Friday, August 12, 2016

D.B. Stearns Returns Home!

I had a great time speaking at the San Gabriel Writers' League in my hometown of Georgetown, Tx. on August 4th. Our discussion centered mostly around using social media for marketing and the importance of indexing blog posts, with a little bit of Harmonic Wars thrown in for fun. If anyone is interested in having me as a guest speaker at your next function, please message me. I can speak about marketing, publishing, motivation and most definitely about my research into ancient archeology bordering on the paranormal. I've been a guest on several well-known shows, such as "Caravan to Midnight" and "Coast to Coast AM" and "Midnight in the Desert" among many others. Speaking fees are negotiable. 
The audience was engaged with the conversation of using social media to promote a product, or in this case our books. We discussed branching out into different groups that were connected to our books. I gave several examples of how I do that with SciFi, archeology, paranormal, and strong female characters. By leveraging your posts to groups of different genres you can gain huge amounts of views and contacts not possible through your friends list alone. We also discussed things like how often to post, how to improve your organic reach through your friends' list, the best days and times to post, and the importance of monitoring the analytics in each social media platform. My analysis showed greater organic reach if I only posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I had to post early in the morning. It seems that the first thing corporate America does when they go to work is to check Facebook! We talked about blogs and the vital importance of indexing and ranking your blogs. It was not surprising that very few people know and understand the importance of indexing and ranking, as it can make the difference between your blog showing up somewhere on page 456 or at the top on page 1 of any search.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time and really didn't get to share the information about the research I did on ancient sites. There were several people who would have enjoyed more of that, but the purpose of this event was to share what I learned about marketing. But, I can talk about Harmonic Wars here now!
Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is part one of a four-book SciFi series that uses ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Hopi and other European sites as focal points in this futuristic story. I tie in our ancient past with a probable future for an epic struggle of good vs evil for control of the universe. Witness the unmatched power of 13 beautiful women who project their emotions with devastating effect. Imagine a frontal assault from a full army that could be stalled because 13 women projected fear and confusion so overwhelming that the attack faltered. Armed with Anti-Grav Suits and the gift of the Crystal Skulls, they are the last hope to stop the powerful armies of a Warrior Guild driven insane with the lust for power by an unknown force of evil that nobody has ever known before.
How powerful could one person be, if they had complete control and awareness at the subatomic level of all forms of matter surrounding them? Imagine what they could do! They change matter from a solid to a liquid. They could sense pockets of gas in the ground around them, draw it up to the surface and cause it to explode. They could easily sense objects approaching them at any speed and change their course, even redirecting it back to its source at greater speeds. The possibilities are endless.
Harmonic Wars is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, but it is only on sale for $5 off the regular price at Look for "D.B. Stearns" on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and follow me so you can get the latest information on my upcoming events and shows. I'm also working hard on Book Two titled "Dimensional Warriors" tentatively scheduled to come out next spring. Dimensional Warriors takes off where Guardians ends, and continue the story of the continuing conflict between Ana and Arturo.

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