Friday, March 20, 2015

"Forces of Light" vs "Forces of Dark"

In the Harmonic Wars series I created a number of factions struggling against each other. So, we have the "Forces of Dark" and the "Forces of Light" in an epic struggle. They are locked in a war that now resembles the Cold War between USA and Communist countries post WWII. The difference is that this is greatly expanded, and over the next couple of weeks we'll discuss the extent of of that expansion. 
Symbol of the Holy Warrior

First, we have the "Forces of Light." At the top of the list are the Holy Warriors. They are priests of the highest morality, but fierce warriors. Their symbol is the "Great Circle" which is made completely of earth elements (wood or iron and quartz). The twisted triangle at the center is made of quartz crystal. The crystal colors differ for each Holy Warrior based on their personality and individual talents. The triangle represents the Triune God attached to the Circle of Life which represents humanity.  The Circle of Life is made of wood for the larger altar pieces, or iron for medallions. The light colored flames reaching out to the triangle represents believers rotating clockwise. The darker flames represent unbelievers being cast away in a counterclockwise motion. There is no separating line or field between believers and non-believers because all are welcome, and it is never too late to repent.

The chosen weapon of the Holy Warrior is the Qatassendor (Ka `tahs sen `door). This versatile weapon is a set of wood staffs four feet long of hard wood that end in curved crystal blades that match the color of the Warrior's triangle. The blades are 12 inches long, never need to be sharpened in any way, and are indestructible. Together with the symbol and the weapons, a Holy Warrior is able to communicate telepathically to other Holy Warriors and commune directly with the Light. It provides the Warrior with protection and longevity to do the Light's will. The Qatassendor is earned in battle as a Blessing of Light for only those initiates who are pure of heart and place their trust completely in the Light in spite of whatever odds they appear to face. Initiates train on Qatas (Kah tahs) with blades of iron. If they receive the blessing in battle then the iron is transformed into crystal and becomes a weapon of incredible power for an invincible warrior. Because no force in nature can stand up against the Holy Warriors, they are very few. The Qatassendor can be joined together as a ten foot long fighting staff out on the battle field, or broken down for close quarter combat. Marcus Kahn is the Holy Warrior of this story. His title is Shihan or Weapons Master, but he prefers to be called Shihan.

The Guardians of the Crystal Skulls also belong to the Forces of Light. Here I combine folk lore with a bit of archeological artifacts. The crystal skulls are part of Mayan lore that talks of 13 crystal skulls that are currently lost to humanity, but when all are found will be a signal that the end of times
are near. At least one is currently at the Smithsonian. I found it interesting since it was fabled to be found at a Mayan pyramid, and it falls in line with the theme of crystals, resonance and vibration throughout the series. In Harmonic Wars, the Guardians were once part of the Mayan  ruling body I refer to as the Grand Council. The real life last known king of the Mayan was named Ukit Took. But this SciFi story is about the wives of the Grand Council who ultimately became the Guardians, and here is where it gets fun. In my story, the close knit royalty of Mayan descent were the remnants of an extremely advanced society of humans with empathic abilities. Not only could these descendants sense emotions of others, they could project emotions to others. Imagine how powerful a soldier would be if they could project crippling fear or confusion into their enemy! Their empathic abilities allowed them to be bonded directly to the crystal skulls which were given to them as a Blessing of Light. It's a symbiotic bond that enhances their latent ESP abilities. They are also able to communicate telepathically with the other Guardians. They have been trained to be Warriors of the Light by Shihan Marcus Kahn.

Each of the Guardians have secondary talents as well. One of the most powerful secondary talents and the most rare is to be a Dream Walker. Last week I talked about Guardian Alana Akholay, who is a very powerful Dream Walker. They can surf through a sea of dreams and enter any at will. Once there, the Dream Walker can manipulate the fluid environment around them and help guide the dreamer as they desire. People are able to receive subliminal messages in their dreams that change their daily lives. Dream Walkers can do much more than just participate in another person's dreams. They can walk through the Land of Dreams which is a parallel existence to the Land of the Waking. This allows them to spy on others without being seen, but it is very dangerous. Anything is possible in the Land of Dreams. A Dream Walker can change their appearance, transform themselves into an animal, or change their surroundings if their will is strong enough. 
But they have to be ever vigilant as pure evil walks through the Land of Dreams. We will talk more about that next time. Until then remember that you get back from this world what you project, so project kindness as much as you can!

~D.B. Stearns

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