Friday, February 17, 2017

Back on the air: Beyond the Veil!

Hello, SciFi friends! I will be a guest on Beyond the Veil with Chris and Sheree Geo tonight, Feb 17, 2017, starting at 9 pm CST. It will be simulcast on iHeart Radio stations and online at

I love the theme for Beyond the Veil, which is "Where Science Fiction Meets Science Fact." The fits Harmonic Wars series and is right up my alley! As many of my followers know, I have been on several late night radio talk shows to discuss the research I did before beginning to write my story. So the focus of those shows was on ancient archeology and the anomalies I found around the world. I studied the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, and other ruins belonging to the Mayan, Incan, and Hopi civilizations among many others.

But the common feature I found in all these structures was the type of material used and the construction techniques used: They all used huge blocks of stone with a high quartz content. How is that significant? Quartz is used in a vast majority of our modern electronics. Quartz has massive data storage capabilities. It resonates at a consistent frequency when electricity passes through it, making
it perfect for accurate timepieces. Also, stones with an extremely high quartz content will chime like a bell when struck. In previous posts on this blog, you will find some references to Michael Tellinger and the archeological research he is doing in deep South Africa. He found "Bellstones" and an outrageous number of ruins there that historians say were "cattle kraals" or pens by the 10,000 or so hunter-gatherers that lived there in prehistoric times. Strange that there are no entrances to these pens, and that the ruins numbered in the hundreds of thousands. That's a lot of cattle kraals for 10,000 people.

The disturbing part is that when you compare these cattle kraals to cymatic experiments that can be found on YouTube. The similarities will make you question everything you think you know. Cymatics is the study of sound and how it impacts matter. One experiment shows a piece of sheet metal covered with table salt and placed over a tone generator. As the frequencies rise the salt forms into beautiful shapes. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shape. I went into great detail on this and standardized tuning on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade on Oct 12, 2016. Please check out that post.

But the show tonight will be more focused on the book, with just enough of the facts that I used to
create this SciFi story. My idea is much different than Ancient Aliens enthusiasts concept that every unexplainable thing in the universe had to done by aliens. I think that sells humanity short, and can be just as easily explained that we did it, but it requires a critical look at our histories which are missing huge pieces. We are a race who forgot where we came from. What if WE are the aliens? What if this is not Biblical Earth described in Genesis, and we came here to this solar system as colonists that were cut off from the rest of our race because of a cataclysmic event? It could have been an asteroid strike, a super massive solar flare, or a horrific war.

For me and my story, it was war. Harmonic Wars is a story of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for control of the universe. Tonight we will talk about some of these things that inspired me to write this story, but also some of the things I hid throughout the book. I used the names of the Titans and Greek gods for characters and ships. You can also find references to the number 13 and multiples of 13 which I don't consider to be unlucky. In fact, there are references to 13 in the Bible if you have an open mind.

We will also talk about multidimensional beings and my vision of the thousands of dimensions and
how they are accessible through the Land of Dreams. Ever wonder how some of your dreams are so vivid? How some nightmares seem so real. What if you are interacting with beings from other dimensions who are also dreaming?

We will also talk about the importance of the empathic nature of the Guardians and how I believe someone with skills to project emotions could be devastating in battle. Can you imagine being completely overwhelmed with fear or confusion during a fight? It could give you the moment of hesitation to defeat even a seasoned soldier.

A highly advanced civilization like I created for Harmonic Wars would have a complete understanding of vibration, frequency, harmony, and dissonance and how it impacts matter at the subatomic level. This is the basis for my idea of Anti-Grav technology that is used in the Anti-Grav Suits. Imagine have complete control of all forms of matter (liquid, solid, gas) within 100 yards of
you? You would be invincible. If you had a strong enough capability, you could destroy a whole planet. The Anti-Grav Suits were an evolution from the much more powerful Anti-Grav Units that disappeared over 10,000 years ago at the beginning of the Harmonic Wars between the G`Alad controlled Warrior Guild, and the Balsarius controlled Science Guild. Or did they?

Guardians of the Crystal Skulls is available through Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks, but you can get $5 of the regular price through
Children of the Guardians is book two in the Harmonic Wars series and will be out in the late Spring of 2017. It's the continuing story of the fight between Ana and her great grandson Arturo who turned to evil by the G`Alad. They were corrupted by sentient weapons from a race called the Klah that humanity defeated in the Crystalline Wars 15,000 years ago. But that is another story. :-)

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