Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year it has been! I look back on this last year, and I am happy with what we have accomplished. First, we published Children of the Guardians (CoG). That is my dream come true, and I give thanks to God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

As many of you might remember, I started CoG as my first book in the Harmonic Wars series, The title of the book was just going to be Harmonic Wars, but when my publisher convinced me that this book was too big to publish as a first-time author, I decided to shelve the project, and change my approach. I knew that the story was solid, but it needed more. I had been toying with the idea of writing a short story to help launch the book by telling the origins of the Guardians and how Arturo fell into darkness. As I started the first draft, I quickly changed my mind and decided to make Harmonic Wars into a series. I began this journey in 2011, and this dream has finally become a reality. For that, I owe much to my wife and my family for their continuing support. My wife is a remarkable woman who I am lucky to call my sweetheart. She has sacrificed so much to help us achieve this dream.

Next week I will make my goals for next year, and the plans to successfully achieve those goals. My goals will take a balanced approach to dramatically improve my health, finances, spiritual, and business aspects of my life. Watch out 2018...this is the year that everything changes!

We have made much progress this year on a personal level as well, making many improvements on our home, and being blessed enough to help our parents out as they continue to age gracefully. It is an honor to be able to give back to them because they gave so much to us over the years. I only wish that I could do more.

I want to personally thank each of you reading this post for sharing in our lives. I wish each of you a prosperous New Year filled with joy as you realize some of your dreams this coming year. Join us in making 2018 a banner year by ordering your copy of Children of the Guardians available now at

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