Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What is the Premise for Harmonic Wars?

Harmonic Wars is based on the premise that this is not Biblical Earth, but a colony. It was the best way that I could explain many of the mysteries that we see around us in history. Our art through the ages show many strange visions of flying craft, battles high above us, Vimana in India, the use of a pyramid in the Gates of Paradise to represent Noah's Ark. What if thousands of years ago, human settlers came to this solar system to start a new life? What if they suffered a cataclysmic event that nearly wiped them out? Do you think that any would have survived? I think back on our own society, and I can't believe that the elite would suffer at all. In fact, they would be slightly inconvenienced as they bunkered down in safety while the typical person would be forced to fend for themselves.

Anyone left out, would quickly return to a hunter-gatherer society focused only on survival. In just two generations, people would be sitting around a campfire talking about how their all-knowing god Google had been so wise. I believe this has happened before and could happen again. Could humanity have advanced farther than us today in our past? In just 100 years we went from a horse and buggy
society to landing ships on the moon and other planets. In 50 years we had computers shrink from the size of a house to fit into the palm of your hand. Is it really so hard to believe that we only did this once in 6,000 years? How about 12,000 or more? How many time could we have risen and fallen? Our history becomes very fuzzy as we move past 4,000 years ago, so I find it very likely. For me in Harmonic Wars, the cataclysmic event was clearly a war of greed. In our history, that event could have been an asteroid, a super-massive solar flare, an epidemic, or any number of things.

This is a great day for many reasons. First, today is the culmination of seven years of hard work, resulting in the publishing of Children of the Guardians, the SECOND book in the Harmonic Wars series. This may seem strange, but let me quickly explain for those who don't normally see this blog...
In 2011, I retired from the IT industry and started to research ancient sites like the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu, and many others. I found enough similarities in the building materials and techniques used that I could piece together a convincing argument of an ancient civilization that lived on a global scale, but what happened to them? I was sure this was the beginnings of a great story, and soon my fingers were flying over the keyboard.

The average time for a new author to get published is eight years. In December 2012, I had enough of a manuscript completed that I attracted the attention of Michelle Gamble at 3L Publishing, and it was off to the races. After page 845, she asked me to consider if anyone would be likely to even buy a book this big by an unknown author. She convinced me to take a different approach, so I put the project on the shelf while I worked on a prequel that was supposed to be a short story of 60-80 pages to introduce Harmonic Wars. The story that continued to unfold demanded more, and 272 pages later, Guardians of the Crystal Skulls was published August 2015.  I decided to use the name Harmonic Wars as a series title, then figure out what to name my 845-page manuscript that was still on the shelf.

In fours years I had written and published a respectfully sized book of 115,000 words, and still had book two in draft form with 845 pages. Now, April 10, 2018, we finally get to see Children of the Guardians published and ready to sell. It is over 270,000 words long, but through the magic of margins and font sizing we came in at 612 pages. The ebook version is available now is closer to 660 pages with the Glossary and Cast of Characters added.

The second reason this is a great day: I get to be on Coast to Coast AM to launch book two! Join me tonight as I talk about all these things that motivated me to write Harmonic Wars. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Goodreads. Here are some visuals for the show tonight:

The Gates of Paradise, Florence, Italy. Each panel on this 500 year old door represents a different scene in the Bible.  This panel represents Noah's Ark.

Alternate tuning standards for a guitar.
Cattle Kraal formations in Africa.

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