Friday, March 27, 2015

Evil Walks in the Land of Dreams

Last week we talked about the Land of Dreams and the Dream Walkers in my series Harmonic Wars. We discussed how the Land of Dreams was a fluid existence where anything was possible. Dream  Walkers could manipulate others dreams or walk around in an altered reality. What I may not have explained fully, was that in this altered reality, Dream Walkers could spy on the living without being seen.  This could be very helpful when gathering intelligence on an enemy, but it was not very reliable. The Land of Dreams might show you fleeting thoughts as reality. You know how you might day dream that you are telling your boss off, or cussing out a bully that you were afraid of? In the Land of Dreams those thoughts or day dreams might be viewed as reality by the Dream Walker. But there is still much a person can learn in the Land of Dreams. Even if things are only dreamt, it still reflects the deeper mindset and emotions of the individual being observed.

What type of evil would most likely lurk about in the Land of Dreams? My first thought  of course was Freddy Krueger, but that character was already taken. :-) So I thought more about it and one thought came to mind: a succubus. They are demons of the night and of your dreams. They are thought to seduce young men in their dreams. Perfect! I totally had the makings for a good cat fight since my Dream Walkers were also women. This was a fun section to write for me...who doesn't like a good cat fight?

I named the succubus Inshae and she is the embodiment of sex. She had jet black hair that flowed down her back and framed her pale skin and black eyes. Twisted black horns grew from either side of her head several inches up. Two more twisted white horns curled out forward of her face as part of a bone structure that surrounded her head. Two long pointed ears grew out from the bone structure, to accentuate the sharp facial features and full lips. She wore shear black clothes that highly accentuated her womanly figure and left very little to the imagination. She was a full figured female demon.

Her realm IS the Land of Dreams, so she would be very powerful there. I could not risk putting a mere human up directly against a demon... that just wouldn't make sense. Especially in the demon's most powerful environment. So I had to even the odds by finding a way that the Guardians could use the Land of Dreams to communicate and interact with the direct intervention from the Dream Walkers. In short, I made them able to pull others around in the alternate reality. I view this along the same lines as "lucid dreaming" that many people try to practice now. Now I could put up several Guardians against one demon. That made more sense, but I don't expect a demon would fight fair. I'm certain they would find a way to bring in reinforcements when things got tough.

Again, I needed more research. This time it was about demons, and I wanted to get facts as straight as I could, so I needed some religious support. The Reverend Billy Graham has a wonderful book out on Angels, and I had read it as a teenager. In that book Rev. Graham speaks briefly about Lucifer and his fall. It must have been a great battle, angel against angel. In the end, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and with him one third of the angels. That would make Lucifer an arch angel like Michael or Gabriel. The angels that fought on Lucifer's side in this terrible war, became evil and twisted and are now the demons that roam the earth robbing humanity of its chance to be with God. With examples like this, why make stuff up? So who might be Lucifer's Generals?

In life there is much to be said for a hive mentality. There are many examples of it in SciFi, because it is such a powerful existence to defeat. Ants and bees in the animal kingdom are small, but with sheer numbers working together and thinking as one they can do so much! Interestingly enough, the Bible came through with the first example of this in the demon realm: Legion.

"Our name is Legion, for we are many." Wow... what a statement! Here I thought the demon realm would have a definite hierarchy of upper and lower demons. Over the thousands of years I see a collective of smaller demons working together would indeed become powerful with time as groups of lower demons sought to join the collective for protection against the other stronger ones.

But in my book, as it is in life, there is balance. God did not create a right without a left, or an up without a down. Since there are demons in my book, I had to balance it out with some angels. Michael the arch angel among others. He had golden hair that fell in soft curls on his shoulders. Large dimples on his cheeks, cleft chin and large glittering blue eyes stood out against his fair skin. He was heavily muscled and dressed in gold and silver armor. His four strong wings extended out 12 feet and resembled the armor with rows of alternating gold and silver feathers each edge razor sharp. His strong hands held twin scimitars that glowed and shot beams of light when in battle against the demons who spit a tar-like black demon fire. A wonderful spicy scent radiated around all the angels, where as the demons smelled of sulphur and decay. The battlecry of the demons was a raw and guttural roar, whereas the battlecry for the angels was music that radiated from their bodies much like the spicy scent.

There is so much more, but I think I'll save that until the book is released this May-Jun timeframe. If you want to find out more, please follow me at:

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Forces of Light" vs "Forces of Dark"

In the Harmonic Wars series I created a number of factions struggling against each other. So, we have the "Forces of Dark" and the "Forces of Light" in an epic struggle. They are locked in a war that now resembles the Cold War between USA and Communist countries post WWII. The difference is that this is greatly expanded, and over the next couple of weeks we'll discuss the extent of of that expansion. 
Symbol of the Holy Warrior

First, we have the "Forces of Light." At the top of the list are the Holy Warriors. They are priests of the highest morality, but fierce warriors. Their symbol is the "Great Circle" which is made completely of earth elements (wood or iron and quartz). The twisted triangle at the center is made of quartz crystal. The crystal colors differ for each Holy Warrior based on their personality and individual talents. The triangle represents the Triune God attached to the Circle of Life which represents humanity.  The Circle of Life is made of wood for the larger altar pieces, or iron for medallions. The light colored flames reaching out to the triangle represents believers rotating clockwise. The darker flames represent unbelievers being cast away in a counterclockwise motion. There is no separating line or field between believers and non-believers because all are welcome, and it is never too late to repent.

The chosen weapon of the Holy Warrior is the Qatassendor (Ka `tahs sen `door). This versatile weapon is a set of wood staffs four feet long of hard wood that end in curved crystal blades that match the color of the Warrior's triangle. The blades are 12 inches long, never need to be sharpened in any way, and are indestructible. Together with the symbol and the weapons, a Holy Warrior is able to communicate telepathically to other Holy Warriors and commune directly with the Light. It provides the Warrior with protection and longevity to do the Light's will. The Qatassendor is earned in battle as a Blessing of Light for only those initiates who are pure of heart and place their trust completely in the Light in spite of whatever odds they appear to face. Initiates train on Qatas (Kah tahs) with blades of iron. If they receive the blessing in battle then the iron is transformed into crystal and becomes a weapon of incredible power for an invincible warrior. Because no force in nature can stand up against the Holy Warriors, they are very few. The Qatassendor can be joined together as a ten foot long fighting staff out on the battle field, or broken down for close quarter combat. Marcus Kahn is the Holy Warrior of this story. His title is Shihan or Weapons Master, but he prefers to be called Shihan.

The Guardians of the Crystal Skulls also belong to the Forces of Light. Here I combine folk lore with a bit of archeological artifacts. The crystal skulls are part of Mayan lore that talks of 13 crystal skulls that are currently lost to humanity, but when all are found will be a signal that the end of times
are near. At least one is currently at the Smithsonian. I found it interesting since it was fabled to be found at a Mayan pyramid, and it falls in line with the theme of crystals, resonance and vibration throughout the series. In Harmonic Wars, the Guardians were once part of the Mayan  ruling body I refer to as the Grand Council. The real life last known king of the Mayan was named Ukit Took. But this SciFi story is about the wives of the Grand Council who ultimately became the Guardians, and here is where it gets fun. In my story, the close knit royalty of Mayan descent were the remnants of an extremely advanced society of humans with empathic abilities. Not only could these descendants sense emotions of others, they could project emotions to others. Imagine how powerful a soldier would be if they could project crippling fear or confusion into their enemy! Their empathic abilities allowed them to be bonded directly to the crystal skulls which were given to them as a Blessing of Light. It's a symbiotic bond that enhances their latent ESP abilities. They are also able to communicate telepathically with the other Guardians. They have been trained to be Warriors of the Light by Shihan Marcus Kahn.

Each of the Guardians have secondary talents as well. One of the most powerful secondary talents and the most rare is to be a Dream Walker. Last week I talked about Guardian Alana Akholay, who is a very powerful Dream Walker. They can surf through a sea of dreams and enter any at will. Once there, the Dream Walker can manipulate the fluid environment around them and help guide the dreamer as they desire. People are able to receive subliminal messages in their dreams that change their daily lives. Dream Walkers can do much more than just participate in another person's dreams. They can walk through the Land of Dreams which is a parallel existence to the Land of the Waking. This allows them to spy on others without being seen, but it is very dangerous. Anything is possible in the Land of Dreams. A Dream Walker can change their appearance, transform themselves into an animal, or change their surroundings if their will is strong enough. 
But they have to be ever vigilant as pure evil walks through the Land of Dreams. We will talk more about that next time. Until then remember that you get back from this world what you project, so project kindness as much as you can!

~D.B. Stearns

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Character Building

One of the hardest things for me is building the character. Describing their looks is easy enough, but picking appropriate names is very hard for me. I had a tough time picking names for our own children. My wife did most of that work and I pretty much agreed or disagreed. But I couldn't escape any of that when writing the book.

Names have to fit the character and needs to drive the personality. Some writers will "interview" their character to determine how they would react in each situation. These things are important in order to write in the "voice of the character" so to speak. This was another considerable hurdle for me to get over. All of my previous writing had been in the business world working collaboratively with a group of Subject Matter Experts (SME). We wrote proposals, Business Case Analysis, contracts, and various bids. Each time we had to take out all the emotion and individuality so that the document appeared to be written by a single person. Seems easy, but each writer has their own personality and it comes out in the document. But when writing a book to be read for pleasure, each character has to speak on their own. I found it much easier to model my characters after real people I know or have worked with in the past. Truth is stranger than fiction, and much more colorful if you're careful in who you pick as your model.

One of my favorite characters in the Harmonic Wars Series is Alana Akholay. She is one of the 13 Guardians of the Crystal Skulls and a fierce warrior.  Alana has a true warrior spirit in every sense, and is by far the most aggressive of the 13 Guardians, if not one of the strongest. She is always at the front of the battle leading the charge. Her creativity in battle makes her a true force multiplier! I really like her sense of humor in the book too! 

She was short, barely five foot tall. She had an exotic look with her brown almond shaped eyes and waist long flowing brown hair.  She was very curvy as well. If her figure didn’t make most women jealous, then her creamy clear complexion would. 

Now, I'm sure other authors can do a better job, but this description fits the person very well. Every time I write a scene for her, it's easier for me because I can just concentrate on how would the real "Alana" react. For the most part, she would give a smart-ass remark. I can respect that! What's more, I can write that. Now, I did make some changes to the personality to make her seem more of a sexual creature than she projects in real life, but I needed to add some more "color" to the story. It also helps create some tension that I needed and is about the only difference between the two. The real person is much more of a proper lady than my character. While the character has an increased "appetite" she is not to be considered a harlot or anything of the sort. She did marry three times in her lifespan, but she could hardly help that her husbands did not live as long as her. 

Like all of the Guardians, Alana's lifespan was greatly expanded due to the bonding to the Crystal Skulls. The Guardians did not continue to grow old as most humans do, but they maintained an "ageless" look to them that graciously hid the centuries of wisdom they obtained from daily life. Wise beyond measure, with physical strength, agility and beauty they will win your hearts and stir your minds as you watch them battle against great odds.

In this first book, I focus on how the Guardians became bonded to the Crystal Skulls and their mission amongst the common folk. They are protectors of the innocent and Warriors of the Light. The Forces of Light (good) are just as powerful as the Forces of the Dark (evil). But this will be an adult story, because the evil is just as evil as any could be. There will be some very dark subjects surrounding the evil that will be shocking to some. This book sets the stage for a much larger story that is already in draft form, and I have outlines for at least two more books and the real possibility of at least 2 more trilogies that could very easily spin off from this main theme. Stay tuned and be ready... It's going to be a wild ride!

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D.B. Stearns, Author

Harmonic Wars 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Harmonic Wars" Radio Interview Part 2 Tonight!

Last week I was honored to be interviewed by Mars Hoffman from the Watchers Society. The interview was a great experience for me, and we reached over 400,000 people. Small by industry standards, but momentous for me! In any event, we had such a good time doing the show that Mars and Pastor White asked me back for part two. Of course I accepted!

I had prepared some talking points that we used for last week's show and we'll continue with for the show tonight. I'm not sure that we'll be able to discuss the rest of all of this, but it is a glimpse into some of the things I researched for my book. Last week we focused on structures built in antiquity that used stones with a high quartz/silica content (granite, andesite, sarsen, etc.) and how an advanced society could fall back into a hunter-gatherer society in a very short time.

I also reiterated the point that this is a Science Fiction story, not a documentary or a thesis. So many people on social media want to argue my SciFi based conclusions on the merits of the research. In the end, this book is for entertainment, but it is rooted in a great many facts.

Enjoy, and hope you will join us tonight at at 6pm CST as we see how many more of these talking point we can get through! :-)

D.B. Stearns, Author Harmonic Wars

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Harmonic Wars: Part 2" Radio Interview March 12th at 6PM!

The last show was such a success, that Mars Hoffman asked me back next Thursday for "Harmonic Wars Part 2", and of course I gladly accepted! We talked for an hour and a half straight and only really scratched the surface. Mars informed me that I was actually his season finale, and that his next season begins next week. I get to open for him, and I find that a great honor!

I got the first results back from the show last Thursday, and it looks like we reached about 300,000 people. Not bad considering I am still pretty much unknown. The best news is that the audience grew during the show! Once we add in people catching the archived files we expect these numbers to end up around 500,000 for the week. Not bad...not bad at all!

Join us as we talk about the research that took me a full year to accomplish before I started writing my story. "Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls" is an epic struggle of good vs evil for control of our galaxy that has been ongoing for thousands of years. I use ancient archeological sites as focal points, like the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of the Sun, Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, and a host of Mayan ruins as well. It is a complex story with many internal plots like Game of Thrones, but without all the sex so that it would be suitable for the PG13 crowd. I would say the story is like Game of Thrones meets Star Wars. smile emoticon
I had a great question about the new art I display below. This is a symbol I conceived for the Harmonic Wars series. It is the symbol of the Holy Warrior. The crystal pyramid in the center represents the Triune God. The flames represent humanity. The light colored flames reaching toward the pyramid represent those who accept God (accepted), while the darker colored flames reaching away are those who deny Him (cursed). The cursed are eventually cast further and further away. There is no divider between the cursed and the accepted as all are invited to be with God. The artist's name who created my conception is Alex Friedman.

See you March 12 at 6PM CST on
D.B. Stearns

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interview on tonight!

I will be interviewed tonight on the Watchers Society Radio show on, Thursday March 5th at 6pm CST. We will discuss some of the research that I did prior to writing the first book in my Harmonic Wars series. Join us as we talk about ancient advanced societies that existed globally! My first book “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls” is a story of Good Vs Evil in an epic struggle for dominance of this galaxy for thousands of years. It features several ancient artifacts like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, and many of the Mayan ruins. Now, I'm sharing my full research with you so you can see how I drew my SciFi based conclusions based on questions I had with traditional historians. Come join us, it will be fun and could be shocking to some!

D.B. Stearns

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About the Author...

Auto-Biography of Douglas B Stearns

Douglas B. Stearns was born on 10 Jan 65 in Reno, Nevada at a very young age. I was a rather precocious toddler who talked my parents into moving to Georgetown, Texas at the tender age of 2. I graduated high school at Georgetown and was voted most likely to fly a beer can. My goal was to achieve a spiritual plane where the Energy of the Everything comes and fills you with the Uttermost and there you are, you’ve gone Nowhere and achieved perfect Nothing (as taken from my yearbook!). Far out, but things just didn’t work out that way.

I entered the Air Force on 4 Oct 83, and after completing Tech school at Shepherd AFB, TX, I was stationed at Kelly AFB, TX working LOGAIR (joined the Air Force to see the world and never made it out of Texas). I met and married Virgie Navedo, and had 4 children (Jesse, Crystal, Nikki, and Megan). Just like that, and nearly that fast too! While assigned to Kelly AFB, I participated in Operation JUST CAUSE to free Panama from Manuel Norriega. Temperatures in San Antonio dropped to 8 degrees above zero during this operation, bringing a new meaning to freezing for me!

I left Kelly AFB, TX in April 1990 for a remote assignment at Galena Airport, Alaska while Virgie and the kids remained in San Antonio. The coldest day of the year was negative 68 degrees F, redefining the cold standard previously set during the JUST CAUSE operation… first experience with nose hair freezing. I received a follow-on assignment to Elmendorf, Alaska in 1991. Virgie and the kids were eager to move and meet up with me in Alaska, She was not really prepared for the hassle of making the arrangements alone while I was still in Galena. Well, she knew this would not always be the case, so she endured. I was blessed with being assigned to many sections in the Air Transportation career field like Ramp, Cargo Processing, Special Handling, Loadplanning, Total Quality Management Instructor, Training Manager, and Passenger Service Supervisor. I was beginning to think nobody loved me since I moved so often! We then had our 5th and final child in Alaska (Michael). Had a horrible experience with my vasectomy, but we wont go into that now. If we have another child now we will call him Houdini. (Let’s see him get out of those knots!)

After eight years in Alaska, the Air Force moved me to Scott AFB, IL in April 99, but Virgie and the kids followed later after school was out. Was this becoming a trend of her moving without my help? She was not impressed that I got out of the work once again.  I was originally assigned as the Aircraft Delay Validator for contingency missions in AMC/DONCM. One afternoon a couple of weeks into this new assignment I went to supervisor and said I was finished with my work. She said, “For the day?” I replied, “No, for the week.” It was Tuesday, so she started giving me more tasks and became rather upset with my predecessor. So I became the Program Manager for Cat A Commercial Cargo Movements, and project lead for many other initiatives like the Barcodes Rates Initiative, World Wide Express, and the MRM-15 PowerTrack commercial billing for MILAIR shipments. I rewrote the guidance that the Air Forces uses for the policies and procedures for transportation billing, again, and again, and again! I was chosen to spearhead AMC’s unreconciled manifest initiative, reconciling over $195 million dollars of previously lost revenue over a 3-year period. I retired in 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed Col. Larry Stephen’s attempt to read this bio during my retirement ceremony. Priceless!

I officially signed off the base on 3 Sep 2003 at 1100 AM. A limo was scheduled to pick me up at 1 PM that afternoon to sweep me away to sunny Baghdad!  I landed a job as a contractor working logistics for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s division of the Iraq Survey Group.  Virgie was now extremely upset with being left behind to move the family off base by herself… again… but she finally got over about the time the first paycheck came in! Baghdad was a mess and very dirty. Mortar fire was still hitting the compound occasionally and every night we could hear the perimeter and gates being attacked. I spent some time in Kuwait and really enjoyed it there. Then I was rotated out to Doha, Qatar and it was an amazing opportunity. After working in Doha for a year, the company thought I needed another a change of scenery and wanted to move me back to Baghdad. Since I have always embraced change, I figured home would be even better!

I then returned home to St Louis area was able to start with Unisys in the Fusion Cell at Scott AFB, IL. I really thought I knew PowerPoint and Excel…boy was I wrong! But I learned and grew, and had a great time working with a fantastic team. Then I was paroled off of the Night Shift and joined the Portfolio Management Team subcontracted to CSC for United State Transportation Command. Wow… daylight operations seem so weird!

In 2011 our youngest son decided to follow the family tradition and joined the military (Navy). With this big change Virgie and I suddenly found ourselves to be “Happy Nesters” and asked why was I so far away from family. With all the kids gone Virgie and I decided to see what was out there for us. I took a long hard look at the direction my career was going and decided that while I could continue to be very successful in the Corporate world, those long days and long hours working to build wealth in somebody else’s company at the expense of my family was just not worth it. So I resigned, much to my friends and business associates great dismay. Virgie had been working in California as a traveling nurse so we could make ends meet, and we were tired of living separate lives. So I packed up our stuff and left Illinois and officially moved back to Texas. Damn, moving is a lot of work!

A most important milestone was reached on 12 May 2005. Virgie and I became Grandparents! Ty Dionisio Crothers was born at 0200, weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz, and was 19” long. Bet most of you women can’t believe I remembered that! I have to say that grandchildren really are parent’s revenge on our offspring. I suppose it keeps us from eating our young? Not to be outdone, our oldest daughter and her husband decided it was finally time to have children of their own. Now we have and ever-growing family as the number of grandchildren continue to grow with 4 out of 5 of our own children now married. I have already begun stocking up on Mountain Dew and Skittles. Man! Life is good!

One day I was watching a TV special on the Great Pyramid of Giza and I could not get over the sheer amount of advanced engineering built into the pyramid. The perfection of the placement of each block fitting so tightly that a piece of paper could not slip between the stones after thousands of years amazed me. There are many theories to explain the purpose of the Great Pyramid. I don’t know what it was designed for, but I know was this was never a tomb. I can’t explain it away, but then I thought I could write a SciFi story about it. So my journey began to a very different lifestyle. I did a full year of research while this very rich storyline began to unfold in front of me. I am so lucky to married to a woman who is as supportive as my wife.

I signed on with 3L Publishing and will be releasing my first book in the Harmonic Wars series titled “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls” very shortly. I have found the writing process for fictional books much different than the business writing I accomplished before. Every time I discuss grammar points with my editor I always end it with “Their, there, they’re. Its all a `gonna be ok!” I’m sure she is rolling her eyes right now! :-)

Virgie continues to work as a nurse while I work on my SciFi series “Harmonic Wars” and watch the home front in San Antonio with our Great Dane, Jasmine and taking care of some of my grandchildren living here. I have become the infamous “Mr. Mom” and now can be seen trading recipes at the PTA meetings. I am not sure where it all went wrong, but I suspect I should have helped Virgie move at least once!

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The Importance of Resonance and Frequency in the Old World

Last week we talked about how many different cultures placed a high value on astronomical events and heavenly bodies. Orion was very important as well as the Summer and Winter solstices. We have also discussed previously on this blog that the types of stone used to build many of these ancient structures had a high quartz content. Quartz has many properties that makes it semi valuable. It is used today in many electronics, is known to be able to store vast amounts of data and will chime like a bell if the properties of the stone are just right.

But first, let's talk briefly about harmonic resonance. A great example of this can be easily demonstrated on a guitar in perfect tune. If you strike only the low "E" string on a guitar and leave the other strings uncovered, the high "E" string will begin to reverberate on its own. I enjoy singing and on occasion am able to join choirs. When singing a duet or in a quartet, I have on occasion experienced harmonic resonance where two voices are singing but a third note can be heard!

Interestingly enough, sound played a very important role in the ancient structures that our ancestors built. Those tourists lucky enough to be allowed entry to the pyramids, can find out first hand. Many chant or sing inside the pyramids and are amazed at the acoustics. For those of you who routinely perform, you can well understand what I'm talking about here. For those not musically inclined, let me explain: Not all rooms are created equal where sound is concerned. That's why recording artists sing inside a studio designed specifically to produce the best sound quality for the recording. Some buildings are designed with this in mind. For example, many congregations hire companies to analyze new church building designs and make recommendations to improve the sound quality before the construction begins. Those who skip this important step often find out the hard way just how important it was. I have spoken in a business conference room once to a crowd of around 150, only to find out that in the center of the room the sound just disappeared. I can be quite loud and know how to project my voice, but even I could not be heard without using the PA system... and the room was not that big.

There are many examples of outdoor amphitheaters built in antiquity where the acoustics were so good that the performers could be heard all over even if they were talking softly. Sometimes even if they're whispering! So, how come our modern arenas all need massive PA systems with hundreds of speakers? Because we have forgotten the basics of sound and rely more on technology to overcome our building deficiencies. Some surfaces reflect better than others, and guess what works best: hard stone.

Were you aware that sound has shape? Different frequencies have different shapes, as can be seen in this YouTube video below. As the frequency increases, the salt forms new shapes. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes.

We can only go so far with this, as the size of the grains of salt become too big to reproduce the shapes. This totally amazes me! When I saw this I immediately thought of the cattle kraals that Michael Tellinger talks about in South Africa. Can these be a larger scale version of the video above? What would these have been used for? What would have generated the frequencies? Who built this and how did they use it?  Where did they control it from?

We can only speculate the original use, but I find it really difficult to believe that these could have been cattle pens. First, the walls are 8-12 feet tall when all the sediment has been excavated, and there are no doorways. Also, they are made mostly of stones that chime like a bell when struck. If these are perfectly tuned, I wonder what harmonic resonance would ring out and what would it do? I believe the people who built this were masters of sound, well beyond anything we can imagine.

We know that today's scientists can use sound to levitate small items like balls. By changing the frequencies they can rotate the balls, make them stop, or increase the speed at which they spin.

I have seen, heard and talked to many ancient alien theorists who at this point will insist that there is no way that humanity could have ever created things like this in antiquity. This is where I ask "Why not?" I think this mentality sells humanity short. In our arrogance, we completely discount the possibility that our ancestors could have been more advanced than we are even today. Is it more believable to you that aliens from another planet built the Great Pyramid of Giza and various other sites around the world, or just maybe we are the aliens?

I am not a scientist, and I have no idea the full implication of any of these findings. However, this is where my imagination went wild and a very rich story began to develop. My SciFi series, "Harmonic Wars" is about a highly advanced civilization that went to war for control of this galaxy. It is an epic story of good versus evil thousands of years in the making, and using several ancient sites as focal points. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu, Gobekli Tepe, and the Avenue of the Dead are just some of the places that I use. I believe these sites are all somehow connected. Have you ever considered the implications of "Ley Lines" and the locations of convergences? In the map below, we see that the Great Pyramid is at a major convergence. That also happens to be the 31st Longitude line. Interesting, huh?

One of these days we may well find some answers to these questions. Somewhere along these ley lines we may find another pyramid (like in China), or possibly the fabled continent of Atlantis. But until then, I'm just going to let my imagination run wild and try to create the best story I can.

So, what could a civilization with advanced knowledge of resonance, frequency and amplitude accomplish? Levitate large stones? I don't see why not. If you could control things like resonance and vibration at a subatomic level, what more could you do? Heat up objects? Freeze them? Change the state of matter? Again, I don't see why not. All objects around us vibrate because nothing is truly still. Electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom, so what happens if you speed up or slow down these rotations? Could you create new substances?

I think the applications are endless. What do you think? Until next time, take care!