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Aliens, Ancient Advanced Civilizations and Christianity?

I had a wonderful experience as a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (October 12, 2015). In the interview, we talked largely about the inspiration for my SciFi book Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls which was the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The premise for Harmonic Wars is that an ancient civilization once existed on Earth thousands of years ago that was much more advanced than we are today. This is a major problem for many people, particularly modern historians, and Egyptologists. But there are many archeological finds that fly in the face of the most "accepted" narrative. One of those narratives involves the Great Pyramid of Giza (GP) specifically. It supposes that the people who constructed the GP were primitive in comparison to us, used nothing more than human labor, block, and tackle, and copper chisels to cut, move and place 2.5 million stones into place, weighing anywhere from 2-70 tons each, and do so with laser precision. Right. Let's just focus on using copper chisels on granite: that is the modern day equivalent of using a plastic knife to cut down a red tree. Sure you could do it eventually, after thousands of man-hours and millions of plastic knives. But at what point exactly does human nature take off and say "There has to be an easier way"? Would that be at 500,000 knifes? Or maybe 200,000? It wouldn't take me more than a few minutes of hard work before I would see the senselessness of the project. "Necessity is the mother of invention" and I can't imagine that human nature would not find an easier way. 

The only reference we have to the construction of the pyramid indicates that the Egyptians had a force of some 100,000 workers to complete the project in roughly 22 years. In order to accomplish the great feat, they would have had to cut, transport and place each stone with laser precision roughly every 2 minutes without fail. Didn't they ever get tired? At some point, quality begins to degrade seriously if you maintain a high ops tempo. But the GP is perfection from start to completion. Geologists have identified beyond a doubt that the granite used came from the Aswan quarry some 500 miles away. So how did they accomplish this? Some of the heaviest granite blocks are over 70 tons each! We would have extreme difficulties moving them today across the desert. One must also consider that 4,500 years ago geologists have determined that Egypt was still a desert, so there were no forests close by to use as much needed resources to move the large blocks. Any trees that would have been found at that time in any fashion of abundance in the desert were either fig trees or olive trees. I find it doubtful that a desert people would be agreeable to destroying a much-needed food source to build a monument for a dead guy, even if he was considered a god.

Speaking of which, if the pharaoh was their god, then how come there were never any religious writings found inside the GP? In fact, there was never a mummy found much less any remnants to suggest that it was a tomb. Egyptologists claim that the tomb had long ago been raided, but even tombs that had been raided show some prior existence of painting, reliefs carved into the walls, broken pieces of pottery, etc. But not in the GP ... in fact it was almost sterile in comparison! And the most compelling piece of all is the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber. It is starkly different from all other sarcophagi found. 

Compare it to the King Tut exhibit, which showed a box within a box within a box, etc., with the outside of each box beautifully decorated and adorned with jewels and gold. The top craftsman of the day worked to make the outside of each a true work of art. But the sarcophagus in the King's chamber, arguably the crowning achievement of any society is a rough-hewn solid piece of unremarkable granite ... to bury their god-king? And this is believable to who?

If we are to believe the narrative, it also claims the GP was built some 4,500 years ago by the 4th Dynasty Egypt and is one of three pyramids on the Giza plateau that represents the stars in Orion's
belt. This placement of the pyramids is a problem for modern astronomers, since the star charts 4,500 years ago would not have shown those stars in it's current configuration. The Earth wobbles in its orbit and causes the constellations to move slightly with time. The pyramids are aligned with the stars of Orion's belt in our current star configuration. But 4,500 years ago the stars would have been in a straight line. So either the so-called primitive people in Egypt had advanced knowledge of the exact placement of those stars, or the pyramid was built much earlier. In fact, you would have to go back at least 10,000 years to see those stars in the current configuration with Mintaka slightly off-center as it is today. Now we really start having a problem with the timeline. 

I believe anytime we try to put a timeline together based on ancient history or especially trying to prophesy the end of the world or future events in general, we are just asking for trouble! So normally, I try to avoid this at all costs. This places atheists and Christians at stark odds at times, because from our current knowledge we realize that civilizations require time to build and grow to a point where they can hope to create structures like pyramids and obelisks. Many Christians believe that we have been on this earth for 6-8 thousand years while some are willing to entertain as many as 10,000. But for a primitive society to grow from genetic Adam and Eve to building the pyramids could take several thousand years. So arguably, we could assume humanity has been in existence for 12,000 years or so. 

More troubling to me is the growing insistence that humans could never have built these wonderful structures without the help of aliens. Sigh. I think that sells humanity short. Look at the major advancements we have collectively made in the last 50-60 years alone. In the US, we went from a country where black and white TVs were not uncommon, but certainly not in every home, and color TVs were a luxury. Now, we have more raw computing power in the hands of millions of people using smartphone technology, than a room full of computers in the early 1960s ... and that IS in every home in the US. So, if we can advance so quickly in the last 60 or so years, why could we have not done it in the past 12,000 years? In 200 years we went from horse and carriage to Cadillac Escalade, but many would rather believe aliens built the pyramids than we were once much more advanced than we are today. I find that arrogant.

I believe we were much more advanced in our past, and that we lost the technology and our history. Is that so hard to believe? For some it is, but it is really simple if you to think about it. What would happen today, if the electrical grid was totally destroyed? What would you lose? Well, in short you would lose everything, including knowledge. We are a society being "dumbed down" by the convenience of the internet. When you research stuff today, how much do you print and save, or do you just bookmark it for future reference? If the electrical grid goes down, how will you get on the internet? What happens to the web? It's gone, and if the grid cannot be restored it will be gone forever. How many pictures do you have on your smartphones that are not printed? Even if they were, how long would they last? Would they last 100 years? Probably not. How many documents have you passed off this week alone that were saved to the cloud, or only on a server or your hard drive? Now move 10 years into our future and realize that very few paper copies of anything will exist. Bookstores, newspapers, and magazines all over are migrating to an e-book. So, is it really impossible to believe that the plans to build the Great Pyramid have never been found?

How could this happen today? It could be a terrorist attack using one well placed EMP, and that will take down the entire grid in the US. But terrorists of today would never rely on a single attack ... they would do coordinated efforts, making it impossible for society to return as it once was. The chaos created would be devastating. But we don't need a terrorist attack for this to happen. We could be hit with a supermassive solar flare and that would be more devastating than a terrorist attack. One only needs to see what happened during Hurricane Katrina, Ferguson, Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, Baltimore, etc., to see the kind of devastation when mobs rule. Think how much more so it would be when they have no food or water.

People would go into a "survival mode" and basically, forget about the comforts of yesterday. Those memories would only be told around the campfires as "tall tales" of a time long forgotten. The "Great WiFi god" and magic like electricity would be passed on to future generations. In fact, within two generations nobody would even understand wireless technology like cell phones or wifi as anything but magic to a generation still trying to live in survivor mode. If you don't believe me, ask yourself how many kids of today have ever seen a rotary phone, much less used one? How about listen to Elvis sing "Hound Dog" on a 45 record, or even seen an LP? That technology is not so long ago, yet it is all but forgotten. In fact, we have come so far with wireless technology that when I went for the interview with Coast to Coast I was required to call in on a hard line telephone. I could not find anyone that I personally knew within 100 miles that owned a hard line that I could use, so I had to get a room at a local hotel! Most people that I know have migrated fully to cell technology and have given up the older tech. In a few years, broadcast television will also be a thing of the past as people opt for broadband programming instead. We gave up our cable long ago in favor or internet shows and news.

How does all of this relate to Harmonic Wars? In SciFi, a writer can afford to let their imagination run a little wild, and so I did. But I also used many of these facts to help provide at least a level of believability in my SciFi story. But I wanted to do this without compromising my Christianity. So I chose to make this planet as a colony and NOT the Biblical Earth as described in the Scriptures. In doing so, things fell into place very nicely, including a society landing on this planet 12,000 years ago to establish a colony. Then war broke out and scattered the settlers into a survival mode until they eventually forgot their own past. Not so unbelievable once you put things into context and consider the possibilities, is it?

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