warrior Guild when Admiral Ares betrayed the other guilds and tried to overthrow the government and make himself the dictator. Shihan is the only reason Ares was defeated, and that was over 10,000 years.”

D.B.: “WOW. 10,000 years old? Shihan is on my list to interview if he will answer my calls, as is Admiral Ares. Those should be fun interviews!”

Ana: “Yes, just be careful with Ares. Evil is seldom contained.”

D.B.: “Thanks for the warning. Can you explain a little about the guilds? How many guilds are there?”

Ana: “Our society itself into divided into five guilds: Artisan, Religious, Science, Warrior, and Worker Guilds. Excuse me; they recently renamed the Worker Guild as the Craftsman Guild. Political Correctness has no limits.”

D.B. laughs: “I guess so.”

Ana: “Anyway, each guild elects an Elder to lead them and represent them at the Elder’s Council. The Council governs the general population and makes decisions as needed for our society's best interests. Each Guild has an equal vote.”

D.B.: “With all this discussion of people living hundreds or even thousands of years, I have to know: Did you always looked like this?”

Ana laughed: “No, not hardly. I used to be a very short, curvy, American-Indian woman living in the mountains of Peru. But, for me to survive against Arturo and the Warrior Guild, the Light transformed me into the tall white-haired warrior you see here today.”

D.B.: “Tell us about Ana. What makes her special?”

Ana looked down and sighed: “She would say there’s nothing special about her, but that’s hardly true. In book one, I had to wrestle with my inner demons for taking revenge on a tribe of raiders who attacked my native American Indian family. It was a horrific scene as I made examples out of the attackers. It really made me question things my purpose, and how I could do something so dark.”

D.B.: “Was this a pivotal moment in your life?”

Ana: “Yes, for several reasons. This was the day that Arturo’s parents died. I saved him and his brother Roberto. Watching your mother's head roll in front of you and nearly into your laps, has a profound impact on a person. In this case, both Roberto and Arturo. I don't think Arturo ever got over that.”

D.B.: “That's horrible. How old were they?”

Ana: “Roberto was seven, and Arturo was only five. They both came to live with me and the sisters at the last Pyraportal.”

D.B.: “For our guests, the Pyraportal was a power generator, right?”

Ana: “Yes, but it is so much more. At the center of each Pyraportal is a chamber that contains a small portal that is harmonically tuned to the solar system. It is a powerful weapon as well when it channels its energy up through the sphere-like capstone at the top of its pyramid shape. Pressler Anais can explain it much better."

D.B.: “We’ll see if he can expand on that in the coming interviews. How did the transformation change you?”

Ana: “It changed me physically, as you can see. But it also changed me emotionally. I lost all doubt and indecision. Now, I am a warrior bonded to all of the Crystal Skulls.”

D.B.: “What does the Crystal Skulls do for you?”

Ana: “Well, they give me strength and longevity far above that of an ordinary human. They also expanded my ESP skills so that I could do all of the secondary skills that my sisters had.”

D.B.: “Can you give some examples?”

Ana: “Well, all of us can project our emotions. Before my transformation, my only secondary talent was Compulsion. I could make people involuntarily do things, giving me complete control over them. But now, I can also dream walk, heal others, change memories, block empathic attacks, and mind bond.”

D.B.: “Mind Bond?"

Ana: “Yes, that shares memories and life experiences between two people. It is an excellent way to teach people how to do something, like fight or fly a spacecraft. But it is very intimate.”

D.B.: “It sure sounds like it. Let’s go back to talk about the other Guardians for just a minute. You said there were 13, right?”

Ana: “Yes.”

D.B.: “I assume you were very close with all of them but were you closer to some than others?”

Ana deeply sighed: “We were like sisters, but we were just really close friends. Our husbands sacrificed themselves for us so that we could bond with the Skulls. But yes, there were some I was much closer with. MeNana and I were lifelong friends, and we were actually related when I married her brother. Then there is always Alana.”

D.B.: “Yes, Alana seems to be a favorite of the Harmonic Wars fans. Do you agree with that?”

Ana laughed again: “Yes, well she is sassy and beautiful, but the way she shamelessly acted and dressed …"

Alana walks in and says: “Don't you dare call me a hussy!”

Ana jumped up excitedly and said: “Sister!”

Ana and Alana give each other a long hug. Alana’s curvy figure is prevalent through the long-flowing, white, silk dress. Her ample cleavage is very prominent. She stood in stark contrast to the tall, white-haired figure of Ana. Alana maintained her exotic Hispanic features.

D.B. offers his hand: “Welcome Guardian Alana Akholay to the show!”

Alana shakes D.B.’s hand: “Well, hello handsome!”

D.B. smiled and gestured for her to sit: “Alana, you were very prominent in Book One, but something tragic happened at the end. Any chance of you coming back in Book Two?”

Alana: “Well, never say never. This is a Science Fiction series, so anything is possible.”

Ana: "She certainly keeps me company through the Land of Dreams. Don’t let her flamboyance and lack of modesty fool you. Alana was always the best warrior of us all.”

Alana batted her eyes: “Well, I don’t know about that. You’re damn tough yourself, Ana. She always was entirely too modest.”

D.B.: “I have a delicate question here, but the readers need to know: Book Two is largely about the descendants of the Guardians. How is that possible if your husbands sacrificed themselves for you?”

Alana: “I got this, Sister. When we originally bonded to the Skulls, we had several months before the sacrifice in the Crystal Altar that allowed us one final portal to the Balsarius homeworld. It was a miracle, but all 13 of us sisters became pregnant during those few months.”

Ana said with a wink: “For most of us, that was the only child we would ever have.”

Alana sucks her teeth: “Easy now.”

D.B. laughs: “What's that supposed to mean?”

Ana: “Most of us were celibate ... but not all. I mean 300 years is a long time …”

Alana: “And 600 years is an insanely long time, so yes, things happen. Right Sister?”

Ana sighs. “Yes, I suppose.”

Alana: “And just because we are still human, it doesn’t make anyone a hussy.”

Ana: “Says the woman with her chi-chi’s hanging out here for everyone to see!”

Alana sucks her teeth.

D.B.: “Sounds like there is a story there, but we don’t want to give away too much. Ana, what did you do for the first 300 years?”

Ana: “The majority of Book One describes the sister’s lives 300 years after we were bonded to the Skulls. We carefully tended to our descendants. We located, protected, and trained those with the genetic markers which allowed them to project emotions and operate the Anti-Grav Suits.”

D.B.: “So not all of your children could operate them?”

Ana shook her head: “At first they all did. Then as generations passed, they became fewer and fewer. This helped us to maintain control of the technology.”

Alana: “Yep. We had to keep the Anti-Grav Suits away from the Warrior Guild. It was our only advantage against their superior numbers. The Warrior Guild had almost all the MARs units, and they had all the warships. Without the suits and the last Pyraportal, we would have lost long ago. But now we have balance,” as she gestured toward Ana.

D.B.: “So, Ana you are now considered that balance?”

Ana sighed and nodded: “Yes, and the one who will provide justice is yet to come.”

D.B.: “Any clue who that may be? Who is justice?”

Ana laughed musically: “I can’t tell you that! It would spoil Book Four!”

D.B.: “Fine. Let’s talk about the Children for a minute before we wrap up. Manny Alvarez is related to you, right Ana?”

Ana: “Yes. Raven and Lynell Skyhawk are related to Marta Sparhawk through Jade. Marta was a Guardian who could heal people, and Jade was her Granddaughter in book one.”

D.B.: “Why the name changes for Raven and Lynell?”

Ana shrugs her shoulders: “A lot of things change over 300 years. Sometimes a slight name change is helpful in hiding someone, and sometimes names morph naturally. Besides, it helped to hide the descendants from Arturo. Jade became pregnant at the end of book one, so we had to hide her.”

D.B.: “Was it Arturo’s child?”

Ana smiled: “I’m not telling. You need to wait for book three on that. One thing to remember: not all of our descendants had the genetic markers. Family trees branch.”

Alana smirked: “Well, unless you live in House Lannister of Casterly Rock …”

Ana: “Ugh ... I’m glad we have none of that here!”

D.B.: “Yes, I agree! What are the names and relationships of the other Children?”

Alana: “Ricky Chambers is related to me, as are the twins April and Judd Walker.”

D.B.: “Do any of the children show secondary talents yet?”

Alana: ‘April and Judd are both Dream Walkers, and have been for many years. None of the rest has shown their secondary talents yet, but we still have two more books to go!”

Ana: “Except Kailea O'Keef who can block empathic projections. She is from a stray branch of the family related to Fabienne Pitz.”

D.B.: “What do you mean by stray branch?”

Alana: “Well, we were all over the world guiding the surviving colonists to rebuild their societies so that we could reintroduce ourselves. Fabienne was working in the United Kingdom and fell in love with an Irish man. I still think she didn’t have to be ashamed of that and hide it, but then sometimes the Light gives us a direction to go, and we must follow.”

D.B.: “There are so many questions and not enough time! We didn’t even get to the Anti-Grav Suits, but I’m sure your children can answer questions about those, right?”

Alana: “Yep, they can tell you all about them.”

D.B.: “Great! Alana, I would like to ask you back to talk about the Land of Dreams. Would that be okay?”

Alana smiles, leans forward, and bats her eyelashes: “Certainly!”

D.B. blushes at Alana before turning to Ana: “Ana, we have to wrap up for now, but we would love to have you back. Can you stop in and visit us again sometime?”

Ana smiles and nods: “It would be my pleasure.”

D.B.: “That’s all the time we have today. Join us next week as we interview Manny Alvarez and Ricky Chambers, and get the perspective from these young teens who were brutally ripped away from their families and lives to save them from Arturo. Until next time, May the Light shine through you!”

Monday, August 28, 2017

Update on Harmonic Wars Book Two!

Good Morning! I wanted to give a quick update on Harmonic Wars Book 2: Children of the Guardians (CoG).
The final proofing is halfway through, and the editor loves the book. Even as an elite "Grammar Nazi" she has nothing to distract her from the intricate storyline. She exclaimed that I did a good job on the descriptions (of places, warships, battles, people) and that the book reads like a movie. She noted that there were a large number of truths in this book that people of all walks of life will appreciate. She was particularly interested in how I portray the "Land of Dreams" in the series.

I wrote Harmonic Wars to be a multi dimensional story about the
battle of Good vs. Evil locked in a war for control of the universe. It's best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones but without all the incest. I smile every time I say that, and I get quite a few laughs. Game of Thrones season 7 ended last night, so if you're looking for the next complex story to fill its place, then get ready for Harmonic Wars! We will release CoG THIS December, just in time for Christmas. We will be taking pre-orders soon for this massive book as we finalize our marketing plan.

Book One: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls (GoCS) is on sale now on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, and printed copies can be purchased for $5 off the regular price at
GoCS tells the genesis of the current Guardians, and how Ana and Arturo began their conflict. It sets into motion the end of the Harmonic War which had been at a stalemate for 10,000 years. CoG continues the struggle as the battles start anew in our near future. Join us on this vivid journey as our very future is found trapped by an ancient and extremely advanced enemy from a distant and obscure past.

CoG is 660 pages. It is a big book, but I broke it up into easy-to-read scenes that are titled. 

Here is the final back cover verbiage to CoG along with the front cover art:

Evil Returns…
An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of humanity is at stake?
Children of the Guardians is an incredible intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.
Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.
Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe but the very souls of humanity.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Book Two Progress Check!

 Good Morning! Here's the update on Children of the Guardians (CoG).

 We finished the first pass of corrections made on the final proof, and it is going to the primary editor
for the last look, which shouldn’t take very long. Then we move to the book reviewer phase which takes 3 months. This gives them time to read the book and publish their reviews before the book is released. Book One lacked reviews which affected sales over time. We anticipate that this approach will launch CoG to a broader base, and relaunch Book One. In the meantime, I will be releasing a series of character interviews through this blog. This will be similar to interviews of actors who play a roll in a movie, only, in reality, it will be me having a conversation with myself. Strange, but I’m looking forward to this!

CoG is pretty much set at 660 pages. It is a big book, but I broke it up into easy-to-read scenes that are titled. I'm debating at this time whether or not to include a Table of Contents. It would be helpful, but that is a discussion I still need to have with my publisher. 

Here is the final back cover to CoG:

Evil Returns…
An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of humanity is at stake?
Children of the Guardians is an incredible intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.
Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.
Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe but the very souls of humanity.

Harmonic Wars: BOOK ONE Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is now on sale through and it is also in all e-book formats.
Stay tuned for more to come!
~D.B. Stearns, Author

Friday, July 14, 2017

Back Cover for Children of the Guardians!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I wanted to share with you the text for the back cover for Children of the Guardians. We finished it up yesterday. Tell me what you think!

Evil Returns…

An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of
humanity is at stake?

Children of the Guardians is an incredible intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.

Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.

Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardian of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe by the very souls of humanity.

So, what do you think? We are planning to release CoG in the fall of this year, and I can't wait. This series is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones but without all the incest. If you like big stories of good vs. evil, then you will love Harmonic Wars!

Book One, Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, is ON SALE for $5 off the regular price, only at

Harmonic Wars is also available through Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Book Two Update!

I know I've been quiet again here, and some of you know what that means: editing! I received some much needed feedback for "Children of the Guardians" (CoG) that one of the characters needed more development and a bigger role in the book. This is why editors or so important, and I'm grateful for the feedback! In the end, the story is much better, even if the task was a big one. The book will be available in the fall of 2017, and I can't wait!

Imagine the task: try to find all references (implied or specified) to an event or series of events in a book that is 850 pages long. I have to say I have a new appreciation for Scrivener's ability to break out scenes. Trust me when I say that a word search only goes so far! To make things more challenging, there is an aspect of time travel in this book, so the book is not exactly in the traditional "chronological" order. No, that would have been too easy! I added 2 more important scenes and updated 4 existing ones to create a new storyline that will be very important to future projects in the Harmonic Wars series. Can you say NEW TRILOGY? I have two more new scenes to complete before moving on to the next stage of this project. Sorry, but the creative part of this takes time, especially when I have to keep future books and trilogies in mind. I have two more trilogies that will certainly spin out of this, and I have to keep everything aligned. The entire book one "Guardians of the Crystal Skulls" (GoCS) was developed from dream sequences from CoG. In reality, GoCS is a prequel, and CoG is the first manuscript that I wrote.

If you like complex stories like Game of Thrones, then you will love this one. I did a quick count and I have at least 14 storylines that are intertwined in this book. Some are major and some are minor, as is the case with life in general. The final battle scenes are amazing and will lead the reader straight into book three. There is conflict, battles, romance, and humor. It is the ever-present battle of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for control of the universe.

Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is book one of this four book series. It can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, but it is only $5 off through

Friday, April 21, 2017

Insights to Harmonic Wars

Evil Returns…
An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will win as the very fate of Earth is at stake!

D.B. Stearns has created an exciting and original new SciFi series called Harmonic Wars. He takes a unique look at our ancient history and uses it to create a futuristic society that founded their civilization on sound technology. Faced with home worlds that could no longer sustain humanity, they began the migration to a promising solar system with an abundance of resources, including the ever critical quartz crystals that they needed to power their sound technologies.

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is book one of the Harmonic Wars series. This book begins in the early 1400s with the warring factions of the Science Guild and the Warrior Guild already in an ongoing stalemate of the Harmonic Wars. The Warrior Guild has taken control of all the Deep Space Attack Carriers (DSACs) and heavy artillery in our solar system. The Science Guild maintains balance through the powerful weapons of the last self-generating Pyraportal and Ark I that they used to colonize this solar system. But the Forces of the Light battles against the Forces of the Dark across thousands of dimensions. Multidimensional beings aid or control the lower races who must make a choice to devote themselves to the Light or the Dark. Now as this war continues in humanity's dimension, the Light has activated the powerful Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Armed with Anti-Grav Suits and the ability to overwhelm others by projecting their emotions, these thirteen beautiful women warriors turn the tide against the Warrior Guild tainted by their evil weapons. The Guardians are blessed with several unique gifts including longevity through their bonding with the ancient Crystal Skulls.

The former Mayan Queen and de facto leader of the Guardians, Ana struggles to raise her great grandson Arturo and his brother Roberto, but something evil walks in the Land of Dreams and threatens to unravel all their legacy. Now Ana's close friend and Dreamwalker, Guardian Alana must defeat this evil and prevent it from overcoming Arturo and the future Guardians.

Children of the Guardians is the continuing struggle between Ana and her great grandson Arturo. It is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017. Ana continues to battle against Arturo, Admiral Ares, and the Warrior Guild insurgents. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the Warrior Guild has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control and destroy the last Pyraportal protecting Earth.

Evil walks once again in the Land of Dreams and widens this multidimensional war for control of the universe. Defeated by Guardian Alana before she passed away, Inshae and Androdika return from their banishment to seek revenge on the Guardians. The last of the thirteen Guardians, can Ana continue this fight alone, or will she need help from the great beyond? Ana must enlist new Guardians from the descendants of her fallen Guardians to fill the void left centuries ago. Ana must prepare to fight back against Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will they need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad?

The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against the Admiral Ares and his massive fleet. Children of the Guardian is the epic sequel to Guardian of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe by the very souls of humanity.

Can Pressler Anias and the Science Guild build new war machines to fight off the Warrior Guild's fleet of giant Mechanical warriors known as MARs units? Vastly outnumbered and faced with overwhelming odds, can the numerous advances overcome the Warrior Guild's vast numbers?

Admiral Ares is feeling his age creep up on him as he struggles to remain his leadership. He is now in conflict with Klaxon, the sentient weapon set that has prolonged his very life. Why does Klaxon fear Laxle who now belongs to Arturo? Is there something more to these Klah weapons?

Harmonic Wars is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones but without all the incest. :-) If you're looking for the next epic story with multiple characters, intrigue, romance, humor, fantastic battle scenes on the ground, air, and in space as good struggles against evil in an all out war with humanity hanging in the balance, then Harmonic Wars is for you.

Douglas “D.B.” Stearns, Author of the SciFi series Harmonic Wars, is a happily married father of five. He and his wife are also very proud grandparents. D.B. is a resident of the great state of Texas. He entered the Air Force in October 1983 and retired at Scott AFB, Illinois 20 years later. After a short tour overseas as a logistics manager for a contracting company during the Iraq war, D.B. became an IT project manager for a defense contractor.

In 2011, D.B. retired from the IT industry when he was inspired by a television special on the Great Pyramid of Giza and was fascinated by the advanced engineering built into the pyramid. His research of many ancient, mysterious sites greatly influenced as a rich storyline unfolded in front of him. D.B. signed on with 3L Publishing and began to write the Harmonic Wars

Harmonic Wars Book Two, “Children of the Guardians” is currently scheduled to be released in 2017. It continues the story of Guardian Ana’s struggles against the evil Arturo and the Warrior Guild’s desire to control the universe.

D.B. also enjoys speaking engagements and is a regular on late night radio talk shows. You can find him on Coast to Coast AM, Caravan to Midnight, Midnight in the Desert, X-Zone and many others as he discusses the archeological research that he did in preparation to writing Harmonic Wars.

You can find D.B. at the following:
series. The first of four books, “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls” is now available and at Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and Nook, and online at

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Midnight in the Desert!

Tonight we celebrate the unveiling of the cover for Children of the Guardians, book two of the Harmonic Wars SciFi series. This marks a departure from the fantasy genre that many people mistakenly misinterpreted this series. I use many archeological artifacts to create this futuristic SciFi story. In "Guardians of the Crystal Skulls" I used the Great Pyramid of Giza as one of several focal points. Since this is a Science Fiction story, I had no problem including the Mayan Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, even though it has largely been accepted as a fake story. We will be discussing this cover and the importance of those  things that you can see on the cover: Jupiter, Mars, Earth, and of course Stonehenge. We will also make some references to Adam's Calendar in deep South Africa as well as other known artifacts there found by Michael Tellinger.

 Stonehenge has long amazed tourists and archeologists for many years. It like many other stone circles around the world were used as giant calendars to indicate the solstices and other important dates. Below you can see some of the visual aids that we will discuss on tonight's show.

You can find Guardians of the Crystal Skulls on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks, but now you can get it for $5 off the regular price only through

Friday, April 7, 2017

Progress Check and our next show!

Good Morning!
   I have been relatively quiet over the last couple of months on this blog, only posting once a month or so to keep people updated on specific events and to share with you progress on Children of the Guardians which is book two in the Harmonic Wars series. Now, I have some very exciting news for you on two major milestones!
   First Milestone: After a marathon writing session, yielding 5,372 words yesterday, I completed the first draft of the last chapter! I will finish the Epilogue this weekend, but that will only be 3-4 pages at most. I say that now in hopes I can keep it there, but whatever!
   Second Milestone: We completed the cover art, and it is awesome! I wanted the cover to distance the story from the stigma of fantasy that the first book has by leaning closer to the SciFi genre.

   So how better to celebrate reaching these milestones that to reveal this on the air? So, you guessed it: I'm going to be on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade this Tuesday, April 11, 2017. The show starts at 11 pm CST, and you can listen for free at:

   We will certainly talk about this book, but also how Stonehenge, Jupiter, and Mars all play prominent roles in my SciFi story. The discussion is sure to move on to cymatic experiments and the role that harmonic frequencies play in our everyday life. My research for this series leans heavily toward the idea that sound technology also played a critical role in daily lives of our ancient ancestors. The synchronicity is amazing. I had asked Heather if I could just have an hour on her open lines night tonight, April 7th. She and her producer Michelle Freed Bulgatz countered with the idea of a full show on April 11th. I have to admit, I wasn't sure I wanted to do a full show, but that date kept sticking in my mind. I went back and looked at my show request documents and saw that my first show with Heather was April 11, 2016! This was totally unplanned, and neither Heather nor Michelle realized the significance until I mentioned it to Michelle in our phone conversation when I accepted the offer. There was no way I could pass that up!

   I felt it important as well to update the progress chart on Children of the Guardians. As you can see, the first draft and the cover art categories are now at 100%, and the revisions and overall categories have ticked up a notch. Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, (GoCS) Book One in the Harmonic Wars series was just over 112,000 words, and through the magic of formatting, we intentionally kept the page length down to reduce my printing costs. As an independent author, I have to pay the printing, marketing, advertising, publishing and editing costs up front. So instead of a 350-400 page book, Guardians ended up at 260 pages. The original intent when I started Guardians was to make it a quick short story. So much for that, huh? The reason I wanted to make it a
short story was because I had already been working on the manuscript for Children of the Guardians (CoG). The first draft was over 280,000 words and roughly 850 pages. At that point, my publisher Michelle L Gamble of 3L Publishing cautioned me that it would be tough to market such a large book by a completely unknown author since I had never been published. She suggested that I cut the manuscript into 2 or 3 smaller books.
   I was heart broken. I had lots of time invested in the story and had done nothing but spend money and I still had no product. I had about a year of research (2011) on ancient archeology related to my ideas about this story. But I was not going to be stopped. I had to succeed. I started writing a manuscript in 2012, and in December of 2012 I approached 3L Publishing, and she agreed to publish me. We began editing January of 2013 and stopped in August. CoG had 5 intertwined storylines that I wrote concurrently. How they come out in the book is exactly the chronological order that I wrote them. So if I stopped at page 300, then absolutely nothing was completed for a proper ending or even a decent cliffhanger. I knew I could make at least 3 books from the outlines, which I had created before even approaching any publishers.
   I carefully considered my next move as I put CoG on the shelf. I knew that I had a great story
between Ana and Arturo. His hatred toward Ana was all-consuming and created this incredible conflict between them. She was the last Guardian and the only one who could stand up against his evil. The characters of Shihan and Pressler were already well developed, and the use of the Crystal Skulls, Stonehenge, and Jupiter was already firmly in the story. So, I figured the best way to introduce the storyline was to show the origins of that conflict and why Arturo was so downright evil. I had several dream sequences about Ana's past, including the fact that Arturo had killed the two Guardians Shea and MeNana and had stolen their Crystal Skulls. So the outline built itself and was a quick sell to 3L Publishing who was taking a risk to publish an unknown author like myself. I'm happy to say that had all this not happened, the character of Alana might not ever of happened. She was not in the original manuscript, but her death was unique. Is her return possible?
    I had picked out the name "Harmonic Wars" as the title for my massive manuscript, so in mid-2014 I decided to make the name of the series Harmonic Wars and to release the storyline of the origins of the Guardians and the conflict between Ana and her grandson Arturo. And so, the Guardians of the Crystal Skulls was born. It was publicly released August 20, 2015, on the Caravan to Midnight radio talk show with John B. Wells. I still don't know how I landed that show, much less the next one with Coast to Coast AM. But I did, and my sales improved dramatically.
Several things changed as I wrote Guardians. First, Ana's appearance changed, and her character matured tremendously. This prompted a major re-write to the original manuscript. So, CoG is now sitting at 849 pages and 267,876 words, making up 25 chapters. We'll see what the final totals come out as we continue the editing phases through my publisher. Currently, 3L Publishing is working on chapter 15, and my first line editor (Mom) has completed chapter 23.  So far the responses have been very encouraging, and she does NOT hold anything back when she doesn't like something. She said the flow of this story is fantastic, and she is really excited about the energy and all that's going on. Now she's begging me for the last two chapters, so I better get them through Grammarly to complete some editing on the rough draft.

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks. You can get it for $5 off the regular price only through
Watch for the sequel, Children of the Guardians to be out this year.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Back on the air: Beyond the Veil!

Hello, SciFi friends! I will be a guest on Beyond the Veil with Chris and Sheree Geo tonight, Feb 17, 2017, starting at 9 pm CST. It will be simulcast on iHeart Radio stations and online at

I love the theme for Beyond the Veil, which is "Where Science Fiction Meets Science Fact." The fits Harmonic Wars series and is right up my alley! As many of my followers know, I have been on several late night radio talk shows to discuss the research I did before beginning to write my story. So the focus of those shows was on ancient archeology and the anomalies I found around the world. I studied the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, and other ruins belonging to the Mayan, Incan, and Hopi civilizations among many others.

But the common feature I found in all these structures was the type of material used and the construction techniques used: They all used huge blocks of stone with a high quartz content. How is that significant? Quartz is used in a vast majority of our modern electronics. Quartz has massive data storage capabilities. It resonates at a consistent frequency when electricity passes through it, making
it perfect for accurate timepieces. Also, stones with an extremely high quartz content will chime like a bell when struck. In previous posts on this blog, you will find some references to Michael Tellinger and the archeological research he is doing in deep South Africa. He found "Bellstones" and an outrageous number of ruins there that historians say were "cattle kraals" or pens by the 10,000 or so hunter-gatherers that lived there in prehistoric times. Strange that there are no entrances to these pens, and that the ruins numbered in the hundreds of thousands. That's a lot of cattle kraals for 10,000 people.

The disturbing part is that when you compare these cattle kraals to cymatic experiments that can be found on YouTube. The similarities will make you question everything you think you know. Cymatics is the study of sound and how it impacts matter. One experiment shows a piece of sheet metal covered with table salt and placed over a tone generator. As the frequencies rise the salt forms into beautiful shapes. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shape. I went into great detail on this and standardized tuning on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade on Oct 12, 2016. Please check out that post.

But the show tonight will be more focused on the book, with just enough of the facts that I used to
create this SciFi story. My idea is much different than Ancient Aliens enthusiasts concept that every unexplainable thing in the universe had to done by aliens. I think that sells humanity short, and can be just as easily explained that we did it, but it requires a critical look at our histories which are missing huge pieces. We are a race who forgot where we came from. What if WE are the aliens? What if this is not Biblical Earth described in Genesis, and we came here to this solar system as colonists that were cut off from the rest of our race because of a cataclysmic event? It could have been an asteroid strike, a super massive solar flare, or a horrific war.

For me and my story, it was war. Harmonic Wars is a story of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for control of the universe. Tonight we will talk about some of these things that inspired me to write this story, but also some of the things I hid throughout the book. I used the names of the Titans and Greek gods for characters and ships. You can also find references to the number 13 and multiples of 13 which I don't consider to be unlucky. In fact, there are references to 13 in the Bible if you have an open mind.

We will also talk about multidimensional beings and my vision of the thousands of dimensions and
how they are accessible through the Land of Dreams. Ever wonder how some of your dreams are so vivid? How some nightmares seem so real. What if you are interacting with beings from other dimensions who are also dreaming?

We will also talk about the importance of the empathic nature of the Guardians and how I believe someone with skills to project emotions could be devastating in battle. Can you imagine being completely overwhelmed with fear or confusion during a fight? It could give you the moment of hesitation to defeat even a seasoned soldier.

A highly advanced civilization like I created for Harmonic Wars would have a complete understanding of vibration, frequency, harmony, and dissonance and how it impacts matter at the subatomic level. This is the basis for my idea of Anti-Grav technology that is used in the Anti-Grav Suits. Imagine have complete control of all forms of matter (liquid, solid, gas) within 100 yards of
you? You would be invincible. If you had a strong enough capability, you could destroy a whole planet. The Anti-Grav Suits were an evolution from the much more powerful Anti-Grav Units that disappeared over 10,000 years ago at the beginning of the Harmonic Wars between the G`Alad controlled Warrior Guild, and the Balsarius controlled Science Guild. Or did they?

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is available through Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks, but you can get $5 of the regular price through
Children of the Guardians is book two in the Harmonic Wars series and will be out in the late Spring of 2017. It's the continuing story of the fight between Ana and her great grandson Arturo who turned to evil by the G`Alad. They were corrupted by sentient weapons from a race called the Klah that humanity defeated in the Crystalline Wars 15,000 years ago. But that is another story. :-)