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Glossary and Cast of Characters for Children of the Guardians

I started writing my SciFi series Harmonic Wars in 2011. Two years later, I had a huge manuscript ready for the first review by Michelle Gamble, an interested publisher that I had met. Over the next 8 months, we worked my very rough draft. She told me that I needed to rethink publishing that manuscript from a business standpoint. She cautioned me that a 1,000 book would be expensive to market. Who besides family and friends would want to invest the time to read such a book from a new and unproven author? So I shelved the project with the idea that I would release a prequel, to introduce the storyline.

In 2014 I began writing Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, and the name Harmonic Wars became the name of the series. It was the best decision I have made so far. I used the extra time to build an audience as I set up the new project. I already had 800 pages of manuscript on book two on the shelf, and the prequel had written itself from dream sequences that I had already embedded in my first attempt.

I had attracted several fans with my postings on social media. One of them suggested that I go on the radio talk show Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. On August 20, 2015, I released Guardians of the Crystal Skulls on his show. It was a fantastic experience which led to many other shows.

Now, I sit poised to finally launch book two, now named Children of the Guardians tomorrow, April 10, 2018, on Coast to Coast AM. The completed book came out to over 660 pages for this first edition. So to save on print costs, we took out the Glossary and Cast of Characters to save 30 pages, which we can add back if we are able to move to a second edition. I'm sure that doesn't seem like much to many of you, but independent authors have to consider every cost. Printing is paid up front, as are editing and publishing costs. So now, I have added both the Glossary and Cast of Characters for you below. The ebook conversions include both of those products since the cost was negligible. Enjoy!

Children of the Guardians


Artifacts, Events and Special Locations
Anti-Grav Suit – one-piece suits genetically designed specifically for Balsarius descendants and select others. These suits are nearly black in color with swirls of dark colors throughout the suit. Made of a biological substance, which converts hydrogen into power and is located only in low gravity planets. The suits are easily recharged by soaking in water. The suit automatically adjusts to the individual, is skin-tight and joins neurologically with the wearer. The wearer becomes aware of all forms of matter at the subatomic level and is allowed to manipulate matter as needed. The effective range is dependent on the strength of the wearer.

Anti-Grav Unit - the predecessor to the Anti-Grav Suit, this first run of equipment allowed users to manipulate matter at the subatomic level. It was a large box-shaped piece of equipment that had a control platform to allow two operators through the use of a control rod. Unlike the Anti-Grav Suits, anyone with access to a control rod could use it. Infinitely more powerful, with a hydrogen-based power supply the range was only limited by the amount of water it could access. Was used to help terraform planets, build or level mountains, and construct long-lasting structures out of the hardest stone. In the wrong hands it could be used with devastating effect, though none are thought to exist in any of the colonies due to the ongoing war. (See “Harmonic War”)

Ashandaria - See Land of Dreams

Crystal Altar - This is a chamber at the heart of the Pyraportal that powers the entire structure. It acts also as the gateway to other Pyraportals and can transport people and supplies from planet to planet when fully operational.

Crystal Skulls - 13 artifacts given to the Mayan Grand Council by the Light to help balance the war between Light and Dark.

Crystalline War - ancient war that lasted for many centuries that happened thousands of years before humans settled in this solar system. It was waged against the alien Kaldori and Klah races over mineral rights at the edge of human outposts. Humans decimated both societies and discovered a number of Klah weapons that provided great power to the wielder, but absolutely corrupted them.

Deep Space Exploration ships (DSE) - Human society built and commissioned a fleet of 20 ships to search for habitable planets to support the home world that had all but depleted its own natural resources. These ships were built in huge space docks that orbited the home world. The DSE’s were protected by four large laser cannons mounted on each side. The Command Module was located on top center of the ship. The Command Crew operated in a Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) that was supported by an array of holographic displays fed by multiple wide-angle cameras installed on top and bottom of the DSE. The VRE provided full spectrum view permitted the Command Crew the sensation of being in the middle with nothing but space around them. These nuclear-powered ships used four electric/magnetic drives that spun a dense solid (iron) and liquid metals (mercury) in concentric circles around a crystallized core of radioactive material, which provided artificial gravity for the central fuselage of the ship. A full compliment of crew and settlers was limited to 5,200 with 500 of those reserved for crew. Settlers were placed in self-contained stasis pods until they arrived at a habitable planet. Each stasis pod had its own power source and could serve as an escape pod under emergency conditions, to ensure the safety of its precious cargo for hundreds of years. When ejected, the stasis pod would deploy solar panels and transmit a homing beacon for the eventual rescue party.

Deep-Space Attack Carrier (DSAC) - retrofitted DSEs with a massive weapons platform. Completed at beginning of the Crystalline War, humans converted ten DSEs into heavily armored weapons platforms and converted one of the Space Docks into a mobile command post. Both the Command Post and the D-SACs were retrofitted with Force Field Tech and a thousand Smart Drones operated remotely. The Smart Drones were disposable drones six feet long and weighed 800 pounds. They fired lasers, and guns until depleted then crashed into the final targets or return to be recycled. Smart Drones were easily and affordably replicated. Each DSAC carried ten MARCs and 100 MARs units.

Dreamscape - alternate parallel reality where the Klah weapons and it’s wielders can commune. See also “Land of Dreams”

Great Circle - This is the heart of the altar for the Holy Warrior. It is a symbol made of wood that floats freely from the surface of the table in between the two solitary candles. The “Great Circle” symbol was a carved wooden circle with a twisted metal triangle in the center. The circle was carved with dark flames that spun off the outside in a counter-clockwise motion, while the inside of the circle had very light-colored flames that spun clockwise toward the crystal triangle in the center as if drawn to it. This represented the “Circle of Life” that surrounded the “Creator” and served as a reminder that people lived in the circle of life and served the Creator at the center. Those who reject the Creator are cast out, but all are welcome. The Qatas or Qatassendor rest in stands on either side of the table with the blades up. When the Qatassendor is first placed into the altar the metal triangle at the center transforms into the same color crystal as the blades and the medallion.

Great Circle Medallion - a golden medallion worn around the neck of the Holy Warriors and the initiatives. The center triangle is transformed into crystal to match the Qatassendor when the initiative receives the Blessing of Light. See “Qatassendor” and “Great Circle”.

Harmonic War - Started by the G`Alad filled Warrior Guild in the newly established colony. The G`Alad’s greed for power and control resulted in the attack against the other guilds’ colonies for control of the solar systems resources being funneled back to the home worlds through the space portal. The destruction of the space portal cut off the main ties to the home worlds and marked the beginning of the war. The G`Alad sabotaged known Pyraportals throughout the solar system and raided weapons caches and put the other colonists at a huge disadvantage.

Healing - a secondary talent of the Guardians. All Guardians can do this to some minor degree, but some can do great feats of healing.

Hija/Hijo - Spanish term of endearment meaning “Daughter” or “Son”

Holy Warriors - ancient sect of select soldiers who became known for their prowess and invincibility during the Crystalline War. Thought to be only on the home world in dwindling numbers since they were no longer needed with the growing popularity of the G`Alad filled Warrior Guild.

J’Anx - (Ja, aynks) Klah weapon belonging to Apollon. The golden-bladed kukri glowed and the blue stone in the hilt pulsed. Runes circled the base of the hilt and continually changed.

Klah Weapons - beautiful knives and swords claimed as spoils of war by the G`Alad led Warrior Guild. All are sentient weapons with a golden glow to them, and all have a large stone that acts like a mood ring to show if the wielder has accepted the bonding to it. The weapon speaks telepathically with its wielder to soothe them with music unique to each weapon. By killing a person with the blade the wielder receives the life force that would have remained with the victim had they lived. This gives the wielder great longevity and superhuman strength, but requires continual “feeding” to maintain their strength. All Klah weapons are capable of firing black demon fire. The weapon can also fire a plasma type projectile that devastates opponents, but only if they take and maintain over 1,000 life forces. The strongest can even determine how many life forces a wielder has taken. The strongest and most trusted are bonded with a matching set, which includes a bracelet with connected rings and a silver pendant. These were given to “Political Officers” who became part of a symbiotic relationship with the wielder.

Klaxon - Klah sword belonging to Admiral Ares. A small golden-bladed scimitar. Runes circled a band of gold just above the hilt of the scimitar where a large blue stone shown brilliantly when held by the evil and corrupt Ares.

Kairos - Klah weapon, this golden short sword, had a gently flowing 36-inch blade curved elegantly back at the point. The blade itself glowed through the elegant scrollwork along the top edge. The double handed handle ended with a large diamond which changed to a brilliant blue that pulsed when it possessed someone willing to submit to evil, and it always corrupted the bearer. Bonded to Hafs

Kreel - Klah weapon bonded to Ben Anderson. This large, golden hunting knife had a stone in the hilt shone a brilliant blue as it pulsed in Ben’s hand. Just below the polished brass tang was a gold band with several runes that rotated counter clockwise around the handle. Hundreds of layers of metal made microscopic thin edges along the blade that flashed from the inner glow of the blade.

Land of Dreams - an alternate reality that Dream Walkers access.  It has two sides that are normally entered during a trance-like state between sleep and awake. They can go directly to a dreaming person by concentrating on a specific individual who is represented by a light. The lights are all different colors against a pillow gray background. Dream Walkers can also choose to travel the planet in a hazy, dream-like state. This allows the strongest Dream Walkers to visit areas all over the planet. Some are able to eaves drop on individuals as they go about their daily activities. Referred to as “Dreamscape” by wielders of the Klah weapons and “Ashandaria” by angels and demons.

Laxle - Klah weapon with a blade that never needed to be sharpened. In many ways, it resembled a small samurai sword about 16-inches long, except the blade glowed a warm golden color. The many layers of folded metal created tiny ridges in the blade itself like a Damascus blade. The knife was always warm to the touch, with a bone handle that had darkened from the years of handling. Like all Klah weapons, the hilt had a large jewel in it that always shown a brilliant dark blue once it was bonded to Arturo.

Mobile Attack Robots (MARs) developed for the G`Alad during the Crystalline War against the Klah. The original units were thirty feet tall manned heavy artillery weapons could extend its force field out 80 feet to protect its troops during battle. The newer Olympian Class MARs were 50 feet tall. Its torso was the size of a van and the round head sat upon its shoulders like a small command module for the squad leader. It’s nuclear powered with a diverse weapons platform complete with machine guns, rocket launchers, shoulder-mounted lasers, and sonic pulse cannons. Maneuverability was hampered only by the operator’s limitations. The suit was designed to respond to the operator to run, walk and jump as if it is an extension of the operator. With the rocket boosters in its legs and arms it can fly though air and space, and special ramjets in the power pack on the back allow for under water operations. The torso held a squad of 10 soldiers for very short distances. Operated by each Squad Leader and stored in the study legs of the much larger MARCs, each squad deployed from the same leg as the respective MARs leader, but troops were housed in the giant torso of the MARC until ready for actual deployment.

Mobile Attack Robotic Carriers (MARCs) like the smaller MARs unit, it too was developed for the G`Alad during the Crystalline War. Each MARC towered over 100 feet tall, carried 80 troops in addition to its 20-person Command Crew. It was the mobile hospital and heavy artillery support for the four Squads of 20 infantry soldiers. Launched safely from orbit, each of the heavily armored MARCs could drop into hot landing zones (LZ) and clear the LZ with a combination of rockets, flame throwers, lasers, sonic bombs and other particle weapons for up to 250-miles circumference. Its force-field technology established a perimeter of 1,000 feet to provide safety for troops and equipment during battle.

Portal - traveling system created by the Balsarius to hide the movements of the Guardians and other Balsarius agents from the eyes of the G`Alad spies. The Portal created a series of stable wormholes across the planet along Ley Lines. Portal access points were disguised as various megalithic stone structures or grave markers across the planet. Mostly made of granite or other stones of high crystal content, natural power from the Earth was channeled through the stones and accessed with specifically tuned “bell stones” and harmonic notes sung when the two stones were rang like a chime.

Pyraportal - Used in ancient times to create a worldwide power grid to provide wireless energy. It also acted as a planetary weapon of tremendous power. The altar at the center opened a transport portal across space and time to other planets and dimensions, though very few people know it can stretch across dimensions.

Qatas - (KAH tas) practice weapons for initiates to the Holy Warrior Order. Made of simple wood and blades of layered metal similar to a Damascus blade. The wooden handles are four feet long, which end with a one-foot-long metal blade. The handles can connect together to create a ten-foot long staff for use on an outdoor battlefield.

Qatassendor - (ka TAH sen DOR) the preferred weapon of the Holy Warrior. It is a set of Qatas used during a battle that received the Blessing of Light, which is the hallmark of the Holy Warrior. This turns the metal blades to crystal, which emit an impenetrable light that can cut through anything, and create a shield to protect the Holy Warrior. The crystal blades are different color for each Holy Warrior. When the Holy Warrior receives the Blessing of Light, the medallion they wear around their neck also transforms to the same color crystal at the center. The Qatassendor provides protection, healing and longevity to the Holy Warrior. See “Great Circle”.

Transgate - ancient worldwide portal system that was severely damaged at the beginning of the Harmonic Wars.

Balsarius - (bel SAH rius) second human colony established from dissidents in Masu`ri due to religious conservatives dissatisfied with the political corruption. Named after the Reverend Malcolm Balsarius who took 10,000 of his followers to start a new society on “Planet B” which orbits the star Mintaka in Orion’s belt. While Basarius did not have the vast rainforests of Masu`ri, it did have large deposits of uranium in its deserts and could grow grains in the large grasslands that was lacking on Masu`ri. The two societies quickly developed a symbiotic relationship and trade was established making the two societies independent of Mother Earth. The Balsarius society focused on enlightenment through religion. While a somewhat balanced society with religious tolerance, the Church provides the moral fiber and is fully in control of the justice system. The society is based on conservative Democratic principles that focused on respect for all life. Governing is done through consensus in a utopian manner. This makes decision making a laborious time-intensive task, but once a decision is made they are quick to implement. Their understanding of the paranormal and focus on enlightenment has enabled them to develop higher brain functions improving their ESP and empathic abilities. They are strategic thinkers, and are extremely patient, making them great facilitators. Strengths include longevity, high intelligence

Colonists - refers to the average human settlers who are unaware of their origins.

G’Alad - (GAH A lawd) third human colony established. Located in the Sirius solar system. Named after the heroic General Muulaantani Al G’Alad (pronounced: `moo oo la an `tani) who commanded the Defense Network during the First Klah Invasion at the start of the Crystalline War. His heroics in battle and theories on war helped to mold the society into a Warrior Caste. G’Alad was a diverse planet with high desserts, vast grasslands, thick forests, and the surface was covered 65 percent with deep oceans. Rich in minerals and the purest quartz crystals in the galaxy. Trade agreements were set up quickly amongst the other colonies to take advantage of the superior quality quartz being mined on G’Alad. These quartz crystals became the cornerstone to the Human technology, provided tools, power sources, and memory for its vast computers. G’Alad focused their efforts on the Warrior Guild and eventually became a Warrior Society with a Caste System governed in a more socialist manner.  Their advancement in weaponry was only hampered by the lack of focus on developing sciences. Their space and air warfare tactics were however limited to convention projection or laser technologies due to the Orion Colonies’ distrust of G’Alad after the Crystalline Wars. They compensated for their lack of high tech weapons with greater numbers on weaponry at a lower cost.

Klah - an alien race defeated by the G`Alad during the Crystalline Wars. (See “Crystalline Wars”)

Masu`ri - (MAH soo, REE) The first human colony established outside of the home world. Established on “Planet C” that orbited the star Mintaka in Orion’s belt. Renamed after Capt Wilfred Masu`ri, the revered Commander of the DSE “Platheus”. They developed a great understanding of Quantum Physics and manipulation of matter, and eventually perfected Anti-Gravity technology. This technology was never shared with the Warrior Guild established on G’Alad as the Masu`ri feared they would weaponize it. A balanced society that operated a Republic style of government in minimalist fashion. While predominately a scientific community, their roots in the old religion was still firm and they respected the paranormal. Due to the Republic style of government they’re prone to corrupt politicians. They maintain a vastly technically superior armed force. Strong allies with Planet Balsarius.

Talents - Each of the Guardians had secondary talents that surfaced after they were bonded to the Crystal Skulls.

“Compulsion” or “Pushed” - a secondary talent of the Guardians. They can force their will on others and make them do, as they want. The person being Pushed doesn’t know it’s happening, but can become surprised after they complete the task. A suggestion is given and they obey. After the task is completed they are released back to themselves, often wondering what happened and why.

Dream Walker - very rare secondary talent of the Guardians. The Dream Walker can enter the Land of Dreams and control the dreams of others. Can also be used to spy on others to some degree. (See “Land of Dreams”)

Empathic Blocker - a secondary talent of the Guardians. Can shield others from empathic projections and manipulations. Blockers are known to be the strongest empaths.

Manipulating Memories - a secondary talent of the Guardians. Can reach into a person’s mind and plant new memories or change old memories. Very close to reading another person’s thoughts especially when added to their innate empathic abilities to Project.

Mind Bonding - a secondary talent of the Guardians. The ability to share the life memories between two people. This must be done through the Crystal Skull. Some have a degree of control that allows them to share only select memories. Unlike Manipulating Memories, the Mind Bonding is a very intimate sharing where memories are shared to both participants.

Possession - a secondary talent of the Guardians. Can control other’s actions and bend the “puppet” to her will. Only worked on weak willed people. Different from Compulsion because Possession requires the user to stay focused and concentrate on the task to maintain complete control. The puppet is aware of the intrusion but cannot prevent anything. Stronger willed people can sometimes overcome the user, but it takes a great deal of energy and force. The user can see, feel, hear everything that the puppet experiences. The most feared of all talents

Project or Projecting - All Balsarius descendants can project their emotions to others around them to some degree during intensely emotional moments. The Guardians can Project at all times, which is useful during battle to throw the enemy off guard. This also refers to Projecting thoughts, which is a side effect of being linked to the Crystal Skulls. Everyone linked to a Crystal Skull can Project their thoughts to each other and have a general sense of direction where they are located.

Cast of Characters

Forces of the Light
Joseph and Vicini Salvatore. These twin brothers are the most accomplished quantum physicists in the Ark. They are both 5’5” tall with gray peppered hair and goatees and prominent Sicilian features. They continually start and finish each other’s sentences and thoughts, yet the seem transfixed on the opposite sex. With their strong sex drives it is a wonder they can get anything accomplished, yet they are focused when needed. However, they cannot make eye contact with any woman, as they are always staring at their breasts.

Johan Maker - Spatial Theorist, and Propulsion Engineer, is the foremost expert on Time/Space travel. A 6’2” slightly balding blond hair, brown eyes with strong prominent features, and trim but slight build. Main studies include Space Gate theories used to transport the Arks to this Solar System.

Kirsten “Kiki” Renke. An accomplished Medical Doctor, this stunning dirty blonde hair blue eyed beauty is singularly focused on her field and has no interest in relationships, much to the dismay of many men. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall with perfect complexion, fair skin, beautiful smile and stunning figure with long beautiful legs. Her beauty betrays her genius. She has a frigid approach to men, because of her dealings with the Salvatore twins.

Children of the Guardians
April Walker - Twin sister to Judd. April is 5’9” slender built with light brown hair falling softly down to the middle of her back. Her large soft brown eyes, cleft chin and light olive colored skin marks her as a female version of Judd. April seldom talks in her brother’s presence, preferring to communicate through him using the telepathic link they share. Not only can they feel each other’s emotions, but they can read each other’s thoughts.

Ignacio Manuel “Manny” Alvarez - a good-looking 14 year old nerd. His tall frame and slender build gave him a decided advantage during his long hikes in the great outdoors of his homeland in the Arizona countryside. He had an outdoors look with his dark brown tousled hair and his customary blue jeans and flannel shirts that he preferred. His astonishing green eyes inherited from his mother, slightly betrayed his obvious Hispanic heritage.

Judd Walker - Twin brother to April. Judd is 5’11”, medium build with short light brown hair, large light brown eyes, cleft chin, light olive colored skin sixteen year old. Ever protective of April, Judd had long been her source of strength as they lived in the poorer side of Los Angeles. Judd was hot tempered and quick to act due to years of physical abuse from their step-father who raised them since their mother died in a car accident when they were both four years old. Ana tried unsuccessfully to take them, but since they could not determine Ana was a blood relative, the courts favored their step father. After the court mandate Ana became estranged from them due to the step father.

Lynell Skyhawk - Older sister of Raven.  This quiet, reserved but shapely American Native beauty was the more mature and cautious of the two sisters. Very athletic, this 14 year old was known for being the fastest sprinter, and a 2nd degree black belt in Kempo Jitsu. Lynell was 5‘5“ tall, long wavy dark brown hair, big startling green eyes.

Raven Skyhawk - Younger sister to Lynell, longs to experience life at its fullest. While Raven had a deep respect for her family, she also had a mischievous streak and was not afraid to try anything. She was adventurous where Lynell acted cautiously. Standing at 5’7” this very shapely 13 year old American Native had beautiful green eyes, long dark brown hair, but much straighter than Lynell’s hair. She also holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kempo Jitsu.

Richard “Ricky” Chambers - Always the instigator, Ricky was usually the person that got Manny into trouble as a kid, but he is a very loyal friend. Since they lived next door virtually all their lives, they were inseparable. Ricky’s short and stocky frame made him a very powerful ally if you ever got in a tight spot. Unfortunately, Ricky was usually the cause of that tight spot. His piercing blue eyes and smooth talking were always a hit with the girls, but not so much with other guys. Once they became teenagers, it was apparent that Ricky was girl-crazy. Manny always thought that Ricky looked like a “Neanderthal thug” with his dark hair and strong features, but he always seemed to be able to charm his way with his piercing blue eyes. Ricky was a skilled hunter and outdoorsman. From a personality standpoint, Ricky’s quick thinking and smart-ass attitude got him out of nearly as many tight spots as it got him into … nearly.

Dr. Khalid Abbas - an archeologist that had studied the ancient ruins in Egypt, specifically: the Great Pyramid of Giza. Khalid was 5 foot 5 inches tall, with grey peppered hair that stood out against his darkened Mediterranean skin. He had a large crooked nose and crooked teeth that made him look almost like a caricature.

Kailea O’Keef - an empath strong enough to extend her influence out to influence others beyond the normal bounds. This stunning red haired woman had alabaster skin with perfect complexion. Her voluptuous figure was accentuated by her low cut shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. Her long shapely legs gave her a large measure of elegance as she sauntered into any room. But her most stunning feature was her large piercing blue eyes and impish smile. A man could get lost in those blue pools, and that was their first mistake. This 25 yr old woman is a fierce warrior, fully trained with the Anti-Grav Suit by Ana. Her desire to work as a public servant fell in perfectly with Ana and Shihan’s plans to thwart Arturo.

Rachel West, Senator from Wisconsin - She was once considered a beautiful woman, this seventy year old Senator is now one of the most Senior Senators. Her long brunette hair had long since turned mostly grey, and her hairdresser was kept busy to keep her looking young yet distinguished. Rachel’s green eyes are a startling contrast.

Sam Nimo – Filipino immigrant worker desk clerk at Egyptian hotel who was kidnapped by the Masu`ri agent Mahmoud Nasser for the use of his ID in order to get close enough to Khalid Abbas. A simple and sensitive man who was thrust into servitude in Egypt out of necessity.

Challenger Crew Members
Captain Thomas Jasper - Ship Commander - Tom was a middle aged man with a touch of grey in his dark brown hair. A handsome man by all accounts his strong features and cleft chin were accented by his big dark brown eyes. His commanding presence and easy going nature earned respect of all.

Lieutenant Diane Kerr - Pilot - this dark brown haired pretty young Captain is 5’3” tall, athletic build with blue eyes is full of spunk and energy, yet calm and cool under pressure.

Lieutenant Absalom “Abe” Jackson - Navigation Officer - this 6’1” tall, heavily muscled South African man has an intimidating presence.  He looks as though he has a permanent scowl on his face, yet is loyal and kind hearted. He excelled in mixed martial arts before joining the Masu`ri in Egypt under Commandant Florian Hertzog

Major Tony Smith - Communications officer - Tony was an intellectual and the perfect example of computer nerd.  His thin frame, unkempt but short dark brown hair, and boyish features made this 30 year old look much younger than he was.

Lieutenant Sarah Levesque - Tactical Officer - Sarah Levesque - This 5’ 7” curvy beauty was fair skinned with perfect complexion, full dark brown shoulder length hair, and dark brown eyes.  Her athletic figure, full lips and wide smile dazzles most men. She was the source of much jealousy amongst other women who pale at her inner and outer beauty.

Atlantis Crew Members
Colonel Tanya Standeford – Ship Commander - a buxom blonde, this slender southern colonist used her beauty to act as a mask for the genius hiding beneath. Her soft gentle features, blue eyes, flawless complexion, and stunning figure could easily place her as a runway model. However, Tanya has a very high IQ, and was an expert on Shihan’s battle tactics. Tanya was a fierce warrior and skilled empathy trained by Ana with the Anti-Grav Suits. She was Ana’s first student to graduate from Flight School on the Ark, becoming an accomplished pilot before her recent promotion to Ship Commander of the Atlantis. The assignment of the Atlantis by Pressler Anias to protect the Pyraportal was a disappointment. Tanya believes it amounts to little more than a supply ship and taxi. She longs for some excitement, but would rather be bored than risk having the Pyraportal discovered.

Captain Jeff Wright – Pilot – Jeff was 6’ 1” with short light brown hair, brown eyes, and gentle features that make him look young and innocent, but he was anything but that. Jeff enjoys the thrill of life and prefers to live on the edge, taking every chance he can. A thrill seeker to a fault, Jeff found a great partner in crime with Carmen, the Navigator of the Atlantis. They were a great team as both were fearless and love to push each other.

Captain Carmen Smith - Navigation Officer – Carmen was 5’2” a flirtatious, curvy and heavily tanned, blonde beauty.  She was an adventure seeker, and a great teammate for Jeff. She thrived on pushing things to the limit, and excelled at all extreme sports.

Major Gene Bostic - Communications officer – This trim and extremely athletic dark haired man, has sharp features and blue eyes. This computer engineer and communications expert was the heart beat of the operations and key in the success of any mission.

Major Geoff Radcliff - Tactical Officer - Geoff looked like someone who belonged on a farm more than behind a computer Hololink monitoring transmissions from Earth to the Ark. Geoff’s red face and light brown hair and eyes, made people think of one thing: Redneck!

Masu`ri agents
Commandant Florian Hertzog – Masu`ri Commandant in Germany. Blue eyed and blond hair, this strong man has a cleft chin and strong features. He was 6’4” and physically fit.

Mahmoud Nasser – Spy for the Masu`ri, stationed in Cairo, Egypt. Nasser was a modern Egyptian who was recruited by the Masu`ri early in his career in the Intelligence Community. His ability to gather valuable facts undercover had helped the Egyptians discover several political plots by terrorist organizations to gain control of key public offices. He had long sense retired from the Egyptian government and was now fully employed by the Masu`ri, and they paid much better. Nasser was in his early 40’s, with thick wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, and naturally tanned skin. To the average citizen he was pretty much nondescript, making him perfectly suited to intelligence gathering.

Council of Guild Elders - The Elders were the head of each of the Five Guilds that made up Balsarius society: Artisan, Craftsman (formerly Worker) Religion, Science, and Warrior. The Elders made up the ruling class of the Society. Each wore white robes with a four-inch-colored cloth sash worn as a belt around their waists and embroidered with the symbol of their guild.

Artisan Guild Elder Jimiq Williams - She was a tall slender woman with dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. She had flawless complexion, and large dimples. The Artisan Guild sash was purple with an inkwell and quill crossed over an artist’s paintbrush and palette in full color.

Craftsman Guild Elder Charlie Baker - a former carpenter, this burly man had shaggy dark hair with streaks of gray throughout. His weathered skin and large frame made for an impressive looking man. The “Worker Guild” name was changed to be more politically correct. The sash around his waist green with a hammer and wood saw crossed over an anvil all in gun metal gray.

Religious Guild Elder Eric Danshe - thick gray hair, a portly older gentleman with small dark brown eyes. Blue cloth sash, with silver triangles embroidered the length of the sash.

Science Guild Elder Pressler Anias - a chubby man with curly dark hair that was always well groomed, and a smile that lit up his whole face. His blue eyes twinkled mischievously as he talked. He refused to take the eye treatments that would have fixed his bad vision, and instead opted for the old fashion wire framed glasses. If he had white hair and a beard, he would have embodied the persona of Santa Claus himself. Everybody loved this man, as his personality naturally drew people to him

Warrior Guild Elder Shihan Marcus Kahn - red cloth sash, with golden swords crossed. He was a Weapons Master with the rank of “Shihan” and Warrior Guild Elder on the Ark. Slender in build this man’s movements flowed effortlessly. He was 6’ 7” tall with long arms and legs. He had an ageless look with his well-trimmed beard and long brown hair was now peppered gray. He kept his hair neatly pulled back into a thick braid that hung down to the middle of his back. The lean muscles in his arms and chest rippled with his movements, and he commanded attention whenever he entered a room. His piercing blue eyes ever vigilant, he looked like a cobra ready to strike.

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls - the original Guardians were mostly of Balsarius descent, and had become the ruling class in Mayan society because of their wisdom, advanced society and extended mental capacities. All are empathic and are experts at projecting emotions as well as reading them. Just as some people have blue eyes and others have brown, their mental capabilities developed differently giving each a varied set of secondary talents. There were originally 13 Guardians, one for each Crystal Skull. The Guardians listed below are the only one referenced in this book. For the complete list of Guardians, refer to Book One: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls.

Abuela Ana Acevedo de Garcia - formerly known as Ana’ka Tua’agar de Took - She was once very short at just under five-foot tall. She had delicate features, olive skin, large slightly slanted green eyes, auburn-colored hair, full lips, and the telltale somewhat elongated head of the Balsarius descendants. After she was bonded to all of the Guardians’ through the Crystal Skulls, her features changed dramatically. Ana’s almond-shaped green eyes now sparkled radiantly against her fair skin. Her hair changed to silvery-white and flowed down the length of her back. Large dimples and a cleft chin showed prominently in her beautiful face. Long, strong legs supported her new six-foot warrior’s frame. She was perfectly proportioned and the embodiment of beauty in every sense of the word. She was known as a strong empath and had strong, yet varying levels of all secondary talents.

Alana Akholay - a warrior at heart, and the strongest in battle. She was a short exotic woman with brown almond shaped eyes and waist long flowing brown hair. If her figure didn’t make most women jealous, then her creamy clear complexion would. Second talent: Dream Walker

MeNana Took de Batan - Princess (sister to Ukit Took) and best friend to Ana. Was one of the original Guardians, but also was the first murdered by Arturo Dominguez who stole her Crystal Skull and Anti-Grav Suit. She was 5’2” tall with her slightly oblong head. A dark-haired beauty, MeNana had large almond-shaped brown eyes that complimented her dark hair, dark skin, and athletic build. Second talent: Dream Walker.

Marta Skyhawk - Council Member who identified Arturo as the Shea’s killer. Marta was a kind-hearted woman with a round face and long straight dark-brown hair that a she wore it in a braid that hung so low she had to move it before she sat down. Her dark-tanned skin, and high cheekbones set her far apart from the rest of the Balsarius. Her head was not elongated as the others were since she favored her mother’s side of the family who were Masu`ri. She wore rabbit and deerskin clothes to cover her round figure. She spent most of her time with the primitive Wa She Shu in the As-Sin-Wati mountains. She became a very powerful Medicine Woman as she used her talents and the Anti-Grav Suit to protect her people. Second talent: Healing.

Shea Ashandra - second council member murdered by Arturo. The Science Guild is not certain if Arturo took her Anti-Grav Suit as her body was charred beyond recognition, but he did take her Crystal Skull. Shea was Ana’s childhood friend. Her light complexion and soft brown hair stood out in contrast to Ana. She had a bubbly personality, big beautiful blue eyes, lightly freckled cheeks and large dimples. Second talent: Manipulating memories

The Forces of Dark
G`Alad Agents
Admiral Ares - resides on the luxury ship Argus which is a D-SAC. Ares was an elderly man who was tough as nails, and that reputation far preceded him. His somewhat lopsided head was large for his slender body, and his nose was huge and had obviously been broken long ago. What was left of his hair was snow white and ringed his balding head. To most people the permanent scowl on his face would lead them to believe he was always in a bad mood. He stayed in suspended animation for the most part, so that he could live to see the successful end to this mission. See “Klaxon” and “Deep-Space Attack Carrier.”

Commander General Menelaos - the political officer on Admiral Ares’ ship the Argus. Like most political officers, he was a dangerous man. Commander Menelaos had greasy dark hair combed to the side in typical military fashion. His short dark mustache and goatee was neatly trimmed, and was equally greasy looking as his hair. His slender build and pasty white skin reminded Ares of a funeral parlor director. He wore the matching set of the Klah weapon Klaxon, which consisted of a bracelet and rings on his left hand and the silver pendant that looked like a lightening bolt pinned to his lapel on his dark blue military uniform. The stones shown in a deep dark blue to match the stone in the hilt of the small golden bladed Klaxon.

Vice Admiral Linos,(LEE nohs) Captain of the Hyperion - a tall muscularly-built black man with a barrel chest.

Sub-Commander Orestes, Political Officer of the Hyperion

Vice Admiral Hektor, Captain of the Theia (THEE ah) - a ruggedly handsome deeply tanned man, with dark, curly hair and dark brown eyes with a prominent chin. A powerfully built man just over six feet tall with broad shoulders.

Sub-Commander Patroklus, Political Officer of the Theia

Vice Admiral Artemis, Captain of the Kronus which is the main warship of the fleet. Her reddish-brown hair, large dimples, brown eyes and athletic build reminded many of her twin brother Apollon. Her skin was much paler than Apollon’s due to the years aboard the Kronus, but like her brother, she had an athletic build.

Sub-Commander Sarpedon, Political Officer of the Kronus

Vice Admiral McGregor, Captain of the Rhea.  A large powerfully built Caucasian male with red hair and neatly trimmed beard appeared before him.  His face had countless age spots betraying his age.  This skin covering his strong cleft chin and high cheekbones showed little signs of wrinkling, except around his eyes.  He had an elegant look about him, but there was no doubt that he would not be a person to tangle with.

Sub-Commander Piers O’Hancy, Political Officer of the Rhea. Piers is 5’10”, reddish hair, fair skinned with green eyes.  He wore a dark blue suit with a silver lightening bolt on the left lapel. Piers had a dangerous look in his narrowed green eyes. He wears a ring on his index finger and one on his ring finger of his left hand. Both rings have a deep blue stone in the center that almost seemed to glow. Further up on his wrist was a beautiful gold and silver chain bracelet with a large blue stone in the center.

Doctor Oliver “Ollie” Pierce - head medical doctor aboard the Argus. Ollie was a man of medium height, slim-build. He had beady little brown eyes that were hid by small round glasses.

Vice Admiral Apollon - former Captain of the Kronus. Ares ordered Apollon to go deep undercover to infiltrate the Balsarius, so his twin sister Artemis took command of the Kronus once the G`Alad were exiled to Titan. This changed his military status from Vice Admiral to Commander since he was no longer a fleet officer. He was a professional soldier with thick, brownish-red hair. He was highly groomed with large dimples and brown eyes. His tanned skin marked him as one who spent a great deal of time on the colony. His lean muscular body moved confidently as he walked. A.K.A “Alan Spatz” the personal servant for Elder Galen of the Artisan Guild when he infiltrated the Balsarius space station as a spy. His Klah weapon was the unstable J’Anx, which was hidden by Shihan after Apollon’s death to prevent the Science Guild from attempting to study the evil-tainted blade.

G`Alad Agents on Earth
Sub-Commander Abdul-Wahid Abu Hafs, he was a good-looking, middle-aged man with dark skin, dark brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard that showed enough gray to identify him as distinguished and experienced, but not old and out of touch. High up on his left cheek a large mole stood out as an unmistakable feature. He lost much of his memories in battle with Alana prompting him to take on a new identity. His Klah sword’s name is Kairos.

Sub Commander Ben Anderson, a tall slightly overweight Caucasian man with blue eyes, light brown and grey peppered hair and a cleft chin.  He is almost always dressed in island casual clothes of khaki colored shorts, sandals, and a loose fitting colorful island shirt.

Arturo Dominguez - son of a Spaniard and Hopi Indian squaw, and direct descendant of Ana Garcia. Arturo was born on the Summer solstice at Tuuwanasavi, in the territory now know as Arizona. It was a Hopi sacred place southwest of Third Mesa. He was six-foot eight-inches tall, with shaggy shoulder-length brown hair and beard. Arturo lost a fight to Ana and earned a pink scar that ran from the bottom of his jaw to just above his left eye which was dead and hazy-blue in color which was in stark contrast to his beautiful green right eye. His Klah sword’s name is Laxle.

Donald Frey - With his slicked back hair covering his balding head, his mousey features and small round wired framed glasses completed the illusion of a mild mannerly accountant scared of his own shadow. But on the political arena this man was more pit bull than anything else. The term “ruthless” was most widely used by anyone that had dealings with the diminutive middle-aged man.

Colonel Jessup Brinkman - This United States Army Colonel is on temporary assignment to the Department of Homeland Defense under the expressed will of Arturo as his role as a Senator and Director of Homeland Defense, where he was assigned as the head of Cyber Warfare Counter Intelligence Division. Jessup was 6’4”, with a crew cut and thick mustache trimmed to the point that it reminded people of Hitler. The perfect example of a military leader who dutifully followed orders without question. He was greatly admired by his troops as a stern, but fair commander. No Klah sword.

Commander Abdul-Wahid Abu Hafs (Egypt) - a good-looking, middle-aged man with dark skin, dark brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard that showed enough gray to identify him as distinguished and experienced, but not old and out of touch. High up on his left cheek a large mole stood out as an unmistakable feature. He could have had it removed it anytime, but it became his distinguishing trademark. His Klah sword’s name is Kairos.

Spiritual Forces

Androdika - a favored pet of Legion. This succubus preferred to look human donning a skin-tight black leather pants with a red bustier over her petite body. Her dark hair was shaved on the right side and cropped close on top while the left side was braided and hung down over her left breast. Streaks of purple, white, and red in her black hair added exotic color to the fair complected beauty. During battle, she could split into four different bodies that were represented by the four colors of her hair. Agent of the Dark.

Cherubim - Warriors of the Light dressed in white cloaks over their silver and gold armor. These are the main force of the army for the Light. Four wings layered with silver and gold feathers that resembled their armor protruded through the backs of their cloaks. Each feather was razor sharp and glistened in the light. A beautiful aura emanated from them. There were no blemishes or scars on any of them. The only hair that could be seen was on their heads and fell loosely about their shoulders. Their faces were not clean-shaven, they were devoid of facial hair as was the rest of their bodies. Cherubim normally had limited communication abilities with humans, unless the Light specifically wills it. Cherubim only appear in their warrior form for battle, otherwise they appear as a wolf, jaguar, or as a light that floats. During battle their faces continually changed appearance from that of a man to an ox, then to a lion before changing to an eagle. Their skin colors varied from angel to angel, but their eyes all sparkled a deep blue. Weapons hung from their belts and were as diversified as the angels themselves. Whether it was a sword, cudgel, war hammer, staff, ax or bow each glowed and radiated warmth as the angels prepared for battle. Agent of the Light.

Dark Lord - Lucifer, Father of Lies, Evil Incarnate and former Archangel for the Light. Also referred to as Dark.

Gabriel - Archangel, his dark curly hair and dark tanned skin was set off by large blue eyes that sparkled and cleft chin. He was heavily muscled and dressed in magnificent gold and silver armor. His four strong wings extended out 12 feet and resembled the armor with rows of alternating gold and silver feathers each edge razor sharp. In his right hand he carried a brilliant gold and silver sword that glowed and shot beams of light during battle. In his left hand he held a small buckler that grew into a full shield during battle. Agent of the Light.

Guardian Angels - The Dream Walkers identified several guardian angels through the Land of Dreams. Their names are Jeremiel, Nerrifiti, and Sarath. Agents of the Light. (See Cherubim).

Inshae - a beautiful succubus with jet-black hair that flowed down her back and framed her pale skin and black eyes. Twisted black horns grew from either side of her head several inches up. Two more twisted white horns curled out forward of her face as part of a bone structure that surrounded her head. Two long pointed ears grew out from the bone structure. She wore shear black clothes that highly accentuated her womanly figure and left very little to the imagination. She was very strong inside the Land of Dreams. Agent of the Dark.

Katalyne Lightbringer - large black jaguar with beautiful lavender colored eyes from the Land of Dreams. Suspected agent of the Light. The loyalty of animals is uncertain.

Legion - a collective of demons that had banded together and had become of one purpose. They were nearly as powerful as the Dark Lord himself. Legion had seduced many lower ranking demons to join the collective with the promise of strength in numbers. It can take on any form, but preferred the form of a huge black dragon. Agent of the Dark, who answers directly to the Dark Lord himself.

Light - the Creator, God.

Michael - Archangel, his golden hair fell in soft curls on his shoulders. He had large dimples on his cheeks, cleft chin and large glittering blue eyes stood out against his fair skin. He was heavily muscled and dressed in gold and silver armor. His four strong wings extended out 12 feet and resembled the armor with rows of alternating gold and silver feathers each edge razor sharp. His strong hands held twin scimitars that glowed and shot beams of light when in battle. Agent of the Light.

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