Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Talking points for X Zone Interview

On Aug 2nd starting at 10 PM CST, I'll be a guest on X Zone with Rob McConnell. Here are a few of the talking points that we will discuss during the show.

Below is a picture of the "Gates of Paradise" by sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti on the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence, Italy. Each panel of this 400-year-old set of doors represents a different scene from the Bible. The panel below is said to represent the flood of Noah's time. I found it VERY interesting that a pyramid represented the Ark, and confusing.

First, note that Ghiberti was very detail oriented to make sure all animals and people were correctly represented and proportional. See the lion, the elephant and other animals surrounding the base of the pyramid beside the people. The details leave nothing to the imagination. Now look at the top left of the pyramid and you can clearly see birds flying, but not all of those things coming out of the top of the pyramid are the same. Some are very clearly NOT birds. The upper right side shows a being in the clouds. Historians said that was God, but note the swirling connecting line from the cloud to the top of the pyramid. There is also a strange looking being laying at the feet of the people exiting the pyramid door.

In Genesis, God is very specific with the instructions to Noah about building the Ark. It mentions nothing about a solid structure shaped like a pyramid. Scientists have already studied these instructions and recreated a model that outperformed their expectations in tests. So what else could this be?

In my opinion, this is NOT the Ark, but is much more likely the Tower of Babel, as described in Genesis Chapter 11. What was it they had built that concerned an all powerful God so much that He had to intervene to stop them? Could this have been some type of ancient portal technology?

In Harmonic Wars, I used crystal artifacts as an underlying theme throughout the series. The legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls fit perfectly.

There are several crystal skulls that are currently in existence who's quality is considered good enough to be one of these fabled skulls. One is in the Smithsonian, in spite of the fact that this legend has largely been debunked. But since Harmonic Wars is Science Fiction, I had no problem including it. The properties of quartz are undeniable, as they are used in a large array of electronics today. Could this have been the case in the past? What are the properties? It has a consistent frequency and is used in timepieces. Quartz has amazing data saving properties as scientists are developing disks the size of a half dollar that can hold over 300 terabytes of data at normal living conditions without degradation, literally forever. Stones with a high quartz content like granite can also chime when struck.

Pyramids, along with many of the ancient structures around the world, used large stones of high quartz content. I doubt that they were used for their data saving properties, or as time pieces. But what about sound? I envision that the pyramids themselves were never burial chambers for the Egyptian Pharaoh who was considered their god. The Egyptians would have never buried their god in a tomb that had no religious writings whatsoever. 

We know that the construction of the pyramids in Giza used a different type of limestone for the casing. It was a highly polished limestone that some have said had almost no quartz at all. Could it have acted like an insulator? The sarcophagus they found for King Tutankhamen consisted of no less than 9 beautifully decorated boxes. And yet the sarcophagus inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid is a solid piece of hollowed out granite that is rough-hewn on the outside. Stark contrast to King Tut's burial chamber.

I believe that form follows function. Chris Dunn and other engineers have studied the general construction of the pyramid and determined that it's feasible to assume that it could be a generator of some type. Sound, water, and resonating chambers are used in conjunction to create a wireless energy source. These are many of the same concepts that Tesla used to convince investors to build the Wardenclyffe Tower that was never completed.

Cymatics is the study of the impact of sound on matter. Scientists can now levitate small objects like drops of water and ping-pong balls.  Michael Tellinger has been researching numerous sites in South Africa that were built in ancient times. Historians today claim that approximately 10,000
hunter-gatherers used these structures as nothing more than cattle pens, or "kralls." But Tellinger has found thousands of these structures. In fact, there are more cattle kraals than the 10,000 inhabitants.

If you were to search the internet for examples of cymatic experiments, you would see an example of sound frequencies aimed at a thin sheet of metal with salt poured on top. As the pitch is increased the salt forms intricate patterns at specific frequencies. Now look at the picture of one of Michael Tellinger's cattle kraals and compare it to the cymatic experiments. Of interesting note, the stones used for the cattle kraals are called "bellstone" because they are of such high quartz content that they ring like a bell when struck. How does this relate? On a guitar both the top and bottom strings are tuned to "E". If you strike the lower string, the upper string will resonate because it is in tune. The same thing applies at a harmonic level. Additional notes in a chord will ring out when singers are in perfect tune with each other. Although you see four people singing, you can hear 5 notes because of harmonic resonance. All things have a resonance or vibrate. All matter is in motion at the subatomic level. My question: when the Great Pyramid was creating the massive vibrations what was resonating harmonically with it? Was it the perfectly tuned solid granite obelisks? Was it these cattle kraals? More importantly, why did it stop?

An interesting side fact on the cattle kraals, these stone walls were 8-12 feet tall and had no openings. How did the cattle get in or out? They are also filled with various levels of sediment from some great flooding event.

Harmonic Wars is a SciFi story based on an ancient and highly advanced human civilization that settled in this solar system 12,000 years ago. In this book, Earth is not the Biblical Earth described in Genesis. Due to a horrific war, the advance civilization was destroyed as the war was fought to a standstill by two opposing forces of humans. Now, after 10,000 years of skirmishes, the war starts anew and threatens to blast humanity back to the stone age. Watch as the ordinary citizens once again see evidence of these two adversaries living amongst us as the battle spill out for all to see.

I use ancient ruins as focal points throughout the series. The Great Pyramid, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu, The Pyramid of the Sun, Stonehenge, and Gobekli Tepe are some of the sites you will see referenced or implied. The series is best described as Star Wars meets Game of Thrones, but without the incest. It is an epic story of good vs. evil with multiple storylines and many characters.

You can purchase Harmonic Wars for Kindle, Nook and iBooks, and it is also on Amazon. But you can only get signed copies of this limited first edition through http://3lpublishing.flyingcart.com for $5 off the regular price.

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