Monday, May 7, 2018

Anti-Grav Suits

What if you discovered a way to control all forms of matter surrounding you? How powerful would that be, and what would be the best way to interface with such a device? More importantly, how would you protect that technology from your enemies?

In Harmonic Wars, the Science Guild rediscovered a lost technology and protected the device from their enemies, the Warrior Guild, by making it accessible only to those of genetic descent from the Balsarius who made up the bulk of the Science Guild. The Anti-Grav Suits they created bonded with the wearer through a neural connection embedded in the suit.

Imagine being able to sense, feel, and control all forms of matter (solid, gas, and liquid) surrounding you! In Harmonic Wars, the first thing a new person noticed was the tremendous sound of the vibrations around them. If you were out in nature, the sound would be the most beautiful sound imagined, in perfect harmony as nature intended. But if you were in a large city, you would almost be overcome by the harshness and dissonance screaming all around you. This is why the Guardians taught their descendants in the peaceful mountains of Peru.

I want to share with you an excerpt from book two, Children of the Guardians, where teenaged character Ricky Chambers is bonded to an Anti-Grav Suit. Enjoy!

   Ana placed her hands on the top of the chest and hummed softly. The chest glowed momentarily, almost like a scanner before it opened to reveal several dark multicolored suits in the bottom.
   “Here, Ricky. They’re self-fitting,” Ana said as she handed him one.
   “Okay, what do you mean by bonding? Is this going to hurt?” Ricky asked.
   “You may experience some discomfort,” Ana replied. “The suit must connect to your nervous system through your spinal cord.”
   “You sound like a doctor. ‘Discomfort’ is code for ‘hurts like hell,’ isn't it?” Ricky asked.
   “It ain't that bad!” replied Manny.
   “Fine. Should I put it on now?” asked Ricky.
   “No time like the present!” Ana said with a smile.
   “Pun intended?” Ricky asked.
   Ana smiled and replied, “Guilty. Oh, you’ll have to take your clothes off. The suit needs contact with your skin. I’ll turn around.”
   Ricky quickly stripped then put on the suit. It was warm like it had just been taken out of the dryer. The suit was like a giant pair of baby PJs, complete with built-in areas for your feet and hands that left your fingers exposed. Ricky felt bumps all along the back and feet. To get his hands and feet in place, he bunched the suit up at his ankles and wrists like an oversized set of coveralls.
   “Okay, you can turn around, I guess,” Ricky said uncertainly. “How does this thing work?”
   Ana looked at Ricky and said, “Just relax and don’t fight the bonding process. Clear your mind and I’ll help to calm you. The more you fight it, the more it’ll hurt.”
    “Okay, that doesn’t sound fun, but whatever. What’s next?” Ricky asked.
   “Just relax, and do what I say.”
   “Okay. Let’s do this!”
   Ana projected calmness to Ricky. “Close your eyes and clear your mind. Concentrate on the suit and let it take over.”
   Ricky cleared his mind as he closed his eyes. He felt the warm suit against his skin. Then he felt the suit tighten up around his arms and legs and continue upwards until it touched every part of his body. Ricky became acutely aware now of all the bumps that now pressed against his spinal chord, feet, and hands. Then all at once, Ricky felt needle pricks enter his skin on every one of those bumps.
Relax and accept. The thought entered his mind, and a wave of calmness fell over Ricky. Ricky concentrated on the peace Ana projected as the suit united with him. He was aware of his muscles going into spasms, and great pain flashed for just a moment in his mind, and then it was gone. Now the only thing left was a kind of awareness unlike anything he had known before. It overwhelmed him as the sound rushed in all at once.
   Everything resonated on its own pitch. At first, the sound was deafening, but then Ricky learned how to control the volume, and it soon became a dull noise in the background. The most amazing thing was the sense of balance and oneness he felt in his mind. He was more aware of his surroundings. Ricky felt the earth beneath his feet at the molecular level. He felt the water in the lake off to the side and the caverns below. Ricky sensed the minerals, dirt and rocks, the trees and every living thing that surrounded him. There were so many more living things around him than he had ever realized.
   Ricky opened his eyes and saw everything looked so crystal clear now. It was as if he had been watching an old black-and-white television and had just been given a high-definition big screen. Ricky saw details that he never dreamed were possible before – things like the tiniest veins on the leaves on the trees and the definition of the sand crystals that rested on the rocks below them beside the lake. Everything was much more colorful and beautiful than he ever imagined. Ricky had never been a very religious person before now, but this was different. He didn’t feel like God, but he could sense that there was a higher purpose to the order of things and that there was a kind of “rightness” to things when they were in balance with the natural order of the universe. Ricky felt the simplicity and complexity of the universe all rolled up together, and he knew from that point that all living things were connected in some way. He felt powerful and insignificant all at the same time. It was very confusing.
   Ricky heard Ana speak to him in the background.
   “Are you okay, young man?”
   “Yeah,” Ricky replied as tears streamed down his face. “If everyone could feel this, things would be different.”
   “I think you are right, my young friend,” Ana replied as she put her arm around him and led him to his bunk. “Go lay down and rest. You have much to absorb.”
   Ricky laid down in wonder, like a child who has viewed the world for the first time.

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