Saturday, June 24, 2017

Book Two Update!

I know I've been quiet again here, and some of you know what that means: editing! I received some much needed feedback for "Children of the Guardians" (CoG) that one of the characters needed more development and a bigger role in the book. This is why editors or so important, and I'm grateful for the feedback! In the end, the story is much better, even if the task was a big one. The book will be available in the fall of 2017, and I can't wait!

Imagine the task: try to find all references (implied or specified) to an event or series of events in a book that is 850 pages long. I have to say I have a new appreciation for Scrivener's ability to break out scenes. Trust me when I say that a word search only goes so far! To make things more challenging, there is an aspect of time travel in this book, so the book is not exactly in the traditional "chronological" order. No, that would have been too easy! I added 2 more important scenes and updated 4 existing ones to create a new storyline that will be very important to future projects in the Harmonic Wars series. Can you say NEW TRILOGY? I have two more new scenes to complete before moving on to the next stage of this project. Sorry, but the creative part of this takes time, especially when I have to keep future books and trilogies in mind. I have two more trilogies that will certainly spin out of this, and I have to keep everything aligned. The entire book one "Guardians of the Crystal Skulls" (GoCS) was developed from dream sequences from CoG. In reality, GoCS is a prequel, and CoG is the first manuscript that I wrote.

If you like complex stories like Game of Thrones, then you will love this one. I did a quick count and I have at least 14 storylines that are intertwined in this book. Some are major and some are minor, as is the case with life in general. The final battle scenes are amazing and will lead the reader straight into book three. There is conflict, battles, romance, and humor. It is the ever-present battle of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for control of the universe.

Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is book one of this four book series. It can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, but it is only $5 off through

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