Thursday, February 8, 2018

Caravan to Midnight Show!

It was a great pleasure to be able to return to John B. Wells' show Caravan to Midnight on Feb 6, 2018, and what a fantastic show it was! My first show with John was on August 20th, 2015,
and I remember it well. It was my first major radio show to a large audience that I had ever done before. I was having some serious back problems at the time and was concerned about being able to stay up for the entire show. I had 3 herniated disks, but I refused to take any muscle relaxers or pain killers so that I could stay sharp minded. I got all tucked into my recliner with my support pillows and laptop and dialed into the show, ready to go. That's when I found out that Caravan to Midnight would also be broadcast on video. I was petrified at the thought. I believe even one of the listeners commented that I looked like Jabba the Hut! To make matters worse, I was so excited that I don't think I gave John much of a chance to even ask question! I talked pretty much non-stop for 2 hours. At the end of the interview, I was exhausted, my back was hurting, but I was still pumped. I remember John offering to get a beer with me if I ever got up to his neck of the woods, and that he would be glad to host me again once I got the second book done. What a wonderful person! I don't think he expected it to be so long before I got Children of the Guardians published, but as promised, He had me back on his show.

Now this second interview was MUCH better. Now that I have been on many other shows I was much more relaxed like a seasoned guest. We had a blast. On any show the guest and the interviewer start off with talking points to help guide the conversation. I felt like the conversation flowed really good as we went for talking point to talking point. John and I both had a great time, and once he invited me to come back, but not to wait 2 years for the next show.

We talked about the Great Pyramid, of course. But we also talked about standardized tuning of A440 vs A432. I noticed that John being an avide guitar player was very interested in what happens to guitar strings when tuned at the different frequencies. Here I included a visual that shows the tunings at A440 and added what happens to the frequencies at a half step down. Then you can see how the strings change to whole frequency numbers under the A432 base tuning. The interesting part in this is what happenes when you reduce these numbers to a single digid by adding all the digits together. Under A440, the 6th string frequency is "82.41" so you add 8+2+4+1 = 15. Then you add 1+5 = 6, for your final reduced number of 6. Nikola Tesla has a great quote that fits here: Tesla “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9 then you would have a key to the universe."

So if you continue to reduce all the A440 base tuned strings the 5th string is reduced to 2, 4th string to 4, 3rd string to 7, the 2nd string is 7, and the 1st string is reduced to 5. No pattern emerges. But at base tuning of A432 we see an amazing pattern: 6th string is 9, 5th string is 9, 4th string is 9 3rd string is 3, 2nd string is 9, and the 1st string is 9. Even the number 432 is reduced to 9. Remember Tesla's quote: Tesla “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9 then you would have a key to the universe." I believe he is referring directly to harmonic resonance in hios quote, but I may be biased. :-)

We talked about the Schumann Resonance that was discovered by German physicist W
infried Otto Schumann in 1952. This is the super low frequency of our planet, and fluctuates around 8 Hz. THe normal person can hear between 20 to 20,000 Hz. While we can't hear this sound, we can feel it's effects and it can be recorded. Christopher Dunn recorded this resonance very prominantly at the Great Pyramid and many other places in Egypt in the 2 - 9 Hz range. I had some people in the past shows as me about the Schumann frequency and how there are reports that it has risen to as high as 17 Hz, and that it is ushering in a general rise in our consiousness.

I don't know what's in your news feeds, but mine shows a civilization filled with hate for hate's sake, and young morons taking the Tide Pod Challenge! I've recently had some serious question about Flat Earth. Unbelievable in my mind, but true questions all the same. I'm not very hopeful that we are going to a higher level at this point, but those are just my thoughts on the matter. But I thank Elon Musk for the proof otherwise, and I hope that kills at least that one stupid conversation.

I will update this post with some screen shots of our interview shortly. This was a fantastic interview, and if you would like to listen, then please go to where you can purchase just one show or get a low monthly subscription.

John B. Wells and I, Feb 6, 2018

Wow! Our portion of the show went almost 3 hours! Time flies when you're having fun. here I'm discussing with John the convoluted process for publishing a book, and the considerable costs associated with Independent authors that traditional publishers can avoid. We have to pay for allt he publishing, editing, pirinting and art work ahead of time. But as John indicates, we get a much better percentage, but not the same volume of advertising. It's a trade off.

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