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Insights to Harmonic Wars

Evil Returns…
An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will win as the very fate of Earth is at stake!

D.B. Stearns has created an exciting and original new SciFi series called Harmonic Wars. He takes a unique look at our ancient history and uses it to create a futuristic society that founded their civilization on sound technology. Faced with home worlds that could no longer sustain humanity, they began the migration to a promising solar system with an abundance of resources, including the ever critical quartz crystals that they needed to power their sound technologies.

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is book one of the Harmonic Wars series. This book begins in the early 1400s with the warring factions of the Science Guild and the Warrior Guild already in an ongoing stalemate of the Harmonic Wars. The Warrior Guild has taken control of all the Deep Space Attack Carriers (DSACs) and heavy artillery in our solar system. The Science Guild maintains balance through the powerful weapons of the last self-generating Pyraportal and Ark I that they used to colonize this solar system. But the Forces of the Light battles against the Forces of the Dark across thousands of dimensions. Multidimensional beings aid or control the lower races who must make a choice to devote themselves to the Light or the Dark. Now as this war continues in humanity's dimension, the Light has activated the powerful Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Armed with Anti-Grav Suits and the ability to overwhelm others by projecting their emotions, these thirteen beautiful women warriors turn the tide against the Warrior Guild tainted by their evil weapons. The Guardians are blessed with several unique gifts including longevity through their bonding with the ancient Crystal Skulls.

The former Mayan Queen and de facto leader of the Guardians, Ana struggles to raise her great grandson Arturo and his brother Roberto, but something evil walks in the Land of Dreams and threatens to unravel all their legacy. Now Ana's close friend and Dreamwalker, Guardian Alana must defeat this evil and prevent it from overcoming Arturo and the future Guardians.

Children of the Guardians is the continuing struggle between Ana and her great grandson Arturo. It is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017. Ana continues to battle against Arturo, Admiral Ares, and the Warrior Guild insurgents. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the Warrior Guild has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control and destroy the last Pyraportal protecting Earth.

Evil walks once again in the Land of Dreams and widens this multidimensional war for control of the universe. Defeated by Guardian Alana before she passed away, Inshae and Androdika return from their banishment to seek revenge on the Guardians. The last of the thirteen Guardians, can Ana continue this fight alone, or will she need help from the great beyond? Ana must enlist new Guardians from the descendants of her fallen Guardians to fill the void left centuries ago. Ana must prepare to fight back against Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will they need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad?

The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against the Admiral Ares and his massive fleet. Children of the Guardian is the epic sequel to Guardian of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe by the very souls of humanity.

Can Pressler Anias and the Science Guild build new war machines to fight off the Warrior Guild's fleet of giant Mechanical warriors known as MARs units? Vastly outnumbered and faced with overwhelming odds, can the numerous advances overcome the Warrior Guild's vast numbers?

Admiral Ares is feeling his age creep up on him as he struggles to remain his leadership. He is now in conflict with Klaxon, the sentient weapon set that has prolonged his very life. Why does Klaxon fear Laxle who now belongs to Arturo? Is there something more to these Klah weapons?

Harmonic Wars is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones but without all the incest. :-) If you're looking for the next epic story with multiple characters, intrigue, romance, humor, fantastic battle scenes on the ground, air, and in space as good struggles against evil in an all out war with humanity hanging in the balance, then Harmonic Wars is for you.

Douglas “D.B.” Stearns, Author of the SciFi series Harmonic Wars, is a happily married father of five. He and his wife are also very proud grandparents. D.B. is a resident of the great state of Texas. He entered the Air Force in October 1983 and retired at Scott AFB, Illinois 20 years later. After a short tour overseas as a logistics manager for a contracting company during the Iraq war, D.B. became an IT project manager for a defense contractor.

In 2011, D.B. retired from the IT industry when he was inspired by a television special on the Great Pyramid of Giza and was fascinated by the advanced engineering built into the pyramid. His research of many ancient, mysterious sites greatly influenced as a rich storyline unfolded in front of him. D.B. signed on with 3L Publishing and began to write the Harmonic Wars

Harmonic Wars Book Two, “Children of the Guardians” is currently scheduled to be released in 2017. It continues the story of Guardian Ana’s struggles against the evil Arturo and the Warrior Guild’s desire to control the universe.

D.B. also enjoys speaking engagements and is a regular on late night radio talk shows. You can find him on Coast to Coast AM, Caravan to Midnight, Midnight in the Desert, X-Zone and many others as he discusses the archeological research that he did in preparation to writing Harmonic Wars.

You can find D.B. at the following:
series. The first of four books, “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls” is now available and at Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and Nook, and online at

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