Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Did You Know That?

Did You Know that:
- You can support clean energy initiatives, but not believe in "man-made" global warming (or climate change, or whatever they want to rename it)?
- You can believe in women's rights without believing that only applies to abortion?
- You can think that abortion is wrong without being misogynistic?
- You can be a male who believes in the sanctity of life, believing that abortion is a form of murder, and not be a hypocrite?
- You can support border security without being a racist?
- You can hate the sin without hating the sinner?
- You can be a staunch conservative and still have liberal friends that you love?
- You can disagree with someone without hating them?
- You can still be intelligent while questioning if a socially accepted narrative is correct?
- You can challenge a historically accepted norm like The Theory of Evolution, and still be intelligent?
- You can be a successful white person, and it has nothing to do with white privilege?
- You can be a devout Christian and still believe in border security?
- You can remain a Christian business owner without having to compromise your religious beliefs?
- You can be a Trump supporter without being a Republican?
- You can be a Trump supporter without being racist?
- You can still love our country but hate the direction that politicians are taking?
- You can be so filled with pride in our nation that it brings tears to your eyes when you hear the national anthem, and yet still disagree with a political agenda?
- You can still love your country and despise both the Democrat and Republican organizations?
- You can be a conservative and still believe in protecting our environment?
- You can be a Christian holding on to all its morals and values and still be intelligent?
- You can accept the truth, even if it is inconvenient to you?
- You can change your mind on a topic because you learned a valuable lesson and not be a hypocrite?
- You can learn lessons from people who do not share your values, and not be a hypocrite?
- You do not have to follow the crowd going over the cliff?
- You can still be a Christian without believing that Socialism is good for our country?

All my life I was told not to be afraid, and to do what I thought was right rather than follow the herd mentality. Well, here I go. One person CAN make a difference. Do not be scared to stand up against the growing crowd of cowards who question your integrity and values because they go against their simplistic and grossly mislead views. Also, Socialism does not equal Christianity! We as a race are not mature enough to live in a purely socialistic society, because we harbor too much greed, envy, and jealousy. Our youth have an entitlement mentality that believes Socialism is the answer because it "gives" them what they think they want. In reality, their greed, envy, and jealousy will only increase under those circumstances because the purely corrupt establishment that exists today would still be in charge of the government.

Stand up. Be the one, the leader who brings about the change that we need. Share this with everyone, and make it go viral!

God bless you, and God bless our country!

D.B. Stearns, Author

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