Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reading to My Grandson's Class

Every once in a while, we get to give back to our communities and our children. I was very happy to be able to read to my grandson's 4th grade class at the special event "Dads, Donuts and a Book". Fathers come in and read a book, then they are allowed to take their son for some personal time and a donut afterwards while the class remains. Since Ty's father was not available, I stepped up as any grandfather should. I read a portion of the book "Rise of the Earth Dragon" from the series "Dragon Masters" by Tracey West. The book was an easy read, and I was expecting to have 30 minutes, but they had two of us there to read for 15 minutes. So we didn't get to finish the book.

What you might miss at the beginning is that I sat down and started reading silently. My grandson wouldn't let me get by with that. Then I had the book turned upside down and started to read gibberish. We had a blast and the kids asked for me to come back and finish the book!  ;-)

Reading to the kids was really great. I'm certain I'll have to change my approach when I read to my adult based audience when "Guardians of the Crystal Skulls" is released, hopefully this coming May. Enjoy my silliness!

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