Friday, July 14, 2017

Back Cover for Children of the Guardians!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I wanted to share with you the text for the back cover for Children of the Guardians. We finished it up yesterday. Tell me what you think!

Evil Returns…

An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of
humanity is at stake?

Children of the Guardians is an incredible intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.

Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.

Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardian of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe by the very souls of humanity.

So, what do you think? We are planning to release CoG in the fall of this year, and I can't wait. This series is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones but without all the incest. If you like big stories of good vs. evil, then you will love Harmonic Wars!

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